Sam Kaoud, Founder and CEO, explains his passion

All I wanted to do after school every day was go work with my father in his oriental rug store, and I did this up through my college graduation in 1987. That’s when my part time hobby turned into a full time job and passion! I was amazed at how each handmade rug looked different from the other and each had its own personality. When me father thought it was time for more hands on experience, he sent me on a buying trip – My stops were India, Iran and China, where I saw and bought some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. Since then, all I knew, dreamed of, worked with and studied was the art of handmade rugs – and I learned that every rug needs the right rug pad.

Rug Pad Corner comes to life in 2009

I saw too many rug pads in customer homes actually sticking to the floor. Research proved to me that most rug pads contain inferior quality materials, commonly adhesives and chemicals. I formed Rug Pad Corner as a result of the need for genuine quality rug pads that would actually do what they are supposed to do. I visited the mills, told them what materials to use and which not to use…told them I did not want any glue or adhesives at all…told them that the rubber must be real, solid rubber. I got what I asked for and started offering these pads to every customer in our rug store, but why stop there? For the millions of other people around the country with area rugs, I wanted them to have the right rug pad  – so in 2009, I launched

Affiliations and Accreditations

• U.S. Green Building Council Member
• The National Wood Flooring Association Member
• Certified Area Rug Appraisers
• St Jude Children’s Hospital Partner in Hope
• Rug Pad Retailers of America Member

Our People and Warehouse

Our staff consists of people experienced in the area rug and flooring industry. We treat each rug pad order as if it is for our own homes. Each order is cut, inspected, packed and shipped right in our own warehouse. Unlike others, we are the actual shipper. In fact, many dealers and designers count on us to fulfill their customer orders and that’s because we know rug pads, we love rug pads and all we offer is rug pads! Give us a call at any time and anyone answering the telephone will be happy to assist with knowledgeable information on all aspects of our rug pads, as well as that of others – every aspect of your order is handled by us in our Connecticut-based warehouse.

Our Products

We manufacture natural felt and rubber rug pads in the USA with American materials. Our mills know how strict we are about quality standards and there is never any imported material or chemical found in any of our rug pads. We also do not believe in coating our rug pads with common adhesives that others use – instead, we pay more time and money to utilize specialties, such as a heat pressing process to assure safety to your homes and floors.

RPC Heat Pressed™

Exclusive only to Rug Pad Corner, felt rug pads labeled as RPC Heat Pressed™ assure you that there are no adhesives or glues in them – Instead, we utilize a Heat Pressing Process to reinforce the material within the rug pads. Our Ultra Premium, Superior and No-Muv Rug Pads are Certified RPC Heat Pressed™. Click here for more on RPC Heat Pressed.

Just Say NO!

You can say we have come to be known within the industry as the family that says “NO!” We don’t mean to sound too forward, yet the facts cannot be hidden – Our manufacturer knows that We Just Say NO! to the slightest hint of chemicals or adhesives within the production of any of our rug pads. Our staff knows it as well. Now we want you, our customer, to know that We Say NO! to chemicals, additives, glues and adhesives in our rug pads. You may not have a choice with other suppliers, but with Rug Pad Corner, you do – so join us and Just Say NO!

Beyond Rug Pads

As a family-owned company, we truly care about people, the community and the environment. This is why we are committed to maintaining our affiliations with various GREEN organizations, striving to put more American-made natural rug pads in more homes. We also believe that our success and dedication can benefit those who are less fortunate and this is why we started Rug Pad for a Cause® – a campaign that raises money for the less fortunate by our donations from the proceeds of each order that passes through our web site. This is our way of making a change, one rug pad at a time.