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Ultra Premium Q & A

Many people have direct questions related to personal experiences with our rug pads. The following questions and answers are related to staff and customer experiences with Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad.

Q. Does Ultra Premium contain any odor?

Answer by Staff Member Debra:
Ultra Premium is virtually odor free. Since it contains natural rubber, a subtle rubber odor can be present when first unpacking your order. Any odor dissipates within minutes.

Answer from Jillian, CA:
I bought 3 of these and found no smell at all! My previous pads would have a chemical smell when the sun hit the room, yet no smell here after 6 months!

Q: Is it safe for hardwood floors?

Answer by Jerome, NJ:
We replaced 4 pads that were labeled as MSM brand that actually stuck to the floor. After reading about Ultra Premium, I opted for 4 of them and it’s been more than a year of no damage. It seems the rubber does not contain anything harmful to the floor.

Answer by Staff Member Sam:
Unlike the other pads where the rubber is really a latex sprayed to the felt, ours is heat pressed and permanent, which means it will not transfer to or stick to the floor.

Answer by Customer Yvonne:
Absolutely not! Which is why I bought these pads! I waited 8 months to confirm that the hardwood floor is still without signs of marks or stain!

Q: I have heated floors, so is this safe for that?

Answer by Customer Pamela:
I needed a non slip rug pad for my radiant heat wood floor and after reading about his product, I made the purchase. What they say is completely true that the rubber is not sticky and has not transferred to my floor. I previously used these waffle looking pads that were disastrous and Ultra Premium is the only to use now!

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
Since the rubber in this pad is actually untreated natural rubber, the only thing that will happen to it is that it will eventually dry out, just like rubber does. On heated floors, it may dry slightly sooner than on unheated floors, yet there will not be any damage to the floor.

Q: Will Ultra Premium work on any floor?

Answer by Customer Jeff:
I use it under a rug on vinyl, a rug on Brazilian cherry and a rug on oak floors and all applications are excellent! The rugs don’t move, feel great and after 4 months, the floors are in original condition. I am sure it fares quite well on all types of floors.

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
Again, due to the natural nature of our rubber, it is rated as completely safe for all floor types, even heated. Feel free to use it on any floor to receive its fullest benefits.

Q: Will Ultra Premium help to reduce floor noise?

Answer by Customer Julie:
It is mandatory in my apartment building to have a rug pad under any area rug. I have hallway runners, so I needed noise reduction and non slip. Ultra Premium is great for both purposes! My neighbor underneath me says that the noise is much less and my runners are staying in place!

Answer by Debra of Rug Pad Corner:
Julie is correct in that Ultra Premium does reduce floor noise, as well as prevent slipping. It is great for that. The only comment I will add is that if slipping is not an issue, our Superior all felt is perhaps even better at noise reduction. Take care to know that it will not prevent slipping, though!

Answer by Customer Jonathan:
Our downstairs neighbor drove us crazy for months about what she says was very loud noise from my twin boys. I chose Ultra Premium to keep the boys from sliding and to absorb the sound and so far, a much happier neighbor, which has made me much happier as well!

Q: How well does Ultra Premium hold flat or needle point rugs?

Answer by Customer Paula:
I read that this is the only rug pad with a texture on the surface to hold any flat rug. Even with vacuuming, my aubusson rug (similar to needle point) stays much flatter than it did on a previous pad!

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
We stress the distinct texture within the felt surface of the rug pad in that it is uniquely grooved to grab and hold all thinner flat rugs to it. Unlike other pads with a smoother surface, ours prevents creeping and shifting. A sure winner for needle point, aubusson and kilim rugs!

Q: I read a lot about rubber pads and that Ultra Premium does not contain glue, instead goes through a heat pressing process. Can someone explain more?

Answer by Sam from Rug Pad Corner:
We go above and beyond in our manufacturing to assure that there are no glues or adhesives used in the production of Ultra Premium. All others glue their rubber to the felt, and the price of the pads show this. We pay extra and spend more time to heat press our rubber to the felt. This avoids the use of glue or adhesive. The result is that Ultra Premium will not off-gas, will not smell and will not break down to damage the floor.