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The Rug Pad Corner Difference

Rug Pad Corner offers Rug Pads Made in the USA with no plastics, chemicals, glues or adhesives. We refuse to compromise the quality and performance of our rug pads by cutting corners like most suppliers.

Difference #1: All of Our Rug Pads Are Made in The USA
We care about quality control and supporting our country and this is why every single rug pad we offer is made in The USA. This allows us to support our country as well as control our quality. We know that most rug pads are imported and we know that they can contain various substances beyond our control. We also know that such rug pads can cost less, yet we refuse to offer anything less than the quality we can confidently stand behind!

Difference #2: We Say NO to Plastics, Chemicals, Glues and Adhesives
None of our rug pads contain any plastics, chemicals, glues or adhesives. We refuse to carry pre-cut and pre-package rug pads that compromise on quality and safety. Our rug pads are all made to our quality standards and they do not out-gas, smell or harm any type of floor. Beware of big box store rug pads made of plastic with a chemical coating. Beware also of felt and rubber rug pads that involve glue to attach the rubber to the felt.

Difference #3: We Never Pre-Cut and Fold Our Rug Pads
We only stock rolls and rolls of rug pad and we cut each order to size. Our mill knows to ship us only rolls, not packages, of our rug pads. We refuse to fold rug pads many times in order to stuff them into a small box or plastic bag. This causes stubborn fold lines that will cause bumps and premature wear to your rug.

Difference #4: We Custom Cut at No Extra Charge
Not all rugs are the same. It is best for the rug pad to be slightly smaller than the rug size. When you order your rug pad from us, you have the option to enter your rug size and we will custom cut the rug pad accordingly, at no extra charge or no shipping delay. Cutting your rug pad at home is possible but not ideal. It is important to get a straight cut as well as not to damage the floor or hurt yourself.

Difference #5: We Handle Your Entire Order From Start to Delivery
Unlike most stores, we do not drop ship your order. This means we are not sending your order to a third party warehouse for them to ship. Every order we receive is processed, cut, packed and shipped right from our own warehouse. We are in full control of quality, customer service and shipping.

Difference #6: We Truly Know Rug Pads
Every staff member knows about rugs and rug pads. Every call we receive is answered by a knowledgeable person who is able to help with any rug pad question you may have and guide you in the right direction. We do not just sell rug pads, we provide the right protection to your rugs, floors and family. We are a family who cares to offer the best protection possible with no risk of damage to your rugs or floors.

Difference #7: We Offer Free Shipping and 30 Day Returns
We make it as easy as possible for you to order your rug pad, including not having you take the burden of any restocking fees. We’re so confident that you will love our rug pads that if for any reason you need to return your order, you may with no penalty.  We do not charge any return or restocking fees.