Does Felt Rug Pad Damage Hardwood Floors?

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Does Felt Rug Pad Damage Hardwood Floors?

Felt rug pads have become the most popular type of protection to use under most area rugs today. The pads are comfortable, they add protection to rug and floor and they can be the safest for of protection under your rug. Based on customer experiences with other inferior quality rug pads, we often hear the question, “Does felt rug pad damage hardwood floors”. While we would like to think that all felt rug pads are safe for hardwood and all types of floors, I will admit that I know of some that can result in damage to your floor. Fortunately, our Superior rug pad is one of the safe ones without any chemicals or adhesives, so it is safe for all floors.

Know What is in Your Felt Rug Pad

superiorclosehpWhile felt is the majority of the pad’s composition, it can be combined with other fibers and elements. When the felt fibers are pushed together during production, there needs to be a way to prevent them from shedding during use. This is where some manufacturers cheat to save money, as they apply an adhesive coating to each surface of the pad. This adhesive becomes quite hard when dry and actually does keep the fibers together. Unfortunately, the adhesive is also the cause of damage and odors.

When the rug and pad are walked on, pressure is applied to push down into the floor. The adhesive coating of the rug pad is then rubbed against the hardwood floor and over time it transfers to the floor. Depending on the amount and type of adhesive, damage to the hardwood floor can be scarce or quite extensive. Whatever damage occurs, in most cases it requires a professional flooring person to repair the hardwood floor. In addition to the floor damage is that of odor. The adhesive within the felt rug pad can off-gas and create an obnoxious odor that can seem unhealthy to breath.

Heat Pressed Felt Rug Pad Avoids Adhesives

Fortunately for our customers, we never add any adhesives to our rug pads when we manufacture them. In the case of our felt rug pad, instead of using common adhesive to keep the felt together and prevent shedding, we utilize an intense heat pressing method. Imagine, if you will, a big iron pressed against each surface of the felt rug pad. With proper pressure and temperature, this process molds the felt to itself to result in a dense and intact felt rug pad – No adhesive to smell or cause damage to your hardwood floor. RPC Heat Pressed rug pads is exclusive to Rug Pad Corner and is not utilized by others due to the cost factor. Since our priority is to offer finest quality protection, we do not manufacture our products based on lowest cost. For this reason, we are able to use the finest and safest methods of production for our felt rug padding, specifically our Superior Rug Pad.

The popular question when shopping for rug pads today of, “Does felt rug pad damage hardwood floors?”, comes with a straightforward answer. To be sure your felt rug pad is safe for use on your hardwood floor, be sure the pad does not contain any adhesive or foreign additives that can be dangerous to your floor. One effective way of telling whether or not your rug pad contains adhesive is to feel the surfaces of the pad. When adhesive dries, it becomes stiff and rough, so if you feel this type of texture, then chances are that the rug pad has an adhesive coating. Since most coatings are clear and can’t be easily seen, be sure to feel the padding.

Our Superior Felt Rug Pad contains 100% recycled felt and is completely safe for all hardwood, laminate, heated, vinyl, tile and all types of floors.

Why You Should Not Use Wool Rug Pads


Why You Should Not Use Wool Rug Pads

In my thirty years in the area rug industry, I have come to appreciate the benefits of wool in most types of rugs. Wool is very durable, cleans easily and last a very long time if properly cared for. While I love it in area rugs, I cannot say the same for it when used in the manufacture of rug pads. When we think of how a rug pad is used, we think of it out of sight, under the rug and doing what it should be doing – That’s one of the benefits of a rug pad in that it offers so much value while being completely covered by its area rug. There lies the problem with using a pure wool rug pad – It is completely covered by a rug. Yes, believe it or not, while it is perhaps the most expensive type of padding, wool rug pad is not practical for use under any area rug.

