Does Felt Rug Pad Damage Hardwood Floors?

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Does Felt Rug Pad Damage Hardwood Floors?

Felt rug pads have become the most popular type of protection to use under most area rugs today. The pads are comfortable, they add protection to rug and floor and they can be the safest for of protection under your rug. Based on customer experiences with other inferior quality rug pads, we often hear the question, “Does felt rug pad damage hardwood floors”. While we would like to think that all felt rug pads are safe for hardwood and all types of floors, I will admit that I know of some that can result in damage to your floor. Fortunately, our Superior rug pad is one of the safe ones without any chemicals or adhesives, so it is safe for all floors.

Know What is in Your Felt Rug Pad

superiorclosehpWhile felt is the majority of the pad’s composition, it can be combined with other fibers and elements. When the felt fibers are pushed together during production, there needs to be a way to prevent them from shedding during use. This is where some manufacturers cheat to save money, as they apply an adhesive coating to each surface of the pad. This adhesive becomes quite hard when dry and actually does keep the fibers together. Unfortunately, the adhesive is also the cause of damage and odors.

When the rug and pad are walked on, pressure is applied to push down into the floor. The adhesive coating of the rug pad is then rubbed against the hardwood floor and over time it transfers to the floor. Depending on the amount and type of adhesive, damage to the hardwood floor can be scarce or quite extensive. Whatever damage occurs, in most cases it requires a professional flooring person to repair the hardwood floor. In addition to the floor damage is that of odor. The adhesive within the felt rug pad can off-gas and create an obnoxious odor that can seem unhealthy to breath.

Heat Pressed Felt Rug Pad Avoids Adhesives

Fortunately for our customers, we never add any adhesives to our rug pads when we manufacture them. In the case of our felt rug pad, instead of using common adhesive to keep the felt together and prevent shedding, we utilize an intense heat pressing method. Imagine, if you will, a big iron pressed against each surface of the felt rug pad. With proper pressure and temperature, this process molds the felt to itself to result in a dense and intact felt rug pad – No adhesive to smell or cause damage to your hardwood floor. RPC Heat Pressed rug pads is exclusive to Rug Pad Corner and is not utilized by others due to the cost factor. Since our priority is to offer finest quality protection, we do not manufacture our products based on lowest cost. For this reason, we are able to use the finest and safest methods of production for our felt rug padding, specifically our Superior Rug Pad.

The popular question when shopping for rug pads today of, “Does felt rug pad damage hardwood floors?”, comes with a straightforward answer. To be sure your felt rug pad is safe for use on your hardwood floor, be sure the pad does not contain any adhesive or foreign additives that can be dangerous to your floor. One effective way of telling whether or not your rug pad contains adhesive is to feel the surfaces of the pad. When adhesive dries, it becomes stiff and rough, so if you feel this type of texture, then chances are that the rug pad has an adhesive coating. Since most coatings are clear and can’t be easily seen, be sure to feel the padding.

Our Superior Felt Rug Pad contains 100% recycled felt and is completely safe for all hardwood, laminate, heated, vinyl, tile and all types of floors.

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