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8 x 10 Rug Pad

Buy 8′x10′ Rug Pads at Rug Pad Corner. Choose rug pad to protect and add comfort to any 8′x10′ area rug.
Buy 8′x10′ rug pads in felt and natural rubber. We offer Ultra Premium, Superior, Super Hold and No-Muv rug pad in 8′x10′ size for any area rug. Our 8×10 rug pads are suitable for use on hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, concrete, vinyl, heated, stone, basement, carpeted and all types of floors. Since our 8′x10′ rug pads are made of natural materials, they are safe for all types of floors.

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Ultra Premium is a felt surface and rubber lower surface rug pad made in the USA. It is meant to protect 8′x10′ area rugs from premature wear and damage, as well as preventing slipping. Ultra Premium is a full .30 inches thick and can be used under any type of 8×10 area rug.

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8 x 10 Superior Rug Pads

Superior is a 100% recycled felt rug pad made in the USA. It is available as a dense 40 ounce quality in .25 or .40 inches thick. Superior is used under any type of 8×10 area rug to prevent premature wear and damage, as well as to add comfort. Since it does not contain rubber, Superior does not prevent slipping.

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8 x 10 Super Hold Rug Padding

Super Hold is unlike any other mesh looking rug pad in that it is made of 100% natural rubber. Others contain plastic and adhesives that can harm the floor, yet Super Hold is completely safe for the floor. Use Super Hold to prevent 8′x10′ rug slipping and to prevent damage and wear. Super Hold is .18 inches thick and is made in the USA.

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8 x 10 No-Muv Rug Pad

No-Muv rug pad is the only rug pad to prevent 8′x10′ area rug slipping on carpeted floors. Use No-Muv to keep any 8×10 area rug flat and wrinkle free on carpet. No-Muv is made in the USA of recycled felt and is a full .25 inches thick. It prevents pressure penetrating to the floor that can normally cause area rugs to buckle and wrinkle.

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