When customers buy their wool area rugs, they ask me about caring for the rugs and my answer is quite simple: caring for finer wool area rugs is relatively simple, as you should vacuum them regularly, clean spills with soap and water and rotate them once a year if possible. In regard to an overall cleaning, this should be done once every 3-5 years. While caring for your wool rugs is fairly easy, there is one stipulation that I always advise customers of and that is not to completely cover any part of the rug. For example, if your rug is in your living room and your sofa sits on it and the sofa has a skirt to the floor, be sure that the part of the rug under this skirt gets exposed to the elements. When we cover a wool rug from any daylight, foot traffic or airflow, we are inviting moths to germinate in that part of the rug – Moths love wool and they love it when the wool is covered! I always advise my customers that if they have to cover a part of their rug, to be sure to vacuum that part at least twice a month. If you can even move the sofa, if that’s the furniture sitting on the rug, then do so for a few hours a month. The point is that if any part of your wool rug is protected from airflow, daylight and foot traffic, then be sure to change this once in a while and show it some light, walk on it and vacuum it.

When we take this theory and think of your wool rug pad, it is completely covered by your area rug and receives no daylight, traffic, airflow or vacuuming, hence making it very susceptible to moth germination. Furthermore, if the rug on top of the wool padding is also made of wool, the moth will travel from the pad to the rug, creating a potential disaster within the rug, as wool begins to fall out of the rug. Moths attack the rug from the knots, or back of the rug, and when they eat away at these knots, since the knots are what hold the rug together, the face fibers literally fall out. You may notice this when you vacuum or if you rub your hand across the face of your rug – Wool fibers from the rug just come right off because once the moths eat the knots on the back, there is nothing holding the wool in place.

How to Prevent Moth Damage to Your Rug and Pad

One of the easiest ways to prevent potential moth damage is to not use a wool rug pad. There are great felt rug pads available that will not cause any harm and will keep moths away. Some felt rug pads contain a mix of wool fibers and nylon and as long as there is some other fiber with the wool, moths will not be a threat, as they mainly want only the wool and will not eat through the other (non-wool) fiber. Of course, if your area rug is all wool, while the non-wool rug pad will not present any moth danger, your wool rug still can. You need to take care a I explained earlier and pay extra attention to any parts of your rug that are completely covered from light and traffic.

Make Random Checks of Your Rug Pad

Whether you have a pure wool rug or a mix of fibers, it is always a good idea to perform a random check of your rug pad and floor. Once in a while when you think of it, lift a corner of your rug to expose the rug pad and lift the rug pad to check on your floor – The rug covers the pad and floor all of the time, so it is a good idea to know what’s happening underneath it all and in most cases, nothing happens, yet it is better to be safe than sorry.

Rug Pad Corner Receives GREEN Endorsement


Rug Pad Corner Receives GREEN Endorsement

We have always placed the highest importance on maintaining the most natural rug pads in the industry. While we know this and try to educate our customers about the same, it’s always a nice welcome to have someone else’s point of view, especially when it is a positive one. For this reason, we’re extremely grateful that Ashley of Ashely’s Green Life requested some of our products for her use and review and we’re even more grateful for her positive feedback.

Ashley owns and maintains her blog to be found at – a great resource of all things natural and Green. In her blog, Ashley talks about her daily life under Green living – From cooking and housekeeping to decorating and more, Ashley describes and explains to her audience what and how she does to maintain the Green home that she and her family live in. So, in order to maintain her Green standard of living, Ashley found the need for some rug pads under some area rugs she recently placed in a few areas of her home.

You can see from the video that Ashley chose our two flagship rug pads, Ultra Premium and Superior – Both dense felt rug pads with one containing an added layer of natural rubber for those rugs that tend to slip. Ashely proceeds to explain her choices and how she made them, as well as showing the placement of each of our rug pads on her floor. it is obvious from her web site and the video that she places great emphasis on maintaining her Green Home and we are extremely honored to have been chosen as the rug pad supplier of choice! When you take the time to view her video of your experience and feedback of our company and products, we think you’ll be impressed.

Rug Pad Corner offers only four rug pads that cover all types of uses possible. While there are so many more rug pads available in the industry, we refuse to carry most based on the chemical and adhesive content within those products. We are proud to be affiliated with a few established Green Organizations, as we constantly strive towards offering the most natural rug pads found anywhere – Achieving this is easier for us than others since we actually control the mills where our rug pads are made, right here in the USA.

