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Superior Q & A

Many people have direct questions related to personal experiences with our rug pads. The following questions and answers are related to staff and customer experiences with Superior Felt Rug Pad.

Q. Does Superior contain any odor?

Answer by Staff Member Debra:
Superior is virtually odor free. Since it contains natural felt without any chemicals or adhesives, it does not contain any odor.

Answer from Jack, CA:
I replaced 2 rug pads with Superior and there was no smell when I opened them and has been no small since (2 years).

Q: Is Superior Safe for Hardwood?

Answer by Adrienne, MI:
We just got rid of some pads that stuck to our floor. We spend some money to refinish the floor and then I read about Superior in some online forums that showed it is safe for all floors. Since then, we have been using them on our hardwood and after 10 months, the floor looks as new.

Answer by Staff Member Sam:
Unlike most other felt pads that have an adhesive coating on each side, Superior is heat pressed to keep the felt together. This avoids adhesives, so it is completely safe for all hardwood floors.

Answer by Customer Jeannie:
No! I bought these because there are no adhesives in them and after months of use, our floor looks as new as the first day!

Q: What does it mean that Superior is heat pressed?

Answer by Sam of Rug Pad Corner:
Most felt rug pads shed if the felt is not protected. Most manufacturers apply an adhesive coating to each side to keep the felt intact. Since this can harm the floor, we use a heat pressing process. Intense heat presses down on the felt to keep it together. This heat costs more and takes more time than applying an adhesive, yet is assures us of a rug pad safe for the floor and one that will not off-gas.

Q: Does it stop slipping?

Answer by Customer Pamela:
There is no rubber in this pad, so it is not a non slip pad. I use it under a bedroom rug that is anchored by the bed, so slipping is not an issue. The Ultra Premium is the go to pad for non slipping.

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
We make Superior for those rugs that are either big enough, heavy enough or are held down by furniture. A non slip pad is not required in these settings. For any smaller or lighter rugs, Superior will allow slipping, so Ultra Premium is best for these rugs.

Q: Is Superior Safe on Heated Floors?

Answer by Customer Mike:
I bought several for my heated wood floors based on Sam’s advice. He was completely right! After a year of use and heat, the floor is perfect.

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
Since we use only pure felt in Superior, it is completely safe for all heated floors. It does not contain the adhesives that others do.

Q: I read Superior is great for noisy floors. Is it?

Answer by Customer Jenn:
It is mandatory to use pads under all rugs in my apartment building. A Google search for “noise reduction rug pad” brought me to Superior. I bought a few sizes and it has stopped most of the floor noise. The neighbor has told me that she can barely hear anything now.

Answer by Debra of Rug Pad Corner:
Superior is rated as a Noise Reduction Rug Pad because it is dense enough to resist the pressure that causes floor noise. We ship it to many buildings for this purpose and it is rated as one of the most effective pads for noise and sound.

Answer by Customer James:
I have three active boys and the woman downstairs keeps complaining about the noise. I purchased Superior for my rugs and she is now very happy! The rug pad seems to absorb the impact so that there is really no noise at all. Incredible!