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In The News at Rug Pad Corner®


Every Rug Needs a Rug Pad

September 25, 2015
After her DIY installation of gorgeous laminate floors, Shelly learned that the care that goes into keeping the floors looking great can be a lot of work. Thanks to our rug pads, we have made her job a little bit easier. Read the article here.


Every Rug Needs a Rug Pad

September 23, 2015
After months of testing our products, lifestyle blogger Tandi now completely understands our motto, every rug needs a rug pad. Check out her lovely review of our products and explore her beautiful design and fashion advice. Read the article here.


Rug Love: Recap

August 31, 2015
Finding the perfect rug can be hard. Tiffany learned that first hand when trying to find the perfect rugs for her home. Luckily, finding the perfect rug pad was easy thanks to Rug Pad Corner! Read the article here.


Product Review: Rug Pad Corner

June 24, 2015
When Ashley bought a couple jute rugs for dining room and kitchen she was concerned about the scratchy texture damaging her floors. Thanks to Rug Pad Corner she no longer has to worry! Read the article here.


Hallway Makeover Design

June 15, 2015
No hallway makeover is complete without the perfect rug and rug pad. Carissa from Carissa Miss couldn’t agree more! Check out her beautiful hallway makeover and her wonderful review of our products. Read the article here.


Real Life Fridays: An Update and a Review

June 12, 2015
Our Ultra Premium Rug Pad was able to take Erin’s $20 consignment shop rug to a whole other level! Check out her blog to see the progress on her awesome mancave update and her wonderful review of our products. Read the Article Here.


Not All Rug Pads Are Created Equal

June 12, 2015
When styling her daughter’s playroom and bedroom Vel wanted something that would be safe for her floors and for her daughter. She was delighted that Rug Pad Corner could provide both! Read the article here.


Rug Pad Giving Your Rugs New Life

June 11, 2015
Before Rug Pad Corner, Angie used a cheap mesh rug pad that wasn’t very affective. Now she has a wonderful comfortable rug pad that made this old rug feel like new! Read the article here.


Rug Pad Heaven

June 9, 2015
Kirsty is in rug pad heaven with her three new rug pads from Rug Pad Corner! We love how our rug pads fit into her beautiful home. Check out her blog to see her beautiful designs! Read the article here.


Summer-izing Your Home With Rugs

June 9, 2015
Jill was in the midst of Summer-izing her home when she was contacted by Rug Pad Corner. Now she has a wonderful rug pad to go along with her beautiful room! Read the article here.


Rug Pads to Save My Sanity

June 1, 2015
Leah was never a fan of rug pads because of their tendency to leave marks on her floors and hold dirt. Since finding Rug Pad Corner she has done a complete 180. We proved to her that not all rug pads are created equal. Read the article here.


Blue and White in the Living Room + A Rug Pad Giveaway

June 1, 2015
Rachel was delighted to hear that our rug pads are hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant. She was so thrilled by our rug pads she requested if she could give one away to her readers! Check out her blog to enter for your chance to win a $125 gift card! Read the article here.


Room Redo Checklist Printable + Best Rug Pads Ever!

June 1, 2015
Room makeovers can be super stressful, fortunately, Emma has made it a little bit easier with her handy room redo checklist! Essential to any room redo is of course a wonderful rug pad. Read the article here.


Function over Form

May 31, 2015
Kate shares how her new rug is seriously the softest rug she has ever felt and now is even softer thanks to our rug pads! Read the acticle here.


A Review of Earth Friendly Rug Pads from the Rug Pad Corner

May 29, 2015
Before Rug Pad Corner approached her, Janine’s rugs buckled so often that they tended to look like a relief map of Northern California more than beautiful area rugs. Now her rugs stay flat no matter how much foot traffic there is. Read the article here.


Happy Feet Ft. Rug Pad Corner

May 29, 2015
At 26, Benina never thought she would would be stressing about how much her rugs slid on her floors. Thanks to Rug Pad Corner, she never has to worry about her rugs sliding ever again! Read the article here.


Rug Pad Corner

May 28, 2015
For someone obsessed with rugs Carrie never really thought about what went under her rug, that is, until she was contacted by Rug Pad Corner. Now she can’t imagine her life without them! Read the article here.


Harry-Beast and I Are Busy Reviewing Rug Pads

May 25, 2015 
Mary Beth and her dog needed something to fit their busy lifestyle. Her and her dog Harry-Beast seem to approve of the rug pads at Rug Pad Corner. Even if they can’t see the difference they can definitely feel it. Read the article here. 


