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Furniture Pads

Furniture Pads


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Dura-Grip® furniture grippers stop furniture from moving on hardwood, wood, tile, marble, tile, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, concrete and all hard floors. Dura-Grip® contains two outside rubber layers that contain a unique texture that naturally grip to the floor and furniture. There are no sticky tapes or nails to use, simply place Dura-Grip® under furniture legs and it prevents all furniture from moving! Stop furniture such as chairs, sectionals, beds, tables, desks, loveseats, recliners and any furniture that tends to move, slip and slide on your floors.

Customer testimonial:
“These are absolutely amazing!! I ordered them for my sectional and recliner and the furniture does not even budge an inch! I was using thinner pads before and after a few days, the furniture started sliding again. I switched to these Dura-Grips and one month later, nothing has moved at all. Very impressive and it is about time that there is a pad that does not need to be nailed to the furniture or that doesn’t have any sticky substance!! 5 stars for these pads!” – Julie K, FL

Reversible, All Natural Rubber Surfaces!

Unlike other furniture floor pads, Dura-Grip® contains two all natural rubber surfaces that contain a unique texture. The rubber, along with its textured design, naturally adheres to all types of furniture and all types of hardwood, wood, linoleum, tile, concrete, vinyl, marble and any hard floor surface. Dura-Grip® provides the MAXIMUM non-slip function to allow it to hold any amount of weight of furniture to the floor.

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A Full 1/2″ Thick and Very Dense Protection!

A close look at Dura-Grip® shows the thickness and density to prevent any furniture from scratching or denting any type of floor. Dura-Grip® floor pads are known as one of the best wood floor protectors available!

No More Moving Furniture or Floor Damage!

We guarantee that Dura-Grip® furniture floor pads will prevent your furniture from moving and prevent damage to your floors. Place Dura-Grip® under your sofas, sectionals, chairs, beds, tables and any other type of furniture that needs to stop sliding and protect the floor.

Shop Dura-Grip® Non-Slip Furniture and Floor Protectors Now

Dura-Grip® is the answer to many common questions:

- How to stop bed from moving on wood floor, hardwood floor, any hard floor
- How to stop furniture from moving
- How to stop sectional form moving
- How to keep furniture in place on wood floor
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