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Ultra Premium Reviews

We would love to keep telling you how great our Ultra Premium rug pad is, yet we think it sounds even better coming from our customers! 

5starssm  October 9, 2018:

“Great Great Great! This product is amazing! I never knew a rug pad could be this high quality! It does HOLD and boy does it hold the rug down well! Highly reccomended!”
Patricia A.

5starssm  September 26, 2018:

“This rug pad re-defines what my expectations are when it comes to what I put under my rugs! The quality and service were exceptional and my rug feels and looks great… all after not moving at all”
Roberta H.

5starssm  September 16, 2018:

“I love my new rug pad! It works just as it was explained to me… I really like the quality. My rug has not moved at all!”
Julie G.

5starssm  September 14, 2018:

“This rug pad works just great! It keeps my rugs in place! They were cut perfectly!”
Carol B.

5starssm  August 16, 2018:

“Great underlay, performs very well protecting the floors. Yet, it  doesn’t add too much thickness and tis good , otherwise you would  trip over the edge of the rug when transitioning from hardwood to area rug.!”
Anne C.

5starssm  August 5, 2018:

“We recently our hardwood floors refinished and bought these rug pads for all of our orientals. These rug pads are plush and non slip. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase!”
Tammy H.

5starssm  July 24, 2018:

“I’m so very glad my wife and I decided to buy this rug pad online. It provides wonderful cushioning and the rubber bottom/backing keeps the  oriental rug from skidding!
Walter R.

5starssm  July 16, 2018:

“I am really pleased with this product. Not only keeps the rug in place but it also gives the rug an unparalleled level of comfort! Three thumps ups!!”
Tim S.

5starssm  July 15, 2018:

“I took advantage of the Thanksgiving day sale and I almost feel guilty! Free shipping, free cutting and the product delivers on all fronts! You have gained a customer for years to come!
William J.

5starssm  June 4, 2018:

“Works very wall with my aubusson rug, other pads did not offer much in terms of non-skidage. I am really happy with this overall transaction”
Carmen K.

5starssm  June 1, 2018:

“The best I’ve had! This pad is the bomb! I dig how it feels and how it keeps my rugs in place! it was pleasure to do business with you guys !”
Corina W.

5starssm  June 1, 2018, 2017:

“Thank you for the wonderful service, quick shipping and high quality product. I am very happy to have found a company that is willing to go above and beyond for their customers. I am very satisfied with this product. Works just as described!”
Theresa C.

5starssm  May 29, 2018:

“This product was recommended by my sister in law. She suggested it because I had mention how my rugs never seem to stop bunching up with foot traffic. She was right ! this product was exactly what I needed. I am so happy my rugs no longer bunch up!”
Jessica N.

5starssm  May 27, 2018:

“This pad was cut perfectly… The felt top adheres nicely to the bottom of my rug and the rubber backed side keeps it all from sliding back and forth! I am very pleased with this product! ”
Olga K.

5starssm  May 21, 2018:

“My hallways runners finally stay in place! I had to deal with a lot of headaches before I found thi pad for my hardwood floors. This pad works just as advertise, your rugs will stay in place!”
Willa D.

5starssm  May 18, 2018:

“I have a flat woven rug, that kept bunching up and wrinkling. This Ultra Premium rug pad it’s been the only thing to keep it flat! I highly recommend this product. ”
Julia G.

5starssm  May 15, 2018:

“This pad is great. It is the only thing that has kept my rug from moving. They also feel awesome to step on ”
Rebeca W.

5starssm  May 20, 2018:

“Oh, it feels so good! and it keeps my rug flat! free of wrinkles and bumps. I highly recommend this rug pad! ”
Janis P.

5starssmApril 25, 2018:

“This pad is my absolute favorite. I was floored by its quality and performance… it is just as advertised! the pad will keep your rug in place! ”
Debra G.

5starssmApril 11, 2018:

“This pad was recommended by a friend after I complimented the feel of her rug. I was shocked to realize it was not the rug but the ultra premium ad! I quickly went home, measured my heriz, gave these guys a call and they cut it perfectly! I am so happy with this purchase. My heriz feels so good and it does not wrinkle! ”
Christina S.

5starssmApril 2, 2018:

“I am very pleased with my experience dealing with They recommended this pad and it is amazing!!! it adds such a layer of comfort and protection, unlike any other rug pad I’ve owned before. It also keeps the rug in place. HIGHLY RECCOMENDEDl!!”
Jane A.

5starssmMarch 22, 2018:

“This pad does a wonderful job at making sure the rug stays flat, it is a wonderful addition to my beautiful oriental!!”
Tim W.