Things are Getting Brighter Around Here

May 19, 2015 
Things are getting brighter in Linda’s house thanks to some newly installed light fixtures and Rug Pad Corner! Check out her latest blog to see the complete transformation of her family room. Read the article here.


Rug Pad Corner Review

May 10, 2015
Albion never thought she could be in love with a rug pad, but the rug pads from Rug Pad Corner proved her wrong. Now she can’t imagine life without the right rug pad under her rugs. Read the article here.



May 07, 2015
Interested in putting a natural fiber rug in your home? Have Questions? Check out Shelley’s blog to get all your questions answered! Read the Article here.


Grown-Up Stuff Like Rug Pads

May 06, 2015
Before Michelle received our rug pads, she didn’t know just how big of a difference one rug pad can make. Now, she is never going back. Her dog seems to love them almost as much as she does! Read the article here.


I Feel So Legit!

April 28, 2015
Our rug pads were able to make Cassie finally feel like a “legit” homeowner. Check out her blog for more information. Read the article here.


If You Like It, Then You Better Put A Rug Pad Under It!

April 15, 2015
“The difference is in the details” and this blogger agrees with just that when it comes to our rug pads! Her and her husband were thrilled with the results our eco-friendly rug pads gave under her rug. Read the article here.


Living Room Update: A New Area Rug!

April 15, 2015
As a former fashion designer, Jessica has an eye for beauty. While updating her living room she was able to find an absolutely gorgeous rug. Needless to say she was thrilled when she heard she could protect her beautiful new purchase with our rug pads! Check out how our rug pads were used in this beautiful living room update. Read the article here.


Super Hold & Ultra Premium Rug Pad Review

April 15, 2015
Sachiko is a safety conscious mom with three little ones running around. She was pleased to found out how “green” our rug pads are with no harmful chemicals, making them safe for her entire family. Of course, she also found the Super Hold essential for keeping her kitchen rug in place. Read the article here.


My Mom Always Told Me to Wear A Slip & How that Relates to Rugs

April 14, 2015
Julia’s mom always taught her that a slip was the perfect foundation for any piece of clothing. For Julia, the same lesson applied to her rug purchase. A rug pad is the perfect foundation for any area rug. Our rug pads helped her and her lovely cats enjoy their home to the fullest. Read the article here. 


Office Makeover Guide

April 10, 2015
What does a whole room makeover call for? A great rug pad under your new rug! Like many, this savvy blogger never put much thought into rug pads, or the fact that we make rug pads for all flooring types. She tried our rug pads in her new room makeover and the results are phenomenal. Read her review here.


The BEST Area Rug Pads

April 7, 2015
Slipping and sliding. Such a common hassle with area rugs. This blogger found her solution, our rug pads! Perfect for all area rugs. Read her review here.


Cushy Carpets

March 29, 2015
Blogger Jennifer has had a rug pad on her list of home improvements for a very long time. She finally got the chance to true our Ultra Premium Rug Pad in her living room and was thrilled with the results she found. Read her review here.


Rug Pad Review

March 26, 2015
Lisa has two large area rugs that she tried our rug pads under. She now believes that they should definitely be a staple in every home with a rug pad! Read her blog here.


Why Rug Pads Are Awesome

March 26, 2015
This blogger found out that our rug pads are awesome! She loves them because they are comfortable, protective, organic, and of course non-slip! Read her review here.


Keep Your Kitchen Rug From Sliding

March 21, 2015
Our customers complain often our their kitchen rugs sliding all over their kitchen floors, whether it’s hardwood or tile, it always seems to be an issue. This blogger found the solution, our rug pads! Read her article here.


Rug Pads for Sliding Rugs

March 21, 2015
Our customers always come to us complaining about how their rugs won’t stop slipping and sliding on their tile and hardwood floors. Candice had the same issue until she tried our rug pads in her own kitchen. See her results here.


Rug Pads 101

March 17, 2015
Blogger Kelly does her research! She provided an easy why and which guide to provide you with an easy way to figure out which rug pad(s) is the best for your home and rug(s). Check out her guide here.


Rug Pads – Are They Necessary?

March 16, 2015
Patti was researching the importance and value of rugs pads when she tried her very own from Rug Pad Corner. She found our rug pads were invaluable for all of the benefits they provide from preserving her rugs to protecting her floors. Read the blog review here.


