Which Side of Felt Rug Pad Goes Down?

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Which Side of Felt Rug Pad Goes Down?

Both sides of felt rug pad look similar and people wonder which side to put down against the floor. While there is little difference between the sides, one side is recommended to go against the floor.

All Felt Rug Pad

Felt Rug Pad

A close look at our Superior rug pad shows a fuzzier felt side. It is recommended to place this side down against the hard floor.

All felt rug pad contains felt on both sides and through the entire rug pad. During the manufacturing process, one side of the pad is needle punched in a different manner than the other. The result is a side that is smoother and stiffer than the other side. This smoother side is meant to be used up against the back of an area rug. The other side is a little fuzzier and softer and it goes against the hard floor. The reason for this is to prevent any scratching or damage to hardwood floors. It is argued that the smoother side provides a stiffer foundation for the back of the area rug, adding to the protection of the rug. Based on this, always place a felt rug pad softer side down against the floor.

Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

Felt rug pads are also made with a layer of rubber. The top felt surface is stiff. In some quality rug pads, the felt also contains a texture to prevent rug slipping off the rug pad, such as our Ultra Premium. The lower side is rubber and this is meant to go against the floor. The rubber prevents slipping on the floor to keep everything in place. There are some felt and rubber rug pads that are advertised as reversible for use on carpet too. For this purpose, the rubber would face up and felt side would be down on the carpet. While not guaranteed to keep rugs flat on carpet, reversible rug pads have become popular.

Felt rug pad has become one of the most effective types of rug padding available today. Based on its natural elements and density, it has proven to offer an excellent value for the protection and comfort it provides. As one of the main manufacturers of felt rug padding in the United States, Rug Pad Corner is stringent about what goes into our Superior and Ultra Premium pads. Like with most reputable rug pad manufacturers, we take care to use only natural fibers without the addition of any chemicals, glues or adhesives. For this reason, our felt rug pads perform for more than fifteen years under any conditions.


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