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Ultra Premium Rug Pad

The Only Rug Pad to Carry a United States Patent
Simply the BEST Non Slip Felt and Rubber Rug Pad!

No other felt and rubber rug pad holds better, lasts longer or protects better!
Ultra Premium rubber surface All Other rug pad rubber surfaces
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Rubber Surface Holds Like no Other, Does not Break Down
An exclusive hexagonal pattern that is non directional prevents rug pad movement in any direction. All other felt and rubber rug pads may contain a much smaller, uniform design that tends to slip and shift after some time. The Patented rubber design of Ultra Premium acts like a suction cup on the floor.
More Rubber, Higher Quality Rubber
Ultra Premium contains 20% more rubber than others at a 40% better quality rubber. Forget about the rubber rug pads disintergrating into a pile of sand! Most rug pads have additives mixed in with the rubber and turn into sand before they should. Ultra Premium will last 20 years under normal use.
Exclusive Textured Felt Grabs and Holds all Rugs
A non slip rug pad needs to prevent slipping on the floor, as well as the prevent the rug from slipping on the pad. An exclusive texture of chevrons running throughout the surface are meant to grab and hold any area rug to prevent lateral movement on the rug pad. Many rug pads have a smoother surface that allow rugs to shift. This creates uneven wear as well as an undesirable look. Ultra Premium grabs the rug and holds it in place. Traffic and even heavy vacuuming will not shift or move the rug.