The Importance of Rug Pads

March 12, 2015
Blogger Erin spent a large sum of money on a rug and couldn’t justify spending money on a rug pad until she tried ours. Check out her three reasons you need a rug pad for your rug. Read her blog here.


Rug Pad Review

March 12, 2015
Rugs are a major investment that you want to last. That’s where Rug Pad Corner steps in. Stop not only your rugs from sliding all over your floor but help them last longer with rug pads for any type of flooring and rug. Read the review here.


Fabulous By Design: Rug Pad Review

February 25, 2015
Rugs look beautiful on any floor, but that doesn’t mean they will provide the support and comfort you need on your hardwood floors. Jane found this out after testing out her new rug. She was very pleased that our rug pads gave her gorgeous rug the comfort she desired. Read her blog here.


Design Talk: Rug Pads

February 12, 2015
Design blogger, Desirae, found that the greatest benefits to Rug Pad Corner’s rug pads are their non-slip factor and their ability to keep heavy furniture indents off of her rugs which ultimately prolongs the life of her favorite rugs. See the entire article here.


Rug Pads & Which Kind You Need

February 12, 2015
The main problem this popular DIY and decor blogger had with rug pads was she didn’t know what kind she needed. She found her problem was easy solved with Rug Pad Corner’s Buying Guide. Read her review here.


Comfy Feet

January 27, 2015
With different types of flooring, traffic levels, and rugs, the Gourley family found the perfect rug pad for every room of their home. Read their blog here.


Favorite Rug & a Rug Pad

January 23, 2015
Mommy blogger found that after the holidays her new favorite rugs were slipping all over her hardwood floors. After trying out our rug pads she found that her rugs didn’t move across her floors at all! Read her blog article here.


Favorite Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

January 20, 2015
After trying our Ultra Premium rug pad on her hardwood floors, bloggers Holly and Nat swear they will never go back. Read why they love our rug pads here.


What’s Under Your Rug?

January 16, 2015
Blogger Darnetha had inexpensive mesh rug pads under her rugs which she found were sticking to her floors and bunching together. After trying our rugs she discovered her rugs stayed in place without ruining her floors. Read her blog here.


Rug Pads Are Essential

January 16, 2015
Mommy blogger, Kristen, claims rug pads are “things that people don’t tell you” in how essential they are to prevent your rugs from sliding all over her laminate floors. Read the article here.


Rug Pads Add Comfort & Safety

January 14, 2015
With a toddler and slippery floors in her home, Tonya needed a way to keep her rugs in place on her concrete and hardwood floors. Here at Rug Pad Corner we were able to do just that! Read her full review here.


Rug Pads: Why I Never Bought Them and Always Will Now!

December 31, 2014
Tile floors are cold and lack comfort. Adding a rug on them will help with this but you will probably become unnerved by the constant bunching and sliding of your rug. This blogger had the same frustration until trying a few of our rug pads. See the entire article here.


Rug Pad for the Holidays

December 31, 2014
With a new rug, Heather found the difficulty that many of our customers face: slipping and sliding of your rug. Heather tried out our rug pad on her laminate floors and even with all the holiday traffic it in her home, her rug has stayed in place. Read the full review here.


Rug Pad Corner Giveaway

December 29, 2014
Hello Natural is the blog for all things natural from recipes to home products. We partnered with Hello Natural to give one lucky reader a free 5×8 rug pad, a $89 value! Enter the contest here!


Your Source for Cozy Floors

December 9, 2014
With wall-to-wall oak floors with in-wall heating, Debra was surprised to find that our rug pads were not only made from all natural materials but also safe to use on all types of floors including heated. See the entire blog article here.


Cozy Up Your Home For the Holidays

December 8, 2014
Jess tried our Ultra Premium rug pads under several rugs in her home and found they added the additional comfort she’s been seeking around the holidays. Read her blog article here.


Make a Comfy Home for the Holidays

December 7, 2014
Everyone looks forward to making their homes comfy and cozy for the holidays. After trying our Superior rug pad Bree found the comfort she was seeking for her tile floors. See her blog article here.


Save Money on Renovating & Decorating

December 5, 2014
While renovating her basement on a budget, Anita found that our rug pads not only added great comfort to her new hardwood floors but were budget friendly for her renovation. Read about her renovation here.


Rud Pads Make All the Difference

December 5, 2014
Katie knew a rug pad was necessary to protect her new hardwood floors from heavy furniture, two dogs and everyday living. She was elated with the results she found with our Ultra Premium pad. See the full article about the results Katie found in her home.


Rugs Running Away?