Feel free to shop securely at and get ready to offer your rugs, floors, home and family the most natural rug pads made today!

Non Slip Rug Pad for Active Dogs


Non Slip Rug Pad for Active Dogs

If you have ever had, or have, an active dog in the house, you will understand the benefits of using the right rug pad under any rugs you may have on your floor. Most dogs, especially younger ones, love to run and without the right rug pad under your rugs, this can cause all sorts of rug slipping and sliding. Unfortunately, besides the fact of the rugs being shifted, this can also cause harm to the dog, so we must be sure to anchor the rugs in place and the right non slip rug pad does just that.

babyanddogWe recently added a pet to our family, a beautiful German Shepard, and at the time we got her, she was 3 months old. Shortly after we brought her home, we noticed how active she was and we realized we need to be sure to use the right rug pads under our rugs before she starts to slide and possibly gets injured. Our foyer rug had our Superior rug pad under it – A solid felt rug pad without any rubber in it, so it does not prevent slipping. Before Maia(our dog’s name) came into the picture, this rug pad did just fine. However, with Maia’s active lifestyle of running around the house, soon enough that foyer rug was slipping and sliding everywhere! Not only was the entire combination of rug and pad slipping, but there were times when the rug was shifting off of the pad, leaving the edges of the pad exposed. My wife was so concerned that soon enough, Maia may cause harm to herself with one of her lunges across the foyer, so I had to do something very soon, and I did.

As nice as the feel of Superior rug pad is to walk on, I immediately replaced it under our foyer rug with Ultra Premium – A felt and rubber non slip rug pad that truly prevents all types of slipping. Since the foyer rug is a 5′ x 8′ size, I had the Ultra Premium rug pad cut a few inches smaller to keep the edges of the rug to the floor. Once it was ready, I brought the rug pad home and placed it under the foyer rug. Of course as soon as she saw this, Maia had to give it the “test”, as she ran and slid onto the rug. Finally, to our complete satisfaction, the rug stayed in place and so did Maia! We were always concerned that she would forget herself and one day run so fast, slide on the rug and possibly hit the wall and hurt herself – Thankfully, we were able to place the correct rug pad under the rug before any possible harm to Maia.

Be Sure the Rug Pad is Non Slip on Both Surfaces
In considering a non slip rug pad to keep your rugs and pets safe, most people think of the pad working to keep the rug and pad in place. This is one way a non slip rug pad works. Not many people think of the other non slip quality that a rug pad should offer – The rug itself staying in place on top of the pad. Since most rug pads contain a smooth upper surface, many times a rug can shift off of the pad, allowing the rug pad to show beyond the edges of the rug. While acceptable to a certain degree, is it best when the non slip rug pad can prevent slipping on the top and bottom of the pad.

image1 (3)One of the exclusive benefits of Ultra Premium rug pad is that it is manufactured to give it a distinct texture on the felt surface. The grooves within the surface work to grab to and hold the area rug that sits on it and the result is for the rug to stay in place on top of the pad. Most other rug pads work to prevent slipping on the floor, yet with a smoother upper surface, they rarely prevent the rug from slipping off of the pad – The result is a rug that constantly slips off of the pad, making for constant adjustment of the rug. Fortunately, with the exclusive features within Ultra Premium, the rug stays in place and require little to no adjustment, keeping everyone happy, even our dogs.

If you are like our family, then your dog has free reign of the house. Based on this, it is extremely important to prevent any harm to your pets. Area rugs on the floor can add much beauty and charm, yet this quickly disappears when the rug keeps slipping off of the pad and when pad keeps sliding on the floor. Use of a non slip rug pad will add the safety required for your dog to enjoy his/her active lifestyle and will prevent constant readjustment of the rug, so that we don’t need to worry. Be sure to remember that the right non slip rug pad should prevent slipping on the top and bottom of the pad. Most often, this is not the case and the pad is only non slip on one surface, the lower surface. If your home and lifestyle is like ours and requires the most effective non slip function, then a rug pad such as our Ultra Premium is the ideal choice. You may visit Rug Pad Corner for more on Ultra Premium.

