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Superior Reviews

We would love to keep telling you how great our Superior rug pad is, yet we think it sounds even better coming from our customers!

5starssmMarch 3, 2017:

“My flat rug does not feel flat anymore! This pad makes my rug feel sooooo nice! gone are the days avoiding sitting on the rug so it did not hurt my tush! now my tushy craves sitting on the rug lol”
Sarah T.

5starssmFebruary 21, 2017:

“Thick, comfortable and affordable! this pad is very nice! it may not keep the rug in place but it makes it up on how comfortable it makes my rugs”
Regina J.

5starssmFebruary 5, 2017:

“I wanted a pad without rubber and I am so happy I found this! It is a hefty pad at 3/8″ thick it gives the rug an amazing lift! the rug feels amazing! two thumps up!”
Maritza K.

5starssmJanuary 23, 2017:

“I love this product! So nice and thick and plushy! it makes my rug feel like a dream!”
Charly G.

5starssmJanuary 15, 2017:

“I was looking for the product to protect my new hardwood floors with radiant heat, I was please to find this product, it is thick enough to give a lot of comfort as well as to protect my floors!”
Charlenne A.

5starssmDecember 20, 2016:

“This product is great! I love the quick turn around and I good this pad feels under my rug!”
Sophie G.

5starssmDecember 20, 2016:

“Makes my inexpensive synthetic rugs feel like high end wool and my expensive wool rugs like a fresh sponge cake.”
Kristen H.

5starssmDecember 4, 2016:

“This product is great, I think it will protect my floors extremely well because it so thick and plush.”
Bonnie S.

5starssmNovember 12, 2016:

“This product is great, I think it will protect my floors extremely well because it so thick and plush”
Joni G.

5starssmOctober 28, 2016:

“I love this rug pad it make my rug feel like a million bucks! I will buy more in the near future!”
Cheryl K.

5starssmSeptember 6, 2016:

“This rug pad is awesome!
Bryce R.

5starssmAugust 18, 2016:

“I have this rug pad on a hardwood floor and it makes a big difference, the rug now feels plush and comfortable! A great Buy!
Charlotte A.

5starssmAugust 9, 2016:

“This pad will certainly protect my newly re-finished hardwood floors I am afraid of putting anything other than this material. The material is quite soft. I highly recommend this product!”
Timothy E.

5starssmJuly 30, 2016:

“Plush, Thick and so comfy! I highly recommend this pad if you are looking for a lot of comfort”
Terrence H.

5starssmJuly 3, 2016:

“My large rug is was a little hard and was not very comfortable to lay on. This pad has changed that, it adds a great level of padding and now my pad is so comfortable”
Sebastian O.

5starssmJune 21, 2016:

“This pad is the thickest rug pad we have encountered, this is a great underlay…. it adds a great level of comfort”
Virgil K.

5starssmJune 5, 2016:

“The thickness of this pad is perfect. The 3/8″ height adds the padding I was looking for. Shipping was very fast”
Willah D.

5starssmMay 27, 2016:

“This whole transaction was a delight. The pads were cut perfectly and my rugs feel amazing.”
John Q.

5starssmMay 12, 2016:

“The Superior pad is a great addition to my oriental rug, its plushness is unlike any other. I wanted a pad without rubber and this one does not disappoint.”
Marcie W.

5starssmMay 4, 2016:

“This pad feels wonderful! It seems like it will protect the floors against wear and scratches. I highly Recommend this pad.”
Peter H.

5starssmApril 29, 2016:

“Thick, no smell and incredibly comfortable – How can we not like these felt pads…and cut to perfect fit! Thank you RPC!:
Jenny L.

5starssmApril 2, 2016:

“I wanted to wait a few months before reviewing and I will admit that these pads have held up the their description and then some!”
Gail P.

5starssmMarch 15, 2016:

“Not much to say other than these are fantastic pads, so thanks for the product and service!”
Ken K.

5starssmOctober 23, 2015:

“Using the 3/8″ thick version in a play room and the kids love the floor now! Thanks for protecting the kids, the pad has already prevented injury from falls.”
Diane B.

5starssmOctober 10, 2015:

“Thank you very much for offering such a natural product!”
Heather W.

