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Super Hold Reviews

We would love to keep telling you how great our Super Hold rug pad is, yet we think it sounds even better coming from our customers!

5starssmMarch 4, 2017:

“This is a great product! My runners does not go running all over my hallway anymore! I like the feel of this pad it doesn’t feel sticky but it hold extremely well!”
Jocelyn D.

5starssmFebruary 24, 2017:

“Entry rug moves no more, this pad has managed to solve this problem for good it seems. I will be buying more for some runners I have.”
Emma H.

5starssmFebruary 12, 2017:

“Best traction on a rug pad yet! this thing packs a lot of hold! Highly recommended!”
Charles D.

5starssmJanuary 23, 2017:

“Great product! my rugs stay place thanks to this mat. two thumps way up!”
Thomas U.

5starssmJanuary 16, 2017:

“I love this rug pad. I had been looking for high quality thin rug pad for a long time. I am impressed by this company’s professionalism and high quality products. My runner do not move any longer! Yay!.”
Rachel P.

5starssmJanuary 8, 2017:

“I was very pleased to find this product and this company. They offered to cut my rug pads to size, which was a huge help. The pads themselves are high quality mats that do keep my are rugs in place. Great Customer service and products!.”
Ryan C.

5starssmDecember 22, 2016:

“This pad is real rubber and it does not stick to your floors. I tested for few months and it has not stuck to my hardwood, the design makes it grip it well but so far no residues.”
Harold F.

5starssmDecember 9, 2016:

“I was looking for a pad that did not add too much bulk, I have to worry about a door clearance you see…. This pad is perfect! It keeps my rug in place and close to the floor.”
Megan G.

5starssmDecember 1, 2016:

“This pad is wonderful, it works just as it is described and it is a great value!.”
Nicholas H.

5starssmNovember 19, 2016:

“This underlay has a lower profile and it doesn’t add any thickness. But it does keep the rug in place extremely well, which is exactly what I was looking for.”
Sally T.

5starssmNovember 2, 2016:

“This pad performs and fits my area rug perfectly. My dogs run across the the room and the rugs stays put! before this rug pad it was constantly moving around”
Michael V.

5starssmOctober 24, 2016:

“This pad is very useful! I definitively needed it for my foyer, so my rug doesn’t move.”
Veronica H.

5starssmOctober 11, 2016:

“This product is a little thicker than what you find in the common market. I have to praise this company for the free custom cutting because it was so very convenient to have it arrive ready to be installed. Works just as expected!.”
Calista O.

5starssmSeptember 30, 2016:

“I have purchased other pads from big box stores before that my dogs used as a surfboard in a daily basis, bunching up into the sofa bed. With this rug pad they can get crazy in the area and the rug does not move!”
Jonah R.

5starssmSeptember 5, 2016:

“This rug pad does an excellent job for the price. This product works just as advertised. Keeps the rug in place! I would recommend this to anyone.”
Carter F.

5starssmAugust 26, 2016:

“These were installed on a refinished hardwood floor and a Mexican tile floor and perform greatly. I really appreciate the open-weave design which I believe will keep the airflow uninterrupted.”
Lindsey W.

5starssmAugust 8, 2016:

“This product is the best rug pad I have purchased. It truly keeps my rugs in place with out making them too thick! I am very excited because I don’t have to readjust the rug every 10 minutes anymore!”
Abraham C.

5starssmJuly 26, 2016:

“We have purchased six of these rug pads in the last few weeks and they are great for keeping them in place. They are fairly thin but seem thick enough to give the hardwood floor a little protection.”
Guy J.

5starssmJuly 4, 2016:

“This rug pad performs great as a non pad under area rugs. It do not provide much thickness if that is what you are looking for.”
Maureen R.

5starssmJune 27, 2016:

“This rug pad is perfect!!! not too thick, but certainly keeps my entry rugs from sliding around.  I wasn’t too sure about the size so I ordered slightly larger than the actual rug size, then It was very easy to trim with scissors.”
Colleen M.

5starssmJune 1, 2016:

“My rug does not move at all anymore, and to top it all of it was cut perfectly to fit my rug size! Highly recommend it!”
Troy W.

5starssmMay 21, 2016:

“Prevents my 2×20 long runner rug from slipping and skidding on wood floors. Happy Costumer here!!!”
June M.

5starssmMarch 13, 2016:

“This non slip pad was easy to install and stayed in place while we unrolled and re-positioned the rug. It looks like it will hold up… We like that it is not too thin or flimsy feeling..”
Rachel P.

5starssmFebruary 26, 2016:

“It keeps rug in place and it does not add any thickness. Works just as it is advertised..”
Marie C.

