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Square Rug Pads

Protect Your Square Area Rugs

Use square rug pads to prevent damage to your square rugs and floor, as well as to prevent rug slipping on any floor.

square rug pad

Square rug pads are available in felt, felt and rubber and all natural rubber in various sizes.

Square Rug Pads are available in felt, felt and rubber, and all natural rubber. Rug Pad Corner offers square rug pads in various shapes and sizes to fit your exact rug measurements. Our rug pads will prevent pressure and stress penetrating through to the floor and this prolongs the life of your area rugs and floor.

Our Ultra Premium rug pad is composed of felt and natural rubber and is made in the USA, as is the case with all of our rug pads. This rug pad is a full .30 inches thick and is meant to prevent your rugs from slipping, add comfort, and prevent damage to both your rugs and floor. The Ultra Premium pad can be custom cut to any rug size for a perfect fit.
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The Superior rug pad is made of a 100% recycled natural felt and comes in both 1/4″ and 3/8″ thickness and is needle punched to be compact and dense to add comfort and protection. Superior does not contain rubber, so it will not stop your square rugs from slipping. It is best used under larger or heavier rugs to provide the required support. Superior does not contain chemicals or adhesives, so it is rated as the most dense and safest of all felt rug pads for use on any floor.
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Our Super Hold line of rug pads is comprised of an all natural rubber to create a non-slip rug pad. Unlike other mesh looking rug pads, Super Hold does not contain plastic or adhesives, so it is completely safe for hardwood and all other types of floors. Super Hold is available in all square sizes, as well as custom cut sizes.
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No-Muv rug pads keep your area rugs flat on top of carpet. No-Muv is an all felt rug pad that contains a specially stiffened lower surface to grab to the carpet. The upper dense felt surface works to prevent penetration that can normally cause rugs to buckle and wrinkle. No-Muv rug pads are available in all square sizes and are prefect for use on carpet.
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