5starssmSeptember 29, 2015:

“Sam was extremely helpful on the phone and obviously knows his business! He helped me choose Superior pad and explained exactly what I should expect and he was right on – The pad has added a new dimension to our rug and floor.”
Jimmy G.

5starssmSeptember 10, 2015:

“Love, love, love the fact the this pad is made in the USA! It fits the description-no odor, thick and comfortable and seems to protect my rug and floor.”
Georgette R.

5starssmAugust 22, 2015:

“Bought 5 of these for larger rugs and the pads do not smell, add extra comfort and have brought a new life to my rugs!”
Henry T.

5starssmAugust 6, 2015:

“Just refinished our hardwood floor and needed a quality rug pad. My rug is huge, so slipping is not an issue. I chose the 3/8″ thick version and love the cushioning and protection!”
Emily J.

5starssmJuly 18, 2015:

“Using this comfortable padding in our family room and the kids love it!! One of them is allergic ti various things, so I’m ecstatic to know that there are no chemicals, glues or adhesives within the pad – 5 star experience and product!”
Kimberly T.

5starssmJuly 1, 2015:

“Thick and comfortable without the common smell smell among other rug pads, so thank you!”
John K.

5starssmJune 2, 2015:

“This Superior padding offers a great cushion under our bedroom rug – Rug is large, so slipping is nevewr an issue. We love walking on it, how it seems to protect our floor and that it does not smell at all!’
Loren M.

5starssmMay 22, 2015:

“Just finished “peeling” that white plastic padding from my floor and am truly enjoying this natural felt pad! What a world of difference between this and the previous one, so much that I replaced all of my other pads!”
Caroline L.

5starssmApril 28, 2015:

“Chose the 1/4″ Superior and while not as thick as the 3/8″, it really adds a nice dimension under our rug! Not too thick, yet enough to feel it and no smell at all, just as described on the site – Thanks for the American made product!’Kenneth Y.

5starssmApril 9, 2015:

“My mother always tells me to only use “felt” pads under my rugs, so I ordered a few of these – Her advice is greatly appreciated, as this pad is amazing!”
Kimberly T.

5starssmFebruary 14, 2015:

“Pad arrived today and wanted to say Thank you very much! It was perfectly cut to size and adds the extra cushion we were wanting!”
Beth K.

5starssmFebruary 1, 2015:

“This pad arrived perfectly wrapped and then perfectly cut to our rug size. Just as described – no odor or shedding and the pad feels so good to walk on! Love the natural element of it and that it’s made in the USA!”
Jean P.

5starssmJanuary 2, 2015:

“My landlord requires a pad under any rug or carpet to prevent noise to those living under me and research led me to your Superior padding. The neighbors say that they now can’t hear us upstairs, so that was the point and it works!!”
Arlene L.

5starssmDecember 7, 2014:

“Got some new rugs for the holiday visitors and these pads are unbelievable! Thank you for offering American made!!”
Julie T.

4starssmNovember 29, 2014:

“To be honest, this is everything I needed except for the non slip feature, which this pad does not have. I guess I missed that point in the product description, so my rug slips. I can see how this is excellent for rugs without slipping problems.”
Kenneth O.

5starssmNovember 13, 2014:

“Did not know such a rug pad existed until I saw it at a friend’s house and was told to find it here. We have a house full of those waffle pads and cannot risk anymore damage to our new floors. This pad is the answer, so thank you!”
Gene R.

5starssmOctober 24, 2015:

“Incredible padding – like nothing we’ve ever had! Looking forward to years of use, thank you!”
Karen M.

5starssmOctober 14, 2014:

“Thanks for such quality! Comfortable, dense and no smell whatsoever, a really nice surprise!”
Janet Y.

5starssmSeptember 30, 2014:

“Needed a rug pad to reduce the floor noise in my apartment. After mush research, the Internet searches led me to Superior. Placed it on the floor and the noise is about 70 less – The downstairs neighbor is much happier now!”
Henry P.

5starssmSeptember 15, 2014:

“Nice and thick, Superior does not smell or cause any sticking to our floor. We love the feel under our family room rug!”
Emily L.