December 4, 2014
Like many of our customers, this blogger found her rugs literally running away but shifting and slipping all over her floors. After trying out our rugs pads she has become a firm believer in rug pads. Read her article here.


Let’s Talk Rugs!

December 4, 2014
This blogger found that after years of use her old rug pads were filthy, sticking to the floor and basically useless. After trying out our rug pads, that last between 15-20 years, she has found a new love for her rugs. Read this mommy blogger’s entire review here.


Houzz article: The Right Rug Pad

December 4, 2014
Houzz came out with a great article on the importance of the right rug pad and how it can prevent slips depending on each flooring type and irreversible floor damage. Read Sam Kaoud’s, Founder and CEO of Rug Pad Corner, feature in the article here.


Make a Cheap Rug Feel Like a Million Bucks

December 3, 2014
Jennifer had glazed over rug pads previously but after she tried our environmentally friendly rug pads, she found the luxurious feel it gave to her inexpensive rugs. Read her article and review here.


The Right Rug Pad

December 1, 2014
Mommy blogger, Linda, found that our Ultra Premium rug pad can be used on all types of flooring and useful on multiple rooms in her home. See her full review here.


Why You Need Them

November 26, 2014
Many people have a rug without a rug pad. This savvy home decor blogger gives 5 main reasons why everyone needs a rug pad. See all of her reasons here.


Getting Ready for the Holidays

November 25, 2014
Four different women with four different rug pad needs. We are glad we were about to satisfy all of their needs for every type of rug and flooring they had! Also just in time for the holidays we are offering 15% off your entire order with coupon code THANKS15. Read the ladies’ testimonials here.


Why a Good Rug Pad Will Save Your Sanity

November 25, 2014
With several different rugs on a variety of flooring types, none of Lisa’s rugs seemed to stay in place. Luckily we were able to save her sanity with our non-slip rug pads! Read her full review here.


An Eco-Friendly Housing Product

November 25, 2014
Our eco-friendly rug pads added much needed comfort for her crawling baby while adding the reassurance that our rug pads are safe for the entire family. Read Tayler’s review here.


Rug Pads Perfect For The Little Ones

November 24, 2014
Having a child, Adrianne tries to use as many natural products in her home. She has been very pleased with the results our rug pads have given to her floor and her rug. Read her review here.


Taking the Slip Out of My Rugs

November 20, 2014
Straightening sliding rugs daily becomes annoying and tiresome. Our rug pads are designed for all different types of flooring that prevent rugs from sliding, even in the most high traffic areas. See the full article here.


New Quality Rug Pads

November 19, 2014
Joellyn is an interior designer who was working with a client and tried out our Rug Pads. She was immediately impressed with their quality. Read her review here.


Put a Pad Under It

November 18, 2014
After finding all of the dirt and grim under her rug, Shavonda found our rug pads not only kept her rugs in place but kept all of the dirt from seeping through the natural fibers of her rugs. Read the full review here.


Protecting Your Floors & Caring For Your Rugs

November 14, 2014
After using cheap “waffley” rug pads for many years that left a residue on her floors, Ashley of Decorology, was excited to find out that we use NO adhesives and the luxurious feel that it added to her precious rugs. See her full review here.


Rug Pads Make The Difference

November 13, 2014
With rug pads throughout her home and no rug pads, Jenny immediately saw the HUGE difference that our rug pads added to her home. See the article here.


Preserve Your Floors

November 11, 2014
After an extensive home renovation, which included gleaming new hardwood floors, Linzy found our rug pads vital to protecting her new floors. Read her article here.


New Rug Pads & Giveaway!

November 10, 2014
Kristina was thrilled with her Ultra Premium rug pad compared to her old dingy rug pad and we are giving one of her lucky readers a 5′x7′ rug pad! See her blog review here.


You Can’t Buy a Rug Without a Rug Pad

November 7, 2014
Having her rug in a high traffic area without a rug pad made Michelle’s rug slip and slide all over the place. After trying our Ultra Premium rug pad, there is no longer any slipping and is now providing her home with a cushy surface. Read her review here.


Finding Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

November 5, 2014
Danielle found our rug pads are not only environmentally friendly but also provided #Instagrip to her floors! See the entire review here.


Prolong The Life Of Your Rug

November 3, 2014
Jae, of Design OCD, has rugs throughout her home but never understood why you should use one until she tried our Ultra Premium Non Slip rug pad in her home. Read about her experience here.


