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5.00 out of 5

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Not your thin sticky pad, No-Muv is truly the best!

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Product Description

*Shipping note
Due to it’s nature, No-Muv should not be folded. For sizes wider than 7’6″, we will ship two pieces that are simply placed adjacent to each other under your area rug – there is no difference in performance.

No-Muv Non Slip Rug Pad for Rug on Carpet

luisprofilebLuis, Customer Service, Says:
“Imagine not bending down to straighten your rug every time it wrinkles or slips on top of your carpet – No-Muv is amazing at keeping any area rug as flat as possible on top of all grades of carpet. Customers who call with a rug on carpet all have the same problem and I am always very excited to offer the industry best for this application – No-Muv!”

Nothing works like No-Muv*, because nothing else is No-Muv

NON SLIP: Yes – For rugs on top of carpet
• PROTECTION: Resists furniture pressure penetration to area rug
COMFORT: Enjoy a FULL 1/4″ thickness
FLOORS: For use under rugs on carpet only
SAFETY: CRI Green Label; No adhesives: Does not off-gas or smell
ORIGIN: Made in The USA of GENUINE American felt
FOR USE ON: All types of carpeting
*NOTE: There may be instances under very small rugs or narrow runners that No-Muv will not perform as well as it does under larger rugs and this is a function of the weight/size of those smaller rugs.

No Muv Close UpSo specific that it’s only meant for use on carpet

The Surface – 100% recycled felt is needle punched together into a 45 ounce density. The felt is placed up against back of rug and works to resist any penetration to the carpet – heavy foot steps and furniture cannot push through the rug. When No-Muv resists this pressure, it prevents your rug wrinkling and buckling. At 1/4″ thick, No-Muv is able to resist anything that comes across it.

The Backing – The same recycled felt goes through a special pressing process – the result is a very stiff backing that contains a fine texture. The stiffness acts to prevent further penetration to the floor, while the texture works to grab to and hold the carpet – this is meant to prevent any area rug from creeping, walking or slipping. Since it is made of natural felt, No-Muv does not transfer to or stain the carpet underneath – it is even hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant.

What about those thin sticky pads?

Other pads that claim to work on carpet are very thin and sticky. Unfortunately, these do not work because the pad sinks to the floor with any pressure, defeating the function of a rug to rug pad.

buy a rug pad and help others

Rug Pad for a Cause

No-Muv Rug Pads contribute to Rug Pad for a Cause, a campaign committed to donating proceeds to The American Cancer Society, American Red Cross and St Jude Children’s Hospital. A part of every order, regardless of size, is donated towards these charitable organizations.


no-muv reviewsClick here for No-Muv Reviews.


NOTE: No-Muv may not work well under rugs smaller than 4' x 6' or narrower than 4' wide based on these rugs being too light and narrow.


MATERIAL: 100% recycled felt
CONSTRUCTION: Needle punched into very dense compression. Textured lower surface to grab carpet.
THICKNESS: ¼” thick
PROPERTIES: Hypo-allergenic and mold and mildew resistant. Resists even the heaviest furniture penetration. No odor, chemical free.
ORIGIN: Made in USA – 20 year guarantee
RATING: Voted best rug pad to keep rug flat on carpet.
USE ON: Carpeted floors


You may vacuum at any time. Spot clean with damp sponge and let air dry.

shipping info

No-Muv ships for FREE within the contiguous U.S..

HOLIDAY, 2017/2018: This item will ship week of Jan 2, 2018

NOTE: Since No-Muv should not be folded due to its stiffer nature, any size wider than 7'10" will be shipped as two pieces that are simply placed against each other under the rug.

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