Announcing New Larger Headquarters

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Announcing New Larger Headquarters

Since it’s inception in 2005, Rug Pad Corner has seen annual growth and a company move five years after launching on the Internet. Recently, we found the need for yet another move due to space issues – We outgrew our warehouse and had the need for almost twice the amount of space. That said, we are pleased to announce our move to new larger headquarters to allow us to serve our customers are efficiently as possible.

Our move started in May, 2017 and lasted for four weeks, about two weeks longer than we expected. While it was delayed, we are extremely pleased with the end result – A newer larger office and warehouse space allowing us the ability to stock even more rolls of rug padding than before. While one may not think much of a move as this, we are very delighted as it offers our customers more than before.

Larger Warehouse, Faster Order Processing

Our warehouse is where all material is stocked and it is where we fulfill your rug pad orders. The size of this space is very important to us as it allows us to stock more rolls of rug pad and, when necessary, more varieties. You may already know that we cut each order as we receive it, nothing is ever already cut waiting to be fulfilled. So, since we need to stock the actual rolls which we cut, the more we can stock, the faster we can process and ship orders – The extra space means we will rarely be out-of-stock of an item due to lack of space. So, it can be seen that a larger warehouse means faster processing and fulfillment of our rug pad orders. And, for those special custom cut orders, even more space means no downtime and these orders ship as quickly as all others.

More Office Space, Better Attention to Customer Needs

One of the biggest surprises we have discovered with our business is the amount of telephone inquiries we receive. We love talking to our customers, yet I have always thought that if you have the perfect web site offering all of the information and products that customers seek, then there is little reason for customers to call. Well, in our case, we found that most of the customers who call are those who simply like to place their order on the telephone. We are available to answer questions, give advice and handle orders, so for any reason of a telephone call to us, we are happy and eager to assist. With the expanded office space, we found more desk space for more customer service representatives, hence offering more efficient customer service.

Our recent company move comes at a great time in our business – We are seeing record rug pad sales and in order to keep up with the demand, we like having more space for more inventory and more people. It’s a far cry from when we first started our business in 1,000 square feet and just 3 people to now more than 15,000 square feet and a team of a dozen people attentive to every customer’s needs.

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