5starssmMarch 19, 2018:

“This is the best rug pad I have ever owned, I love how good it feels and the fact that my rug does not budge at all!!”
Grace P.

5starssmMarch 11, 2018:

“Love, love, love this rug pad! No smell, really nice feel and adds a ton of life to our rug!!”
Beth K.

5starssmFebruary 27, 2018:

“Replaced our HD rug pads with these at our designer’s request and we are extremely happy with the decision! These pads offer considerably more protection and non slip function than our previous ones, so thank you for this product!”
Henry T.

5starssmFebruary 19, 2018:

“Called the company to ask my questions and you guys directed me in the perfect direction – These Ultra pads are great on our heated floors and after weeks of use, no sign of transfer to our floors, just like you said, thank you!’
Ginny K.

5starssmFebruary 9, 2018:

“By far, these pads are the best we have used under our vintage carpets. Thank you for such high-quality standards and American made products.”
Leonard F.

5starssmJanuary 28, 2018:

“My pads arrived all beaten up. I called and and after determining it was an issue while in transit. you immediately shipped out replacements without even receiving the original ones. The pads arrived in perfect condition this time and work extremely well keeping thinner antique rugs in place, while adding a bit of “life” to them. Thank you for the most impressive attention to your customers’ needs!”
Naomi L.

5starssmJanuary 12, 2018:

“Happy new year folks! Wanted to spread come cheer your way by telling you the latest set of pads you sent are superb. Once again, your product impresses!’
Harry P.

5starssmDecember 18, 2017:

“Needed pads in a hurry for a holiday party at our house, so I chose this in various sizes. They are so nice that one house guest actually commented on how good the rugs feel to walk on! Thank you for what seems to be an excellent product!”
Heather F.

5starssmDecember 4, 2017:

“I called and was guided to Ultra Premium based on my flat weave rug – By far the best decision made! The rug no longer wrinkles and slips and it actually stays flat and in place, even under vacuuming!”
Debra Y.

5starssmNovember 22, 2017:

“No smell, arrived quickly and cut perfectly for my rugs….excellent transaction and product!”
Kenneth I.

5starssmNovember 3, 2017:

“Where were you guys years ago when I inherited my now antique rugs?! Well, at least I have Ultra Premium protecting the rugs now and I couldn’t be happier!”
Beth L.

4starssmOctober 17, 2017:

“Excellent under my larger rugs, yet could be better under my hallway runner – I replaced the runner pad with Ultra Premium and unfortunately, the older one with holes was working better for slipping. I understand it may harm my floors, yet slipping is my priority. Since the larger pad works so well, I’ll deal with the runner pad – I only gave 4 stars for this reason.”
Ginger T.

5starssmOctober 8, 2017:

“A friend directed me to you for pads for my 8 antique rugs and she suggested the Ultra Premium. After reading all I can about it, I ordered my pads. They arrived perfectly custom cut, since antique rugs are rarely perfect, and the pad doesn’t show anywhere around the rugs. I like the feel and non slip performance and so far, these are the best pads my rugs have ever had under them.”
Howard O.

5starssmSeptember 22, 2017:

“Great cushion and protection and my rug has not moved ever since! Floor is the same condition as before using the pad, highly recommend!”
Tim J.

5starssmSeptember 10, 2017:

“Thank you for an American-made product is actually what it is described to be! I have had it with those thinner sticky pads that need to be scraped from the floor. Your Ultra Premium seems like the best pad I have ever owned.”
Marcia B.

5starssmAugust 22, 2017:

“This rug pad is working very well and I love that it’s made right here in the USA! Unlike other pads I have, this one does not stink and is showing that it’s really safe for my hardwood…no staining or sticking because as stated, there are no glues in this pad like in others. A+++++”
Jill O.

5starssmAugust 16, 2016:

“I have very supple and fragile antique carpets that wrinkle and slip quite easily. Ultra Premium is exactly as described – The texture seems to really grab the rugs to keep them flat and wrinkle free! Thank you so much!
Peter Y.

5starssmAugust 3, 2017:

“Incredible grip and feel! This is obviously protecting my handmade rug very nicely!”

5starssmJuly 10, 2017:

“Don’t buy anything else!! I wondered about all of the technical details as I read the site’s description on this and now I understand! – Here’s what to expect: The felt top on this pad is so textured that our rug has no choice but to stay in place. The rubber bottom contains this neat looking pattern that seems to be like a suction cup on our floor. Add to all of this the fact that it’s about 1/3″ thick and Ultra Premium is a sure bet!”
William B.

