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Super Hold Q & A

The following questions and answers are related to staff and customer experiences with Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad.

Q. Does Super Hold stick or mark the floor?

Answered by Customer Mary G.:
When I called to order, I was told that this is natural rubber with nothing on it that could damage the floor. My other thin pads melted to the floor and I was told that its due to an adhesive coated on the pad, that Super Hold does not have. I have now had 3 of these on my hardwood floor for a while and the floor has not been affected.

Answered by Staff Member Debra:
Most other thin pads with holes are plastic coated with adhesives. This combination actually sticks itself to the floor. These pads are also sticky to the touch. Our Super Hold is 100% all natural rubber without the sticky substance. It is completely safe for all floors.

Q: Can I easily cut this pad?

Answered by Carla M.:
I made a mistake with my rug size, so had the need to trim the pad. I used simple household scissors and it cut right through.

Answered by Jon K.:
No problems, it’s quite easy to cut and there is no shedding of material either.

Q: Why is Super Hold a green color?

Answered by Staff Member Sam:
Since most of the inferior quality plastic rug pads in stores are white or cream colored, we wanted to differentiate our all rubber one from the others. We use a vegetable dye to color it green. It’s a natural dye that is completely safe for the rug and floor.

Q: Does this pad have an odor?

Answered by Glenn B.:
I wondered this too and when I called Rug Pad Corner, I was told that since there are no chemicals or adhesives in the pad, there is no obnoxious smell. There was a slight rubber smell when I first opened the package and it disappeared shortly after I placed in under my rug.

Answered by Staff Member Debra:
Super Hold is only natural rubber and since we wrap it for shipping, a faint rubber smell may show itself that dissipates shortly after use.