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Q & A on Ultra Premium Rug Pads

Some visitors write in to us with product questions. Answers are then posted by real customers and staff. If you have a product question, email us at We will reply to your email as well as post your question and our reply on this page for others to see and to reply to as well.
Q: Does this rug pad have an odor?
Asked on June 25, 2010 by Theresa
A: I asked the same question when I ordered and I was told that the rubber does not smell. When I unpacked the pad, there was actually no smell. I was told that there may be a slight rubber smell upon unpacking and then no more. In my case, there was no odor.
Answered on June 26, 2010 by Deb from Chicago
A: Ultra Premium contains a natural rubber lower surface, not a chemical. It is the rug pads with chemicals, or a “rubber like” substance, that usually smell for a long time. If our rug pad has an odor at all, it is only when it is unpacked from the plastic sleeve after shipping. Once unpacked, the odor usually disappears quickly.
Answered On June 26, 2010 by Staff at Rug Pad Corner
Q: Has anyone used this rug pad on radiant heat floors? Please advise!
Asked on 4/10/10 by Mike
A: Yes. I recently replaced one of those waffle like pads that was sticking to my floor. These folks explained to me that this rug pad has real rubber which does not stick to radiant heat floors. I needed a non slip rug pad and I heard to use natural rubber. The pad is great. It prevents slipping and has not shown any sign of harm to the floor.
Answered on 4/11/10 by Cindy from Dearborn, MI
Q: I have two children with allergies. I like the Ultra premium rug pad and can anyone tell me if this pad sheds? I would appreciate any advice.
Asked on 4/2/10 by April
A: This is a very clean rug pad. My husband is particular with our rug pads because of expensive cherry floors and it passed his tests! We ordered a few and each arrived nicely cut with clean edges and no shedding whatsoever.
Answered on 4/3/10 by Cheryl from Waccabuc, NY


Q: I would like to know if anyone uses this rug pad on top of carpet. I am planning to use it under an area rug on carpet in my living room to keep the rug from moving. I tried others but nothing seems to work. Help!
Asked on 2/5/10 by Mary


A: I had a sticky rug pad from Home Depot under my dining room furniture for a rug on top of carpet. I replaced that thin pad with this one and even with my furniture on it, this rug pad is the best I have tried. It keeps my rug flat!
Answered by on 2/7/10 by Kathleen from Detroit, MI
A: Ultra Premium contains a textured felt surface that grips to your carpeting and the natural rubber surface truly holds your rug on top. This rug pad is more substantial than the thinenr, sticky pads, and this plays a big role particularly with furniture on your rug and pad.
Answered on 2/7/10 by Staff at Rug Pad Corner
A: I am using this rug pad under a hallway runner that sits on carpet. The rug pad keeps the runner from moving. It is a very active bedroom hallway so once in a while I will need to straighten it out but for the most part it is saving me a lot of frustration!
Answered on 2/18/10 by Janet from PA


Q: I have a flat weave rug called kilim and I read articles pointing me to the Ultra premium rug pad. Does anyone have experience with this rug pad under this type of rug?
Asked on 3/1/10 by Phylllis from Arlington, VA


A: Yes! I called them before ordering and explained that my Kilim was not only slipping everywhere but it is also crooked. They custom cut so I got it cut perfectly for my rug and it really does work. Thick enough to feel good but not so thick to make the Kilim look funny, and the rug no longer moves. Try it, it is great.
Answered on 3/3/10 by Liz from Baltimore, MD


Q: I bought my rug with a latex backing and I was told this might harm my floor. Does anyone use this ultra premium pad under a latex backed rug? Please let me know.
Asked on 3/14/10 by Paula from Little Rock, AR


A: Yes, I also bought one online and the company told me that I should place a rug pad under the rug to avoid the latex backing touching the floor. I called an online rug store and they directed me to Rug Pad Corner. The ultra premium is working great. It keeps the rug still and since I have had it I check the floor monthly and all is well.
Answered on 3/15/10 by Lucille from Miami, FL


Q: How is this rug pad for long hallway runners on hardwood floor? I have a thin non slip one now and the rug keeps moving off the pad! Please advise
Asked on 3/26/10 by Gail


A: Excellent! Before I bought this pad, my two dogs would keep flying my runner off the existing rug pad. This one seems to hold the rug to the pad and the pad to the floor.
Answered on 3/29/10 by Angela from Corpus Christie, TX