5starssmJuly 1, 2017:

“We compared this pad with 2 others described similar to it – After detailed research and review, we opted for Ultra Premium based in its natural elements. Pad arrived and is of exceptional quality as it is not protecting an antique Persian rug inherited within the family!”
George T.

5starssmJune 18, 2017:

“Rug Pad Corner and its Ultra Premium far exceeded all of our expectations. We replaced a big box store pad with this luxurious one and what an amazing transformation!! The rug not only stays in place, it also feels much better to walk and and looks like it was given a lift!”
Jeremy R.
5starssmJune 1, 2017:

“Love, love, love this pad! Never thought I would get so excited about a rug pad, yet this is like none I have ever had and seems to be perfect all around.”
Jillian K.

5starssmMay 20, 2017:

“Read a bunch of the reviews and opted for 3 of these pads – They are doing great under our Persian rugs…the rugs stay still, feel great and have never looked better!”
Reed L.

5starssmMay 2, 2017:

“A rug dealer told me about this pad, so we bought it to use under a square foyer rug. It is exactly as advertised and seems like a very fair value for what it offers, thank you!”
Harry L.

5starssmApril 16, 2017:

“Time to offer some TLC to our semi-antique carpets, so we ordered these and have been enjoying them immensely!”
Georgie O.

5starssmMarch 22, 2017:

“Excellent product, perfectly custom cut to our odd sized rugs and working like a charm!”Eric L.

5starssmFebruary 12, 2017:

“Ultra premium was rated as best for flatmweaves, so I bought one for my stubborn needlepoint rug. The minute I placed it under the rug was the last time the rug moved or wrinkled! Excellent performance and very true to description!”
Yvonne E.

5starssmFebruary 3, 2017:

“Never saw a rug pad with such texture! It obviously works, as the rug has not budged in months!!”
Katherine Y.

5starssmJanuary 30, 2017:

“Needed to protect very thin antique rug and read about Ultra Premium – Ordered a large one and have been using it for a while now. Rug has never looked or felt better! No more slipping to show the edge of the pad- great grip!!”
Mike T.

5starssmJanuary 17, 2016:

“Perfect transaction and the rug pad is performing better than expected!”
Frank L.

5starssmJanuary 8, 2017:

“I never thought I would be so excited about rug pads, yet the entire experience with you folks led me to write this. I am more than satisfied with the excellent customer service and outstanding quality of these rug pads! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Jillian K.

5starssmJanuary 6, 2017:

“Sam, you were right on with your advice! The Ultra Premium pad you suggested for my wrinkled needlepoint rug was the answer and now the rug is flat and looks great! Thank you for your expertise and patience as I placed my order last month!”
Bernice H.

4starssmDecember 5, 2016:

“I’m only rating this 4 out of 5 because I wanted an even thicker rug pad. Besides that, no complaints, great quality and price.”
George J.

5starssmNovember 22, 2016:

“Thank you for my fast and free delivery of the ultra premium rug pad. I was hesitant at first but now understand how well made this is – Just like I was told, no smell, grips very well and adds nice comfort”.
Wanda F.

5starssmNovember 15, 2016:

“Can’t begin to describe how fantastic this Ultra pad is! It does everything we were looking for and then some, worth every penny!”
Jeannie P.

5starssmNovember 5, 2016:

“Perfect grip, no smell and USA made- can’t ask for more!!”
Tony M.

5starssmOctober 28, 2016:

“I was sent the wrong size, to which I contacted the company. My issue was handled with complete professionalism – I was sent, that day, the correct size and the pad is incredible! It holds in place, looks extremely well made and has no smell. They even let me keep the one cut in error, so I cut it into 2 pieces for some door mat rugs-GREAT customer service!”
Norman L.

5starssmOctober 2, 2016:

“Luis was extremely helpful on the phone and he helped me order the right sizes for my rugs. The pads arrived perfectly cut to size and they are now protecting my Persian rugs and hardwood floor. Exceptional quality!”
Georgia M.

5starssmSeptember 16, 2016:

“Ultra rug pad arrived a few days after we ordered and it is exactly as described on the web site – Thick enough, no odor and very good at keeping the rug in place! I can’t think of any other rug pad I would buy again.”
Benjamin F.

5starssmAugust 29, 2016:

“Rug Pad Corner delivered – again! Our third order of Ultra Premium rug pads and we cannot get enough! We keep replacing our older pads with these because they are very substantial, protect our rugs and floors and are made in the USA!!”
Glenn K.

