Ask Sam and Get 10% Off Your Next Order AND Win a Free Set of Dura-Grip!


Ask Sam and Get 10% Off Your Next Order AND Win a Free Set of Dura-Grip!

We here at Rug Pad Corner are excited to announce the launch of our new video series, “Ask Sam the Rug Pad Man!” In this video series we will be answering all your questions about rug pads, rugs, and flooring. With over 30 years of experience in the area rug and rug pad industry, Sam the Rug Pad Man has a wealth of knowledge on all things flooring! If you have a question about flooring submit your question to us today and you could win a free set of Dura-Grip Furniture Grippers!


Have a question about what rug pad fits best with your floors? Ask Sam! Have a certain type of rug and you want to know what kind of rug pad will protect it best? Ask Sam! Starting a project and want to know what flooring or area rugs might work best for your home? Ask Sam! Any question you might have about flooring Sam will have the answer! Submit your questions to us using facebook, twitter, google+, or email and if your question is chosen, you will win a free set of Dura-Grip Furniture Grippers AND 10% off your next purchase! Unsure of what to Ask Sam? Check out our latest videos where we answer our most frequently asked questions!

Are Rubber Rug Pads Safe?

We constantly get calls from our customers asking if our rubber rug pads are safe for their floors and home. Some of our customers have ordered what they think are rubber rug pads and are disappointed when there is damage caused to their floor. The most common misconception is that the rubber in these pads are causing the damage to their floors. In reality, it is the additives that other companies add to their “rubber” rug pads that causes the damage to their floors. These additives are often in the form of adhesives or synthetic dyes and can be harmful to your floors and your home. Here at Rug Pad Corner we manufacture our rug pads with 100% all natural rubber with absolutely no adhesives. The color of our unique rug pads are derived from all natural, vegetable dyes making them safe for your family and not harmful to your floors. Check out the video above for more info! Have any other questions about rubber rug pads? Just submit your question below!


What Size Rug Pad Do I need?

Want to order a rug pad but unsure of what size you need? Don’t worry just ask Sam! Here at Rug Pad Corner we answer this question multiple times a day. Your rug pad is supposed to be slightly smaller than the area rug. A rug pad should be slightly smaller than your rug so that the edges of your rug pad do not peek out from under your rug. We offer standard sizes as well as free custom cutting for any rug pad purchase because we understand that not all area rugs are the same. Say you have a rug that is 5’3”x8’5,” most other companies would give you their standard pre-cut 5’x8’ rug pad that may end up not providing the coverage that you need. Here at Rug Pad Corner we custom cut every rug pad to size. If you do not see your exact rug size listed simply select to enter your own rug size and we will cut the pad to fit perfectly under your rug at no added cost to you!


Can a Rug Pad Reduce Noise?

We often get calls from people wanting to reduce floor noise caused by constant foot traffic. Our felt rug pads are made of a dense felt fiber that is meant to reduce the noise of foot traffic on any floor. The density of our felt rug pad prevents any loud footsteps from penetrating through the area rug to the floor. This is not to say that it will prevent the sound of your teenage son practicing drums from traveling from room to room. But our rug pads will help to prevent the noise of him running and jumping around and definitely reduce any other foot traffic noise you might have!

If you have any other questions about our rug pads, area rugs, or even flooring feel free to submit your question today! Submit you question using a message, video, or picture. If your question is chosen to be featured in our “Ask Sam, The Rug Pad Man” video series, we will send you a free set of Dura-Grip Furniture Grippers and give you 10% off your next order!