Rug Pad Corner Receives GREEN Endorsement

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Rug Pad Corner Receives GREEN Endorsement

We have always placed the highest importance on maintaining the most natural rug pads in the industry. While we know this and try to educate our customers about the same, it’s always a nice welcome to have someone else’s point of view, especially when it is a positive one. For this reason, we’re extremely grateful that Ashley of Ashely’s Green Life requested some of our products for her use and review and we’re even more grateful for her positive feedback.

Ashley owns and maintains her blog to be found at – a great resource of all things natural and Green. In her blog, Ashley talks about her daily life under Green living – From cooking and housekeeping to decorating and more, Ashley describes and explains to her audience what and how she does to maintain the Green home that she and her family live in. So, in order to maintain her Green standard of living, Ashley found the need for some rug pads under some area rugs she recently placed in a few areas of her home.

You can see from the video that Ashley chose our two flagship rug pads, Ultra Premium and Superior – Both dense felt rug pads with one containing an added layer of natural rubber for those rugs that tend to slip. Ashely proceeds to explain her choices and how she made them, as well as showing the placement of each of our rug pads on her floor. it is obvious from her web site and the video that she places great emphasis on maintaining her Green Home and we are extremely honored to have been chosen as the rug pad supplier of choice! When you take the time to view her video of your experience and feedback of our company and products, we think you’ll be impressed.

Rug Pad Corner offers only four rug pads that cover all types of uses possible. While there are so many more rug pads available in the industry, we refuse to carry most based on the chemical and adhesive content within those products. We are proud to be affiliated with a few established Green Organizations, as we constantly strive towards offering the most natural rug pads found anywhere – Achieving this is easier for us than others since we actually control the mills where our rug pads are made, right here in the USA.

Feel free to shop securely at and get ready to offer your rugs, floors, home and family the most natural rug pads made today!

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