How Felt Rug Pad Saves Hardwood Floor

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How Felt Rug Pad Saves Hardwood Floor

Every hardwood floor I have seen is worth preserving and protecting. When I see an area rug on the floor, I am always amazed when there is no rug pad under the rug to help protect the hardwood floor. A rug pad can provide so much protection that the small investment in buying one could save much in damage to the floor. There is really only one type of rug pad I like to use under any area rug on a hardwood floor and that is a solid felt rug pad – Not just any felt rug pad, as we need to be careful not to introduce any adhesive, chemical or latex to your hardwood floor, so a more natural felt rug pad is ideal.

When manufacturing our Superior and Ultra Premium Felt rug pads, I am a stickler for content – I refuse to accept any padding that contains any adhesive, chemical or latex and my mills know this, so we’re on the same page. Next, the felt rug pad must be dense enough to offer effective protection to any hardwood floor and this means using enough pressure with the production to assure a more dense padding – Our felt pad is needle punched together, so we make sure that the rate of punching results in a very dense rug pad resistance. The combination of a rug pad without any additives, along with the most dense pile makes for the most effective protection to your hardwood floors.

Natural Felt Rug Pad Saves Hardwood Floor

So, I have seen those felt rug pads that contain a clear adhesive on each side and I have seen what the floor looks like after a few years of using this pad – A filmy layer of adhesive gathers on the hardwood floor and while some of this can be removed, some cannot and requires expert floor refinishing. Let’s avoid such headaches and use our Superior or Ultra Premium rug pads instead and never have to worry about what’s happening to the hardwood floor under the rug.

superiorhardwoodframeSuperior and Ultra Premium contain a recycled felt material that does not have any chemical or adhesive and I’ll tell you how we avoid this. The common adhesive coating is used to keep the felt fibers together as it hardens and acts as a force to prevent shedding of the rug pad. This is great, yet not very desirable as the potential is for clear damage to your hardwood floor. Instead, Rug Pad Corner utilizes an intense heat pressing process in which heat is used to press the felt together and keep it from shedding. While this can cost us more than using an adhesive, the benefits are obvious and you will never need to worry about your hardwood floors or the air you breath – Adhesives normally off-gas, causing odors and the potential for us to breath in obnoxious odors. The heat pressing process offers no side effects at all other than a safe and perfectly protected hardwood floor.

Needle Punched Felt Rug Pad Preserves Hardwood Floor

Our felt rug pads are so dense that you can try to push your finger through them to no success – the amount of resistance from them is such that nothing will be able to push through to affect the hardwood floor underneath this. Let’s consider that popular foam padding that is used under most wall-to-wall carpeting. This type of pad offers a very plush feel because it allows the foot to sink down into it, often times allowing us to feel the floor underneath. We can see from this lack of resistance in the carpet padding, that many things can push through and affect the floor. Our exclusive needle punching process is so extreme that it does not allow even the heaviest of furniture to penetrate it to reach the floor underneath -this means that the hardwood floor under your area rug will always be protected from dents and scratches that can normally happen from high heeled shoes and sharper furniture legs. Leave it to Superior and Ultra Premium rug pads to keep your floor as new and perfect as can be.

Felt rug pad has become a very popular padding for use under area rugs today and while I prefer it to many others, it is important to note that it’s what goes into the making of the padding that makes it ideal. Stay away from those commercial felt rug pads that contain adhesives and chemicals – While you might save a few dollars now by buying one of these, the long-term will prove much more expensive with much damage to your hardwood floor.

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