Rug Pads and Child Safety


Rug Pads and Child Safety

What do rug pads have to do with children? If your children are like mine, they love the floor – To play, roll around, sit and eventually nap – This puts them in direct contact with the rug and rug pad. The rug pad we choose to place under our area rug can dictate the difference between keeping the floor safe or unsafe for our children.

How Rug Pads Can Harm Children

babyrugsmUnfortunately, most rug pad manufacturers today tend to use chemicals and adhesives within their rug pads – This popular practice is proven to save on production costs and since many people search and purchase by “price” only, more and more rug pads today are made with lower cost materials. Since applying a coating of adhesive on each side of a felt rug pad saves manufactures money over the alternative method of using heat to press the felt together, many pads today are coated with adhesive.

When children are playing on the floor, or on the rug that sits on top of the rug pad, they are just about in direct contact with the pad. The adhesive within a rug pad normally possesses a chemical-like odor that can pass through the rug to fill the room and all within it, such as furniture and cloths. My kids are really sensitive to smell and they wouldn’t put up with this for a minute! When heat is added to the room, such as that from normal heating systems or from sunlight coming into the room, the adhesive can off-gas; This is a process in which a gas is given off as a by-product of a chemical, or chemical-like, agent. Now, try to tell your kids why this is all happening! Children should be able to play on the floor without any risk of being exposed to a strong chemical-like odor. This is one of the main reasons we at Rug Pad Corner manufacture our rug pads without the addition of adhesive or chemicals.

I remember once bringing home a rug pad as a “test” from another store. I ordered it online as a “Natural Felt rug pad made in the USA”. As soon as I placed it on the floor, my kids made their funny face, the one they make whenever mom cooks something of which they don’t like the smell. I told them the smell might be from the plastic wrapping, so let’s just open the pad and see what happens. Not before long, the kids put it to the test as one started building a Lego structure, the other reading a book and another just sitting to watch TV. Within an hour, all 3 kids started to complain about the smell, for which I knew the reason, yet I wanted to see their reaction. Needless to say, I exposed the pad and started to scrape a knife on the surface and it was just as I suspected – I was scraping off a layer of dry adhesive, the source of the offensive odor. My kids wondered what I was doing and I joked as I told them I was “dissecting” the pad like a doctor to see what was wrong with it, why it had the odor.

 Rug Pad Corner Maintains Child Safety with RPC Heat Pressed®

iStock_000016878409_SmallWe take great steps to maintain a safe environment for all children by the method we use in the manufacture of our rug pads. In a time when most manufacturers look at the bottom line with the use of more and more chemicals and adhesives to cut the cost of producing their rug pads, Rug Pad Corner is using more of a genuine level of manufacture with the use of heat. Developed and sustained by Rug Pad Corner, the trademarked process referred to as RPC Heat Pressed® uses intense heat to press the felt together within our felt rug pads. Others apply an adhesive that dries to a stiff texture, yet we apply intense heat, almost like a huge iron, to compress the material together – The result is a very dense rug pad that will not shed or separate and the best part of all is that it will not smell or off-gas.

Add to this exclusive process of heat pressing the fact that the actual felt fibers within all of our felt rug pads are made of recycled materials, our Ultra Premium and Superior rug pads are some of the finest and  most natural rug pads that exist today. This means that children can not only play on top of the rug, they can also literally roll directly on the padding itself without the risk of any harm, allergic reaction or discomfort. We take the natural elements within our rug pads to another level and make then as safe as possible for all children and people to use and enjoy – That said, it goes without saying that our rug pads are rated as safe for hardwood and all types of floors.

Our children and their safety are a top priority in all that we do. I want them to have as much fun as possible without any concern over their exposure to unnecessary elements, such as a chemical within a rug pad. Since we are all about rug pads, we do our share to assure you of the safety of your(our)children – When they are on one of our rug pads, let them play, roll around, sit and even fall asleep. After all, they are in good hands with Rug Pad Corner on the floor.