Home Tour: Living Room

November 3, 2014
While sprucing up her living room, Audra added one of our rug pads to her area rug and was very pleased with the results. Read her full article here.


Mississippi Mrs Tries Our Rug Pads

November 2, 2014
After recently adding two rugs to her living room decor, Kayla was eager to try our eco friendly rug pads. See what she thought here.


Five On Halloween Friday

October 31, 2014
With two little boys running around and a hectic schedule, Kristi found our rug pads beneficial in keeping her rugs in place on all types of flooring. Read the full article here.


Eco Friendly Rug Pads Review by DesignDreams

October 31, 2014
DesignDreams by Anne loved how eco friendly our rug pads and the comfort they offered to her hardwood floors. Read the full review here.


Pad Your Rugs and Keep Your Floors Covered

October 30, 2014
Jenn found the installation of her rug pads from Rug Pad Corner a breeze and their ability to stay put a must have for her hardwood floors. See her full review here.


Protection For Your Area Rugs

October 29, 2014
Protecting your floors from rugs isn’t the only reason for a rug pad, rugs on hardwood floors can cause slips and falls for you and your loved ones. Read the full article here.


Rug Pad Corner Non-Slip Rug Pad Giveaway

October 24, 2014
Want a rug pad in your home? Sign up for this giveaway from Gator Mommy Reviews for your chance to win your very own rug pad from Rug Pad Corner. Read the full article here.


What’s Underfoot?

October 22, 2014
With cold months quickly approaching, our rug pads were able to add comfort and warmth to Bree’s hardwood floors. See the full article here.


Keeping Your Area Rugs In Place

October 20, 2014
Frustrated by her rug always sliding, Melissa found our rugs pads put an end to her crooked disheveled rug. Read the entire article here.


Living Room Updates

October 20, 2014
Busy mommy, Jenn, tried our Ultra Premium rug pad after updating her living room with a new rug. See the benefits her rug pad has added here.



October 18, 2014
Lauren tried three different rug pads that we offer: Super Hold for Hardwood, Super Hold for Tile, and Ultra Premium for Hardwood. Read about her satisfaction with our rug pads here.


Underfoot & Knees Comfort

October 18, 2014
Blogger Laura was ecstatic by the comfort our rug pad created in her play room and it’s ability to keep her rug in one place. See the full article here.


Rug Pad Corner Newcomer

October 16, 2014
Not really knowing much about rug pads, Carin gave Rug Pad Corner’s eco-friendly rug pads a try and she has been very satisfied with the results. Read the entire article here.


Protecting Little Feet And My Floors

October 16, 2014
With a growing family and rugs in every room, Alice found our rug pads to be an essential element to add into her home. See Alice’s full review here.


Turquoise Interior Design Review

October 15, 2014
Turquoise Interior Design Blog was gracious enough to write a wonder review about their experience with our rug pads. Read what they to say here.


Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Rug Pads In Your Home

October 13, 2014
Bernadyn tried our Super Hold Rug Pad to prevent slipping of your kitchen rug. With kids and pets in her home, her rug is staying place on her tile floor. See her full review here.


Reduce The Slip Sliding

October 8, 2014
Mommy Blogger, Carissa, was very frustrated by the sliding and bunching of her rugs until she tested out our Ultra Premium Rug Pad. See full article here.


Eco-Friendly Rug Pad Review

October 8, 2014
Joanna has tried countless solutions to try to get her rug to stay in place without causing damage to her hardwood floors. She seemed out of options until she tried our Eco-Friendly Rug Pads. Read her full review here.


Comfort Underfoot

October 6, 2014
To protect her hardwood floors, create comfort in her dining room, and being safe for the entire family; Danielle provided a great review of our Ultra Premium Non Slip Rug Pad. See the full review here.


Rugs and Rug Pad Corner

October 3, 2014
Rug Pad Corner gladly partnered with Taby Jean, owner of a very notable home blog, when she was in need of a rug pad for her new living room rug. Read the full review of our Ultra Premium Rug Pad here.


Hugs ‘n Tugs Mom Reviews – Rug Pad Feedback

October 2, 2014
With three kids in the house, this blogger knows how dangerous rugs can be. She provided great feedback on our Ultra Premium Rug Pad that she is now using in her home. See full review here.


Rug Pad Corner Ultra Premium Non-Slip Pad – Review

September 23, 2014
Mommy blogger, Lisa Weidknecht, tried our Ultra Premium Non-Slip Pad and loved the luxurious results the rug pad has given to her family room. Read full review here.