5starssmAugust 30, 2014:

“Incredible quality for the money! I can’t believe how much rug pad I got for the money and it is already making our rug look more lively! Just the right thickness, American made and absolutely no smell!”
Jen M.

5starssmAugust 17, 2014:

“Great quality, extra comfort! Thinner rug needed a “lift” and Superior does an outstanding job! Made in USA and all natural – How can you go wrong?! Thank you!”

5starssmJuly 15, 2014:

“Found these at a friend’s house and loved the feel, so I ordered a few – Superior is all that it’s described as! No smell, extra comfort and seems to protect our rugs and floor. After a few months of use, the floor looks brand new!”
Jillian W.

4starssmJuly 2, 2014:

“Unfortunately, I did not read the part that said this does NOT prevent slipping! Needless to say, my foyer rug still slips, although it does feel much better to walk on than before. I could not return it because I opened it up 50 days after I ordered due to a move I was going through. I gave 4 stars and not 5 because of the slipping issue, other than that, this is an excellent pad.”
Bethany P.

5starssmJune 28, 2014:

“Thank you for offering such a natural and comfortable product! Using it in our family room and could not be happier!
Katie J.

5starssmJune 22, 2014:

“Could not be more thankful for a problem solved – We had a serious noise issue and your Superior rug pad greatly reduced the sound. Our home now is much more peaceful, not to mention comfortable!”
Mary T.

5starssmJune 11, 2014:

“Exceptional (natural) quality at a super price- thanks for the free shipping!”
Julie L.

5starssmJune 1, 2014:

“I read all of the 5 star reviews and though that this is too good to be true. So, I ordered a 9′x12′ Superior pad for my family room and could not be happier! Everything about this pad is great- Made in USA, thick and comfortable, truly NO SMELL and if seems to offer great protection to my rug and hardwood floor. You can really believe all that it says in the description-Thank you RPC!”
Ginger T.

5starssmMay 13, 2014:

“Landlord requires padding under any rugs, so I did some research for “noise reduction rug pad” and found Superior. I called with my questions and felt confident ordering two room size pads. I am very impressed by the results and a test of our kids running while we were in the apartment below proved to dampen any significant noise. Now we and our neighbor below are happy-excellent performance!”
Kathy L.

5starssmMay 1, 2014:

“As a collector of Persian Carpets, I take my rugs pads more seriously than the average consumer. After much research, I can confidently state that Rug Pad Corner delivers the quality that makes it all worth it. Thank you for such a dense and clean material made in the USA.”
Jeffrey P.

5starssmApril 16, 2014:

“Wow! No smell, great comfort and made in USA-what more could I ask for?? This is an awesome product at a great price and looks like it will be around  a while!!”
Kitty H.

5starssmApril 2, 2014:

“Our rug dealer recommended an all felt rug pad for a few Persian rugs we recently purchased. A search online brought me to RPC, among many others. Your site looked the most informative and reliable with all of your connections with GREEN organizations, so we bought 4 pads. Great products!! Thank you for the extra effort to offer genuine American made goods!”
Jeff K.

5starssmMarch 20, 2014:

“I was pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort offered by this pad. We went for the 3/8″ thickness because of our little crawler who seems to fall all the time and we want to cushion the falls. Needless to say, our floor feels so much better and there is no smell in this pad at all-just as described.”
Marilyn N.

5starssmMarch 9, 2014:

“If you want comfort and protection, look no further! I chose the thicker version and am glad I did. Superior is everything as described-no smell, no obvious glue and really comfortable! Great product made in USA to boot!”
Gene Y.

5starssmMarch 2, 2014:

“Superior is all that it is described as and more! This rug pad truly has no odor whatsoever…is nice and thick and made in the USA. I had a sound issue with my lower neighbor that has now been resolved thanks to this pad!”
Katrina B.

5starssmFebruary 25, 2014:

“Item exactly as described on the site – no smell, thick and comfortable and no obvious adhesive or chemical-like treatment. I am extremely satisfied and looking forward to a repeat order.”
Janice L.