Felt Rug Pads and R-Value

Impianto di Riscaldamento a Pavimento radiante

Felt Rug Pads and R-Value

While our felt rug pads are manufactured to be safe for use on all types of floors, our two felt pads also have the benefit of being used effectively on heated floors. Fortunately, the R-Value, or thermal resistance level, is very favorable among our Ultra Premium and Superior felt rug pads. This allows for heat transfer from the floor to the room.

In the construction industry, R-Value plays an important role within various levels of the building process. Various elements and products are chosen based on R-Values. Insulation, types of flooring and types of siding, as examples, are rated by R-Values and can determine the integrity of the final building project. When it comes to the interior of the home, there are some items that can be used based on R-Values and this can contribute to a more comfortable and efficient home.

We hear a lot of requests for our rug pads from homeowners who have radiant heat flooring. These floors can be wood, tile or stone with heat under them. The most important aspect of this type of floor heat is that it is able to escape into the room and home. Generally, area rugs allow for transfer of heat, yet since every area rug should have a rug pad under it, the rug pad must be suitable for radiant heat floors. The pad should allow for heat transfer and it should not be harmful to the floor. There are many types of rug pads containing adhesives that are known to stick to and damage the floor, so it’s important that our rug pads remain free of these agents that can damage the floor.

When we manufacture our felt rug pads, we maintain their use on heated floors in two ways; They allow for heat transfer with low R-Values and they are safe for heated floors because they do not contain the sticky adhesive or chemicals of others that can actually cause damage to the floor.

Felt Rug Pads and Low R-Value

Ultra Premium is a felt and natural rubber rug pad and Superior is all felt. Since it has rubber in it, Ultra Premium possesses a slightly higher R-Value than Superior, yet both rug pads effectively allow for heat transfer from heated floors. Our felt is porous and the R-Values are s such; Ultra Premium is rated with an R-Value of 2.25 and Superior with an R-Value of 1.09. The lower the R-Value, the less resistant the product is as it allows full transfer of heat. Comparing our felt rug pads, while they both allow for heat transfer, Ultra Premium contains rubber and allows for slower transfer.

Safe for all Heated Floors

So, there’e the fact that felt rug pads for radiant heated floors allow for heat transfer and then there’s the fact of whether or not the rug pads will be safe for the floor. Fortunately, when we manufacture our rug pads, we do not include any additives, chemicals or adhesives. Instead, we use pure recycled felt and 100% natural rubber, materials that are known to be safe for all floors, even heated ones. Many people ask whether or not the rubber in Ultra Premium will actually stick to and stain the floor and our answer is no – We need to remember that we only use a layer of natural rubber that is not treated with any sticky adhesive. It is the adhesive within a rug pad, whether it is a all felt or felt and rubber rug pad, that can cause damage to the heated floor. The interaction of the adhesive with the heat can cause significant sticking and staining of the floor. Our all natural felt rug pads are completely safe for all floors, heated as well.

If you have the luxury of living with heated floors, there’s no need to compromise on your floor coverings. Fortunately, there are area rugs and rug pads that are rated for use on radiant heat floors and allow for efficient heat transfer from the floor to the rest of the home. Take care to steer away from those rug pads that are made of plastic, nylon or PVC and are covered in adhesives – These will easily and quickly have a negative reaction with the heated floor to cause significant damage to the floor. In regards to their effectiveness on heated floors, make sure the rug pads possess a low R-Value to allow for easy heat transfer.

Shop Rug Pads for Radiant Heat Floors

Product Update: Heat Pressed vs. Adhesive

Product Update: Heat Pressed vs. Adhesive

In a previous post, we discussed the fact that we use a Heat Pressing Process to reinforce our felt rug pads, where others use adhesive. Since then, we have discovered that some sellers are advertising their products as being “Heat Pressed”, when unfortunately this is not the case.

