Rug Pad for a Cause Progress Report

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Rug Pad for a Cause Progress Report

We are proud to say that our campaign of contributions is stronger than ever. Month after month, our donations to charitable organizations are increasing.

rug pad for a cause

Rug Pad for a Cause donates a portion of the proceeds from every order to one of three charitable organizations.

Rug Pad for a Cause is our campaign to donate a portion of the proceeds of every order through our web site to one of three charitable organizations. The organizations are The American Red Cross, The American cancer Society and St Jude Children’s Hospital. Our donations are directed to all three organizations every month, not necessarily in equal amounts. The amount we send to each is controlled by the choice made by each customer for each order. Customers actually choose the organization and we then send the appropriate donations. If a customer is undecided, then we offer the option of “Choose for me”, in which case we are partial to St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Our campaign is one year old and since its inception, has risen more than 30% today. This means that after one year of contributions, today we find ourselves making approximately 30% higher donations as a whole to all three causes. Since our donations are a direct result of store orders, this also means an increase in our sales. While this is important and exciting news for us, quite frankly, the staff at Rug Pad Corner is even more excited that it means more money channeled to those people who need the help.

With the goals of Rug Pad for a Cause, the first twelve months of its existence has generated thousands of dollars of contributions. While a perfectly even share to each charity is 33% of our donations, this has not been the case. Some months have shown a somewhat equal distribution, while others have shown more towards one of the charities. We have found that during those months that one charity is chosen by our customers more than others, the charity has been St Jude Children’s Hospital. This may be attributed to the fact that more people lean towards helping those less fortunate innocent children with illnesses, as well as the fact that when a customer prefers us to choose, we choose St Jude. In any case, all of us at Rug Pad Corner are honored and appreciative of all that we give and we intend to keep giving.

While the donations do not cost our customers anything other than actually placing their rug pad order, we are very thankful for the opportunity to make Rug Pad for a Cause as successful as it is. The reason we are actually able to donate starts with our customers. Since we donate a portion of each order, without our customer orders, Rug pad for a Cause would not be the success that it is today. And, because it is so successful, more people are being helped month after month. This is one of the main reasons why the family of Rug Pad Corner strives to fulfill rug pad orders as quickly as possible.

Rug Pad for a Cause is a registered campaign by Rug Pad Corner. While we are the only direct providers to this cause, we encourage other companies to help in any way that they can. We are doing all we can to change the world one rug pad at a time.

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  1. I would like to commend Rug Pad Corner on the efforts of this Cause! Bravo for you as a retail company to care so much for others. I am very proud when I buy my rug pads here to know that the sale is actually helping others. More companies should perform their business with such compassion towards less fortunate people!

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