5starssmFebruary 16, 2014:

“Called RPC and asked a bunch of questions and got a bunch of solid answers. Determined that Superior is what I wanted and products arrived four days after placing my order. Let me confess that I never thought I would get so excited about rug pads, but these are over the top! Solid, thick and dense without any smell- Superior exceeded all expectations I ever had about rug pads!”
Lenny W.

5starssmFebruary 4, 2014:

“Folks, if its a natural, thick. solid and odor-free padding you look for, look no further! This Superior is the creme de la creme of felt rug pads! I found them at a friend’s house during the holidays, ordered several and am now being fully protected with these American made natural rug pads! Well above and beyond any I have had before!!’
Jim L.

5starssmJanuary 22, 2014:

“Nothing but great comments about this pad and the company! I had several questions that were politely answered by knowledgeable staff, so I ordered and received an incredible rug pad! So nice to finally see a real American made product that is actually what its described as. Thank you very much!!”
Debra B.

4starssmJanuary 19, 2014:

“I ordered this for a larger foyer rug and made a mistake on the size, so I took the time to cut it to fit. Superior is everything it is described to be and I guess based on my mistake, I ordered the wrong pad! It does not prevent slipping and the foyer rug actually slips a little and still does on the pad. When I called, Deb explained to me that I ordered the wrong pad. Even though I cut it, she still offered to take it back and send the Ultra Premium instead. I did not feel right about it since i already cut it, so I’ll be more careful to read the details better next time. Besides my mistake, the item and service are 5 star!”

5starssmJanuary 15, 2014

“True to description, this felt rug pad does not contain any odor or stickiness at all! After seeing that it’s made in the USA and all natural material, we bought it for our family room rug. What a huge improvement in feel and comfort! Our rug is definitely better protected now, so thank you! Just a quick FYI, there is no rubber here, so not meant to stop slipping. If your rug tends to move around, this is not the product for you.”
Timothy G.

5starssmJanuary 12, 2014

“Landlord requires a rug pad for noise under any area rug or carpet. A Google search for noise reduction rug pad led me to Superior, so I liked what I read and ordered one to try(I have 4 rugs). Incredible thickness and density that truly absorbs a lot of the sound to the tenants below! My neighbor below me is ecstatic and claims she can finally rest without any noise over her head. Well, that was the whole purpose of getting this, so job well done!”
Jillian K.

4starssmJanuary 8, 2014

“Called you guys about which rug pad to order based on my needs and you directed me to Superior. I went with your custom cutting service, as my rug is an odd size. The pad arrived perfectly cut to size and is extremely comfortable! Thanks for the right product with the right service!”
Leonard D.

5starssmJanuary 3, 2014

“I explained that my wife has a very sensitive nose and that I cannot use a rug pad with any odor at all. Superior fit the bill and is odorless, as you described to me! While the rug still moves once in a while, I do understand that I could not choose any of the ones with rubber due to my wife’s sensitivity. That said, this is really a very substantial pad for the money and the free shipping is a big plus!”
James H.

5starssmJanuary 2, 2014:

“I wanted a natural rug pad because our previous one kept smelling and ended up sticking to our floor. After reading that Superior is natural and does not smell at all, I bought one. It is 100% true to description! I expected at least some sort of odor, yet there is none. And the surfaces do not feel sticky, so I believe the point about it not containing any adhesive. Also love the fact that it is made in the USA!”
Katherine D.

4starssmDecember 29, 2013:

“Noise is a big issue here, as I live in a NY apartment building and apparently, I am making much noise for the tenants downstairs. While I bought this for noise reduction, it is serving multiple purposes; it is comfortable and seems to be protecting my rug quite nicely. Gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because there still is some noise, yet its an 80% improvement!”
George L.

5starssmDecember 23, 2013:

“Ordered for our Christmas Holiday and item arrived in perfect time, fits description and looks and feels excellent! Thank you”
Jill F.

5starssmDecember 19, 2013:

“My extensive research led me to Superior rug pad, which arrived last week. I will say that it is everything the site described and more! Great job, guys, and thanks for a product that I could not find anywhere until I landed on Rug Pad Corner.”
Henry T.

4starssmDecember 10, 2013:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this great natural rug pad! My son has severe allergies and this natural felt rug pad is the perfect compliment to his bedroom rug,”
Janice R.