5starssmJanuary 5, 2016:

“Works great at preventing my rug from slipping on my hardwood floor.”
Danielle P.

5starssmDecember 14, 2015:

“This item is perfect for securely keeping our area rug safely on the floor. Helps to prevent the carpet from moving on our wood floors!.”
Justin W.

5starssmNovember 12, 2015:

“The rug pad arrived very quickly. It was fairly easy to install under the patio rug. It does make the carpet feel better and it kept it from moving.”
Norah P.

5starssmOctober 20, 2015:

“The folks are Rug Pad Corner recommended this pad for my bathroom rug, They were dead on since it is a perfect fit and my rug no longer moves. I am very pleased”
Karen P.

5starssmSeptember 4, 2015:

“Very nice quality! It certainly keep my runners in place,  very impressed on the service and how quick it shipped.”
Carrie F.

5starssmAugust 9, 2015:

“This pad offers great non slip protection. My rugs do not move anymore… I will be buying more Super Hold rug pads in the near future.”
Theresa W.

5starssmJuly 4, 2015:

“This pad offers great non slip protection. My rugs do not move anymore… I will be buying more Super Hold rug pads in the near future.”
Theresa W.

5starssmJune 8, 2015:

“I will buy all of my rubber rug pads here! This super hold pad is great, does the job and there is no smell or sign of floor damage.”
Tony T.

5starssmMay 15, 2015:

“I called and spoke to Sam, the owner – I was so surprised that he answers the phone, so I took advantage of his knowledge! I asked several questions and each was answered professionally with great knowledge of the product. Pad arrived and it works very well and the floor seems completely protected.”
Yvonne P.

5starssmApril 20, 2015:

“Finally, a non slip pad that’s not plastic!! Sick and tired of those store bought mesh pads, so chose this all rubber one and so happy we did….all rubber, prevents slipping, no smell and floor is safe!”
Angela C.

5starssmApril 2, 2015:

“Love that it’s all natural rubber made in the USA. Pad is exactly as described and works quite well.”
Janet M.

5starssmMarch 10, 2015:

“A little thicker than other mesh pads and no smell or stick, so completely satisfied!’
Danielle R.

4starssmFebruary 19, 2015:

“This is a great natural product and works quite well. The only issue I have is that it does not hold as well as others we have had, so I called and was told it was because this pad is only rubber, not sprayed with any sticky adhesive – apparently the sticky adhesive is what grips to the floor, yet can also damage it. So, the trade-off for a safe floor was more important to me than having incredible grip, as it does grip enough.”
Kim P.

5starssmFebruary 2, 2015:

“We literally peeled our old pads from our floor, so we were hesitant about what to buy next. I called and spoke to Deb, asked her several questions and was assured that this is all rubber without the crap that can damage the floor, so we bought a few. Months later, the pad is great and the floor is just as good, thank you!”
Norm K.

5starssmJanuary 14, 2015:

“Stops all slipping, period, and without the obnoxious smell of those other mesh pads.”
Rob L.

5starssmDecember 1, 2014:

“Am used to the inexpensive home depot mesh pads, so when I saw the prices on this, I was a little surprised….and then I actually received my first one! What a difference-no comparison, this is real rubber and looks like will last for many, many years!- have since bought 4 more!!’
Liza T.

5starssmNovember 10, 2014:

“Super hold pad is working great under dining room rug! I check it every month only to find the floor in perfect condition!”
Peter T.

5starssmOctober 30, 2014:

“Thanks for this USA made rubber pad that is protecting my foyer rug and keeping it in place without sticking to my floor!’
Loren I.

5starssmOctober 19, 2014:

“Not your average mesh padding – real rubber from the tree, works great and no transfer to the floor!”
Henry T.

5starssmOctober 9, 2014:

“Can’t use a thick padding and I wanted to protect my hardwood floor, so I read that this is natural rubber and is safe for my floor. I ordered an 8×10 which was perfectly cut and has been down for a while now – No damage, no smell, works great!”
Kelly T.

5starssmSeptember 18, 2014:

“Real rubber, stops slipping and no stains on the floor – Great!”
Johnny P.

5starssmSeptember 2, 2014:

“Not your typical mesh looking pad, that’s for sure-Thanks guys for offering REAL rubber – Works great!”
Jim G.

5starssmAugust 10, 2014:

“Awesome and NOT another one of those plastic pads we often see in stores! This real rubber pad is keeping my rug in place and is not marking the floor!”
Ann L.

