What To Put Under Furniture on Hardwood Floors

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What to Put Under Furniture on Hardwood Floors

It’s one of the most common household issues – What to use under your furniture to protect your hardwood floor? While you can find all types of felt furniture pads to use under your furniture, unfortunately those allow furniture to slide and they rarely last long enough. We know this problem, we’ve had to deal with it and we did something about it – We created DURA-GRIP® pad to place under all types of furniture to prevent any damage to your hardwood floors.

What is DURA-GRIP®?

Unlike the common felt pads found in most stores, DURA-GRIP is much different. It is a 3/8″ thick pad that is made of a dense fiber center with a layer of natural rubber on the top and bottom surfaces. So, the dense center works to prevent penetration to the floor, keeping any weight of furniture from affecting the floor. The natural rubber sides work by the top adhering to the furniture to hold it in place and the bottom grips to the floor to prevent sliding – The result is a furniture gripper pad like no other that keeps all types of furniture in place on all floors and prevents damage to those floors.

dgsqhwoodWe make DURA-GRIP in our own warehouse through a multi-step process. Excess cuts from our rug pad orders are utilized in the manufacture of DURA-GRIP. Through a few steps, we attach two pieces of our Ultra Premium rug pad together to form the finished product. Since there are various types and sizes of furniture, we offer DURA-GRIP in round and square shapes and ten sizes – there’s sure to be one available for any piece of furniture. And, for those unusual shapes and sizes, we also offer custom DURA-GRIP made to fit any shape and size. For recliners, DURA-GRIP has become quite popular as we custom make it to fit perfectly under the base of the recliner keeping it in place under all uses.

How to Order and Use

Ordering DURA-GRIP is simple at www.rugpadcorner.com. You choose the shape and size closest to your furniture leg and place your order – There are sets of four and eight, so be sure to choose the amount necessary to place under each furniture leg. We’ll ship your order within one business day and when you receive it, you can put them to good use. The pad will have  tan colored rubber side and a purple colored side – Place the purple side against the floor and tan side against the furniture. That’s it, theres nothing to stick or nail and DURA-GRIP starts working immediately.

If you have furniture that is always moving and you would like it to stay in place, try DURA-GRIP furniture gripper pads – These pads are very effective for use on all hard floors and now available for furniture on carpet as well. Unlike any other, our pad simply sits under furniture without any sticky mess or anything to tack or nail. That said, you may use it under any other furniture when necessary.

Shop here for DURA-GRIP.


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