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The 40 Ounce Felt Rug Pad Difference

The 40 Ounce Felt Rug Pad Difference shows why Superior rug pad is different than most other 40 ounce felt rug pads. Superior is a true 40 ounce density without any air blown into it.

The 40 ounce felt rug pad difference states that Superior contains pure felt, no air, and this is what makes up the 40 ounces per square yard. Other 40 ounce rug pads actually utilize an air blowing process to fluff the felt for a thicker feel. This causes a performance problem in that the air escapes after short use and the rug pad is no longer dense or thick enough.

Why Manufacturers Blow Air into their Felt Rug Pads
Most manufactures base their felt rug pad production on cost. Air is free, so air blowing costs much less than actual felt material. Since a 40 ounce felt rug pad is nearly 1/2″ thick, air is blown into the felt to give it a thicker look and feel. Unfortunately, the air creates a temporary thickness to the felt rug pad. After short use under any area rug, the air escapes the felt and the rug pad becomes thin and matted. This reduces the performance and level of protection to any area rug and floor.

Superior Contains all Felt, No Air
Superior is a true 40 ounce felt rug pad, as it contains only pure felt. This means there are 40 ounces of felt per square yard of rug pad. Superior is a full 3/8″ thick and remains as thick under several years of use. The felt is compressed into a 40 ounce density without the addition on any air, making Superior the most dense felt rug pad available today.

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