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No-Muv Rug on Carpet Pad Keeps Rug Flat on Carpet

No-Muv is voted the most effective rug pad to use under rugs on carpet to prevent rug slipping and to keep it flat.

No-Muv for Rugs on Carpet

No-Muv for Rugs on Carpet

100% Natural Felt / Rug on Carpet Pad

Features and Benefits

  • Non Slip: Yes – Prevents any rug slipping on any floor
  • Protection: Resists ALL pressure and stress to rug and floor
  • Comfort: Very good – Adds a full 1/4″ thickness
  • Floors: Tested safe for all types of carpet, will not transfer
  • Organic: CRI Green Label; No chemicals; does not off-gas or smell
  • Origin: Made in the USA of 100% American materials

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No-Muv Rug on carpet Pad is truly the only rug pad that prevents rug slipping, creeping and wrinkling on top of carpet. Unlike other thin and sticky rug pads, No-Muv is a very dense felt rug pad that resists the pressure that normally causes wrinkles in any area rug on carpet. It contains a specially stiffened and textured lower surface that grabs to the carpet underneath to prevent your rug creeping and slipping. The upper dense felt surface is the part that prevents penetration into the rug.

No-Muv Rug on Carpet Pad works especially well to resist the weight of furniture and foot steps. Where other pads allow the rug to buckle, No-Muv keeps your rug flat, even in areas of direct weight and pressure.

“Dear Sam:
As I told you, I tried every rug pad there is and my rug on carpet kept buckling under my coffee table. I finally ordered your No-Muv and I never thought to see my rug as flat as it is now! This is the most remarkable rug pad to keep my rug flat, even when we walk on it! Please extend my comments to all who ask about this product…5 stars. Thank you!!”

- Linda S, PA (very satisfied customer)