The method of Heat Pressing rug pads is a costly and rare process that took years for us to refine – It is so specific and limited that we even registered a mark for RPC Heat Pressed® with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in order to protect the name and process. We felt the need for this protection due to the fact that the Internet makes it quite easy for others to duplicate our content and without the proper protection, we were concerned that we may see our terms on other web sites. Apparently, part of this is true, as we discovered a few sellers using the term “Heat Pressed” in reference to their felt rug pads.

should I use a rug pad on hardwood floor

The rubber in our Ultra Premium® Rug Pad is Heat Pressed to the felt, avoiding the use of any adhesive or chemical found in other pads.

Heat Pressing is a process used to avoid the content of adhesive and chemicals within rug pads. Imagine a felt rug pad that is compressed into a certain thickness. The fibers within the pad can sometimes shed and fall apart, creating the need for reinforcement. All other manufacturers and sellers use an adhesive coating on each surface of their padding – The adhesive acts as a bonding agent that when dry, holds the fibers of the rug pad together to prevent shedding. While this hold is essential in the use of the rug pad, unfortunately adhesives are known to weaken the fibers, as well as cause damage to floors, off-gas and smell. Rug Pad Corner always knew we wanted to avoid any adhesive, so we developed an intense Heat Pressing process exclusive to us, hence the trademark RPC Heat Pressed®.

Our followers, customers and readers have always seen us offer as much knowledge and information about our products and about the area rug and rug pad industries in general. In keeping with this business model of information, we felt the need to make our readers aware of the fact that some (very few) sellers are referring to their products as being “Heat Pressed”, when in actuality they are coated with the same adhesive as all other suppliers offer. “One drawback of the Internet is that it easily allows competitors within an industry to “copy” information from one web site to their own”, states Sam Kaoud, our founder. “This deceitful method of advertising is not only unethical, it also is simply wrongful behavior towards potential customers of your products.” Sam explains that every seller of any product should only describe it to be what it is, nothing less and nothing more. Unfortunately, there are some sellers who offer information based on what they know customers want to see and believe, hence the false product descriptions.

Sam the rug pad man

“Unfortunately, the Internet makes it easy for sellers to say what customers want to hear – It’s important to know that not everything you read online is true.” – Sam The Rug Pad Man

An important thing to know when considering rug pads is that most pads are made with some adhesive within the manufacture of the products and the sellers have no control over this. It is just as important to know that since most online merchants control the information available in their web site, that they easily manipulate product descriptions to their advantage to result in more sales. Lastly, equally as important is the fact that we, Rug Pad Corner, will continue to monitor the industry and to alert our readers of any false representations of products, something the readers have a right to.

Our Ultra Premium and Superior rug pads are the ones we offer that contain felt and the ones that incorporate the RPC Heat Pressing® Process – Once compressed into its pile, the rug pad then undergoes an intense heat pressing to keep the fibers together for many years. Fortunately, due to the genuine nature of our process, we had the right to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a feature of which our customers should be aware and one that should bring peace-of-mind as they use our rug pads on their floors. We know that all of us here at Rug Pad Corner can sleep better knowing our customers’ floors are completely safe using any of our rug pads – We wonder what other sellers can honestly say this!

Pets vs Floors: The Battle Ends Here


Pets vs Floors: The Battle Ends Here

If you are a pet owner you know that your animal is just another member of your family. Sometimes, even though they don’t mean to, pets can have accidents and make mistakes. While you can always come around and forgive them, sometimes your floors can’t! Check out some of the important tips we offer on how to protect your floors and rugs from some of the destruction pets can cause!

Start With the Rug

Ike from Decor and the Dog seems to the love the difference our rug pads make and Michelle loves that our rug pads can handle this active pup!

Ike from Decor and the Dog seems to the love the difference our rug pads make and Michelle loves that our rug pads can handle this active pup!

If you have hardwood floors in your home, the best protection you can provide is a rug and rug pad. Before you purchase the perfect rug pad, you must find the perfect rug to fit your needs! If you are in the market for a new rug and you have an active pet, consider using an indoor/outdoor rug. These types of rugs are becoming increasingly popular for people with active lifestyles. They are super durable, stain resistant, and fade resistant so they can handle lots of cleanings! Most of these rugs are made from a combination of natural and man made-materials. Some of these rugs are even made with recycled plastic, making them great for the environment as well!