5starssmAugust 14, 2016:

“Incredible quality and service! Ultra premium was delivered perfectly cut to size and has been on our floor for 3 months – Floor and rug look great, no smell or sticky damage! Thanks for an American-made product!”
Yvonne L.

5starssmJuly 27, 2016:

“Traded two thinner waffle looking pads for these Ultra pads and it was the best decision for my rugs and floors! The rubber seems to be just fine against our cherry floor and it’s an added plus to have such comfort in a non slip pad!”
Judith I.

5starssmJuly 17, 2016:

“I now know what they mean about HEAT PRESSED – literally no adhesive smell to this pad, so we’re completely happy when comparing to previous pads we had that did not stop smelling!”
Georgia D.

5starssmJuly 4, 2016:

Very nice feel in a non slip rug pad. The pad keeps our thin needlepoint in place, even the vacuum doesn’t suck it up anymore! Thank you for such quality and performance!”
Audrey R.

5starssmJune 15, 2016:

“Sam, please allow me to say that I comment you and your staff for the manner in which you have handled our account. My firm has only been purchasing your Ultra Premium padding and it always exceeds the expectations of our staff here, as well as that of our clients, the actual end users. Keep up the great standards and you will have our dedicated business!”
Joel M.

5starssmJune 4, 2015:

“Spoke to Sam(what a treat to get the owner) with a few technical questions and he was right on with the answers-obviously knows the business! I decided on this Ultra Premium rug pad. You can forget about those thinner non slip pads, Ultra Premium sets the standard in protection! So glad I found it and Sam is a gem-thanks for all of your help and for offering such a clean American made product!”
Ginny D.

5starssmMay 22, 2016:

“There are so many “felt/rubber” rug pads I found on Amazon, Overstock and other independent web sites, which made my shopping a little confusing. Finally, my interior designer recommended Rug Pad Corner and its Ultra Premium. We ordered 12 pads for every rug in our home. Each was perfectly cut and keeps the rugs in place with a nice comfort. It is obvious that there are “no adhesives or chemicals”, as the company states, which is a big plus for me. Highly recommend!”

5starssmMay 5, 2016:

“I am a rug dealer with not much space for padding, so I decided on Rug Pad Corner as my source for client’s rug pads. I have been using the company and its Ultra Premium for over 1 year and perfect each time! My clients know the high quality of my Persian rugs and Ultra Premium compliments very well.”
Karim P.

5starssmApril 28, 2016:

“I’m an interior designer and I switched to Rug Pad Corner and the Ultra rug pad a few months ago. My clients love it and that makes me and my job happier! These folks know their business and I am hooked for every client from now on!”
Ginger W.

5starssmApril 14, 2016:

“Incredible quality and feel! Ultra premium os be far the best rug pad we have ever owned. When we saw it higher priced than some others, we wondered, yet when we now have it, it’s no wonder it is what it is-exceptional! Thank you for such a great product!!”
Pam J.

5starssmApril 2, 2016:

“Saw these in a friend’s house and they are really nice, so I bought several. They arrived and fit my rugs perfectly. By far, the best quality we have seen, as we collect antique rugs and have seen our share of rug pads and nothing is like this Ultra pad. Thanks a million!”
Jenny M.

5starssmMarch 16, 2015:

“Fantastic product made in USA! Love the fact that it is rougher to stop our needlepoint rug from slipping everywhere. It is just as described on their web site-highly recommend!”
Kenneth Y.

5starssmMarch 10, 2016:

“Great quality rug pad for an antique rug. It is currently protecting a 100 year old investment quality Persian that has seen many, many years. I was told the pad needs to be quite firm, so I chose this one and it is really firm! I can see that my rug is being well protected.”
Louis J.

5starssmMarch 7, 2016:

“I want to thank you for sending my rugs in a timely manner and for cutting them to the size requested. You can’t imagine how pleased I am with your service. I had rug pads cut at a rug store in Waco, TX two years ago and they were too large and needed to be recut and I was not pleased. I moved to a new nest and needed smaller pads and was lucky enough to find your website. Much appreciated.”
Gwyn B.

5starssmMarch 3, 2016:

“Great service, prices and excellent quality rug pads. What more can I say?”
Gabi D.

5starssmMarch 1, 2016:

“By far one of the best shopping experiences I have experienced online! Folks, these people care about your needs and just give them a call to find out. I was pleasantly guided through the entire ordering process and got my Ultra rug pads that exceed all expectations!”
Henry K.

5starssmFebruary 26, 2016:

“Excellent product! Three pads arrived perfectly cut to our custom request and they are now protecting our antique rugs better than any other before. I am quite impressed with the construction.”
Leonard L.

