Non Slip Rug Pad for Active Dogs

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Non Slip Rug Pad for Active Dogs

If you have ever had, or have, an active dog in the house, you will understand the benefits of using the right rug pad under any rugs you may have on your floor. Most dogs, especially younger ones, love to run and without the right rug pad under your rugs, this can cause all sorts of rug slipping and sliding. Unfortunately, besides the fact of the rugs being shifted, this can also cause harm to the dog, so we must be sure to anchor the rugs in place and the right non slip rug pad does just that.

babyanddogWe recently added a pet to our family, a beautiful German Shepard, and at the time we got her, she was 3 months old. Shortly after we brought her home, we noticed how active she was and we realized we need to be sure to use the right rug pads under our rugs before she starts to slide and possibly gets injured. Our foyer rug had our Superior rug pad under it – A solid felt rug pad without any rubber in it, so it does not prevent slipping. Before Maia(our dog’s name) came into the picture, this rug pad did just fine. However, with Maia’s active lifestyle of running around the house, soon enough that foyer rug was slipping and sliding everywhere! Not only was the entire combination of rug and pad slipping, but there were times when the rug was shifting off of the pad, leaving the edges of the pad exposed. My wife was so concerned that soon enough, Maia may cause harm to herself with one of her lunges across the foyer, so I had to do something very soon, and I did.

As nice as the feel of Superior rug pad is to walk on, I immediately replaced it under our foyer rug with Ultra Premium – A felt and rubber non slip rug pad that truly prevents all types of slipping. Since the foyer rug is a 5′ x 8′ size, I had the Ultra Premium rug pad cut a few inches smaller to keep the edges of the rug to the floor. Once it was ready, I brought the rug pad home and placed it under the foyer rug. Of course as soon as she saw this, Maia had to give it the “test”, as she ran and slid onto the rug. Finally, to our complete satisfaction, the rug stayed in place and so did Maia! We were always concerned that she would forget herself and one day run so fast, slide on the rug and possibly hit the wall and hurt herself – Thankfully, we were able to place the correct rug pad under the rug before any possible harm to Maia.

Be Sure the Rug Pad is Non Slip on Both Surfaces
In considering a non slip rug pad to keep your rugs and pets safe, most people think of the pad working to keep the rug and pad in place. This is one way a non slip rug pad works. Not many people think of the other non slip quality that a rug pad should offer – The rug itself staying in place on top of the pad. Since most rug pads contain a smooth upper surface, many times a rug can shift off of the pad, allowing the rug pad to show beyond the edges of the rug. While acceptable to a certain degree, is it best when the non slip rug pad can prevent slipping on the top and bottom of the pad.

image1 (3)One of the exclusive benefits of Ultra Premium rug pad is that it is manufactured to give it a distinct texture on the felt surface. The grooves within the surface work to grab to and hold the area rug that sits on it and the result is for the rug to stay in place on top of the pad. Most other rug pads work to prevent slipping on the floor, yet with a smoother upper surface, they rarely prevent the rug from slipping off of the pad – The result is a rug that constantly slips off of the pad, making for constant adjustment of the rug. Fortunately, with the exclusive features within Ultra Premium, the rug stays in place and require little to no adjustment, keeping everyone happy, even our dogs.

If you are like our family, then your dog has free reign of the house. Based on this, it is extremely important to prevent any harm to your pets. Area rugs on the floor can add much beauty and charm, yet this quickly disappears when the rug keeps slipping off of the pad and when pad keeps sliding on the floor. Use of a non slip rug pad will add the safety required for your dog to enjoy his/her active lifestyle and will prevent constant readjustment of the rug, so that we don’t need to worry. Be sure to remember that the right non slip rug pad should prevent slipping on the top and bottom of the pad. Most often, this is not the case and the pad is only non slip on one surface, the lower surface. If your home and lifestyle is like ours and requires the most effective non slip function, then a rug pad such as our Ultra Premium is the ideal choice. You may visit Rug Pad Corner for more on Ultra Premium.

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