If you aren’t into the feel of an indoor/outdoor rug, get a rug that is easier to clean. A natural fiber rug and most flatweave rugs are a breeze to clean and are a great addition to any room! Be sure to shop around and get a rug that suits your personal style. If you have a pet that has a tendency to shed, get a rug that has smaller patterns or a more natural fiber. The smaller patterns help to hide any pet hair and stains that accrue between cleanings. To help prevent pet stains from reaching your floors, don’t forget to use a rug pad!

Harry-Beast from MBZ Interiors doesn't care if he can't see the rug pad. As long as it's comfy!

Harry-Beast from MBZ Interiors doesn’t care if he can’t see the rug pad. As long as it’s comfy!

Don’t Forget the Rug Pad!

Rug pads are a great addition to any home, but they are especially great for homes with pets. When a rug pad is placed under a rug it can help keep your rug in place and prevent any pet “accidents” from reaching your floor. As a pet owner myself, I don’t know how often I had to fix my entryway rug every time my dog came running inside. With our Super Hold rug pad, my entry rug no longer moves, no matter how often my dog runs in and out the house!

Our Ultra Premium rug pad is also great for people with young pets. The solid rubber backing that lays on the floor will prevent any pet accident from reaching your floor long enough for you to clean up! Ultra Premium is also an excellent non-slip pad, so it is perfect for any pets that love to play indoors. For people who don’t need a non-slip pad but still want some added comfort for your pets, try our Superior rug pad! This rug pad makes flatweave and indoor/outdoor rugs super comfortable; letting you keep the style you love and still provides the protection your floor needs from the furrier members of your family.

We all know how much your pet means to you and your family. Protect your pets and your floors with our rug pads and be sure to post a photo of your pets on Instagram with #RPCpets for your chance to win a $150 gift card!


Rug Pad Retailer of the Year


Rug Pad Retailer of the Year

Rug Pad Retailers of America recently announced that Rug Pad Corner has been voted as Rug Pad Retailer of the Year for 2014. The results are a combination of votes from interior designers, actual customers, rug stores and architects. As if there weren’t enough reasons to trust Rug Pad Corner for your rug pad needs, we give you one more!

(For original article, visit Rug Pad Retailers of America)

RPPA1The Rug Pad Retailer of the Year award is sponsored by Rug Pad Retailers of America and is based on several criteria – The store’s commitment to customer service, the materials within its rug pads, prompt and reliable shipping, as well as value driven prices on rug pad offerings. Based on this criteria, more than 100 interior designers, customers, rug stores and architects voted and Rug Pad Corner was voted as Retailer of the Year.

The following results were recorded on March 30, 2015, and are related to Rug Pad Corner’s results based on a consistent score of 5/5:

Customer Serviceultranewsmall

• Great knowledge of products and company policies
• Courteous and professional attitude
• Eager to assist
• Prompt, reliable and efficient


• Well constructed rug pads
• No chemicals, adhesives or glues
• No odor/smell
• Maximum performance and function
• Perfectly cut and packaged

Shipping & Returns

• Hassle-Free returns; No questions asked
• Prompt replies to return inquiries
• Fast and free shipping
• Prompt and accurate refunds

Based on all above criteria, Rug Pad Corner scored perfectly on all levels – We are proud of our service, products and performance as we continue to maintain a perfect score. Since our customers include the end user, as well as the trade, we offer a very diverse range of products and services and we cater to each sector as is expected of us and more.


We are proud to accept this honorable award. In an industry where products are commonly misrepresented, it is reassuring to know that our followers appreciate what we actually offer – Genuine natural American-made rug pads without any chemicals, plastics or adhesives. Far too often, inferior rug pads are offered and represented as “natural” and “made in USA” – Unfortunately, most of these representations are not accurate and are based on what customers want to hear. Rug Pad Corner and its family of members stem from all aspects of the flooring industry and we are committed to maintaining our promise of manufacturing natural rug pads made without the common additives that can harm the floor and air we breath.