5starssmFebruary 19, 2016:

“Came across this pad by searching Google for “safest rug pad for hardwood floor”. Previous pads ruined my floor, so it is important to me to find one safe for my floor. Ultra Premium is just as described and really, really safe for the floor so far! It is NOT sticky to the touch like others and does not smell. I can truly describe it as the best pad I have had yet under my rugs and hope that it lasts long. Thanks for being made in the USA!”
Janet T.

5starssmFebruary 17, 2016:

“Incredible product made in USA! Thank you so much for working with my special odd sizes. The rug pad fits perfectly, looks very well made and is already protecting my rugs and floors. All without any sign of slipping!”
Daphne T.

5starssmFebruary 10, 2016:

“My husband and I ordered the Ultra Premium rug pad for our new area rug. It is an excellent product, and we are so happy we purchased from RugPad Corner. We chose for a portion of our purchase to be donated to St Judes Children’s Research. This is a win all the way around! Thank you so much RPC!”
Sheri C.

5starssmFebruary 4, 2016:

“Excellent grip with this Ultra Premium pad! Using it under a slippery foyer rug that now stays where I want it to stay. Unlike other non slip pads, this adds a nice comfort for walking.”
Yvonne T.

5starssmFebruary 2, 2016:

“Thank you for my new Ultra Premium rug pad! It is exactly the protection and comfort my rug needed. I am very impressed with the quality and performance thus far and the fact that it is made in the USA is even more impressive in a day when it seems there are less and less American made products available!”
Teresa H.

5starssmJanuary 25, 2016:

“After reading all of the great facts and reviews, I decided to place my order. It proved to be the right decision! The Ultra Premium pad is everything I read about and more. It is obviously protecting my rug, keeps it in place and is actually very comfortable to walk on. Goodbye thin pads, Ultra Premium is my new go to padding for all my rugs!”
Bethany L.

5starssmJanuary 22, 2016:

“I would like to thank Debbie for all her help with my order. I chose 4 pads and she helped me decide on them, as well as the right sizes for my odd rug sizes. The order arrived a week ago and is everything I hoped it would be! Please extend my sincere appreciation to her.”
Hailey T.

5starssmJanuary 19, 2016:

“Excellent attention to detail and exactly as described. No other rug pad we have had has such texture and it is obvious that it works! The rugs don’t move at all when previously, our rug pad kept showing with the rug slipping off of it. I read that this texture in this pad prevents any such moving, and its true. Thank you for offering such an effective rug pad!”
James M.

5starssmJanuary 14, 2016:

“Incredible rug pad! I replaced a thinner one that literally glued itself to my hardwood floor. When I read that Ultra Premium will not do this, I jumped right on it! S o far (3 months later), all is perfect and the rug feels and looks so much better. Thank you!”
Judy M.

5starssmJanuary 12, 2016:

“This is the fourth one I bought within the last year and I couldn’t be happier. I have three more rugs to fit and I will eventually buy Ultra Premium for all of them. You have a lifelong customer here!”Peggy J.

4starssmJanuary 12, 2016:

“I called with several questions and Debbie was extremely helpful and patient with me, so thank you for this. After serious comparisons and realizing a non slip pad would be best for my needs, I opted for Ultra Premium. It has proven to be a great rug pad.”
John H.

5starssmJanuary 9, 2016:

“I did not realize how important a rug pad is until I found RPC. Thank you for offering the information necessary to choose the right rug pad, my new Ultra Premium. I use it under a foyer rug that takes a beating every day and it is performing better than expected. Thank you for such quality!”
Jill P.

5starssmJanuary 6, 2016:

“Incredible grip on tile floor! Using this rug pad under a few scatter rugs on tile floor and rugs no longer slip. The rug pad adds extra comfort and makes the rugs actually look nicer against the floor.”
Henry M.

4starssmJanuary 4, 2016:

“Thank you Sam for excellent attention to detail with my order! I ordered 6 Ultra Premium rug pads for antique rugs in very specific sizes and Sam made sure that each pad was cut exact to size! Pads arrived professionally packaged and cut to size and are now being used well to protect several investment quality rugs. Great product! My only gripe, if any, is that they are not thicker.”
Michael H.

5starssmDecember 30, 2015:

“Replaced 3 other felt and rubber pads bought from Macy’s that had stubborn lines through them from folding. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Ultra pads without any fold marks at all. I was told that its the stiff glue they apply to the other pad that create the fold lines based on the glue drying and hardening. Obviously, Ultra pad does not have this glue, as the pad opened up like a blanket on my floor and was ready to use. Thanks for your high quality standards!’
Kenneth P.