5starssmJuly 16, 2014:

“This is definitely not your average mesh looking pad! It is all natural rubber and has not made any marks on our hardwood floor, even with a heavy amount amount of walking on our hallway runner! The pad keeps rug still and, while it does not have much comfort, that’s not why we bought it.”
Jules H.

5starssmJuly 11, 2014:

“Was hesitant on getting these based on previous experience with similar looking rug pads until I called and was reassured that this rubber is safe for our floor – months later, all is well!”
Lynda P.
5starssmJuly 3, 2014:

“Stops my rug from slipping…does not stain the floor…made in USA…what more could I need? Great value for natural rubber!”
Jenny L.

5starssmJune 29, 2014:

“I first thought this was a lot of money for another mesh looking rug pad and then I read the reviews – Obviously NOT the same and when I received it, I was convinced. This natural rubber pad is everything it is described as and more!”
Ken G.

5starssmJune 14, 2014:

“Wanted a thinner non slip pad, yet not the plastic ones in most stores. I found Super Hold, ordered a few for runners and they are great! No sign of sticking to my hardwood floor!”
Theresa T.

4starssmMay 26, 2014:

“While I LOVE the fact that this is natural American rubber made in the USA, as well as the fact that it does not stick to the floor, off-gas or smell, I will admit that it does not prevent slipping as well as the less expensive store bought pads. I know they are not as safe for the air or floor, so I accept the trade-off, yet wished natural rubber adhered a little better to the floor. Reason for 4 stars is simply about that, otherwise all is excellent.”
Georgia N.

5starssmMay 3, 2014:

“Bought a few of these to replace the cheaper pads I previously found in Lowes-full of an odor and found them to stick to my floor. This Super Hold is the real thing- 100% pure rubber! There is no chemical-like smell and no sign of sticking to the floor. Highly recommend this non slip rug pad!”
Jimmy P.

5starssmApril 5, 2014:

“For anyone looking for the real thing, look no further! I found so many of these mesh looking pads in stores only to discover that they are NOT rubber! This one is pure rubber and works like magic without any sticky feel, so the floor is not at risk.”
George M.

4starssmMarch 28, 2014:

“Looked for all rubber pad and kept seeing the PVC ones from China. Finally, I found this rubber Super Hold. Two pads arrived and are just as described on the web site. They do not smell and seem to hold the rugs very well to the floor. Thanks for the free shipping.”
Meredith K.

March 4, 2014:

4starssm“For all that this pad is, I just wish it were thicker! I bought it because of its natural rubber and made in USA, which I love. Since I don’t want felt, I still would have liked this to be closer to 1/4″ thick. Well, everything else about it works very well.”
Marie S.

5starssmFebruary 27, 2014:

“Thank you for offering a natural rubber pad that does not feel sticky! Replaced other thinner pads that started to stick to my floor and so far, so good with Super Hold!”
Leslie H.

5starssmFebruary 15, 2014:

“Recently refinished our floors from those thinner no slip pads sticking and ruining the finish. I was hesitant at first, yet read reviews and more facts on Super Hold, so I ordered three. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these don’t have that sticky or tacky touch to them! They really are the real deal-all natural American rubber!”
Jenny K.

5starssmFebruary 3, 2014:

“Hard to believe that this is real rubber with all of the plastic ones out there – then I received it and I see it’s true! Thanks for making the effort to offer natural rubber and one that’s made in the USA! 5 stars for this one!!”
Craig M.

5starssmJanuary 14, 2014

“Needed a non slip pad, yet had bad experiences with the thinner ones that kept sticking to my floor. Found out that Super Hold is natural rubber, unlike the others that are plastic, so I bought it. Excellent product that prevents slipping and has not marked the floor yet in 4 months!”
Jenny K.

4starssmJanuary 12, 2014

“I called looking for a solution to my slipping runner. Since a closet door opens over it, I could not use anything too thick, so you suggested Super Hold. Thanks for offering a natural version of those thinner mesh looking rug pads found everywhere! Super Hold is performing well, yet does not seem to stick as well as others and I understand that’s due to the fact that this does not contain any sticky substance.”
Kim L.

5starssmJanuary 9, 2014

“Item arrived exactly as described and professionally packaged. It is cut to exact size and works to keep rug in place. Natural rubber made in USA is a definite plus!!”
George T.

5starssmJanuary 6, 2014

“I called to ask how to remove rug pad stains from my floor and you suggested WD-40. Thank you, it worked!! Next, I needed to replace the inferior quality rug pad that ruined my floor and I discovered that Super Hold is not like the others, it is natural rubber. I was told that the one I had was covered with adhesives and Super Hold is not. I ordered and have been suing for 2 months now without any issues. Excellent product!!”
Frank G.