About Rug Pad Retailers of America

Rug Pad Retailers of America is the industry resource related to rug pads made in the USA – It supports the Rug Pad Industry with services throughout the United States and Canada. The organization is the dependable source for information related to rug pads certified as made in the USA, as it rates every rug pad supplier to maintain a green and American environment within the rug pad industry. Membership means that suppliers are able to prove their commitment to offering only American-Made rug pads with the most natural materials. For this reason, membership is limited and Rug Pad Corner is very proud to be a member in excellent standing. Consumers are urged to refer to the organization for all news and facts related to American-made rug pads, as well as a reference and resource guide – Those members and stores in good standing can be trusted as offering quality American-made rug pads.


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Facts of Ultra Premium Rug Pad


Facts of Ultra Premium Rug Pad

We are often asked various questions about our award winning Ultra Premium Rug Pad and we are always happy to answer. Since Ultra Premium is unlike any other felt and rubber rug pad, customers are often quite impressed with the answers to their questions about the product. Here, we would like to offer some of those questions and answers for a better understanding of one of the most effective non slip rug pads available for all area rugs and floors.

Based on the success of our Ultra Premium Rug Pad, we receive so many questions throughout the year. We have assembled the most popular questions here, along with our answers, to give a better understanding of this non slip rug pad.

Ultra Premium rug padWhy does Ultra Premium have a rough surface?
We intentionally manufacture Ultra Premium with a distinct rough texture within the felt surface so that it holds up to its non slip performance. All others contain a smoother surface, yet the texture within Ultra Premium is meant to grab and hold any area rug to the pad. If you sometimes see a rug with the edge of the pad showing underneath it, this is due to the fact that the rug shifts on the pad – The texture within Ultra Premium prevents this shifting and keeps your rug in place where it should be.

How is the felt of Ultra Premium attached to the rubber?
Unlike those pads that glue the rubber to the felt, Ultra Premium passes through a very intense heat pressing process exclusive to Rug Pad Corner, called RPC Heat Pressed. This means that intense heat is used to press the layer of rubber to the felt to make it one solid pad. Unfortunately, most others use a layer of glue or adhesive and this often results in odors and danger to the air. As a result of its heat pressing process, Ultra Premium does not smell, off-gas or stick to the floor.

How long will Ultra Premium last?
Great question – based on its high manufacturing standards and quality of materials, Ultra Premium is meant to be used and to last for around twenty years. It can actually last even longer than this, yet we do give it a realistic lifespan. During the twenty years, Ultra Premium can be normally used under various types of traffic, as that is what it is meant for.

Does Ultra Premium prevent slipping on all floors and is it safe for all floors?
Yes. Like within the felt surface, there is a very distinct texture within the lower rubber surface of the rug pad. This texture is meant to allow Ultra Premium to offer maximum non slip function, almost like that of a suction cup. And, since the rubber is just that and without any added treatments, it is completely safe for all floors; hardwood, laminate, tile, heated, concrete and all others.

What happens if I cut Ultra Premium for some reason?
You may use a carpet knife or box cutter to slice through the rug pad if you need to without any negative affect to the pad itself. The cut edges will remain intact without the fraying or shedding of other rug pads.

Does Ultra Premium crease if it is folded?
Unlike other rug pads, Ultra Premium does not crease when folded. The creases are due to an adhesive applied to rug pads – The adhesive dries and becomes stiff and tends to result in stubborn creases when folded. Since Ultra Premium does not contain adhesive, it does not hold stubborn fold lines.

Is Ultra Premium safe for my floor?
We manufacture Ultra Premium so that it is safe to use on all types of floors. It does not contain the common adhesive or glue that are in other rug pads, so it is completely safe for use on all hardwood and hard surfaces.

Ultra Premium is a very unique rug pad that is made without cutting costs. Most other manufacturers cut production costs by adding inferior quality adhesive and glue to their rug pads. The facts of Ultra Premium show that it is one of the only genuine American-made rug pads that will perform and protect for many years.