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Rug Pads for Nursery & Kid’s Rooms

Rug Pad Corner knows how precious our little ones are and that’s why we cannot stress enough the fact that our rug pads for nursery and kid’s rooms are as natural as can be! Forget the common chemicals and adhesives, because all you’ll find in our rug pads is natural materials without any odors or off-gassing – Let them play on the floor safely and comfortably!

SUPERIOR FELT RUG PAD: A full 3/8″ thick natural padding made in the USA to prevent harm from falls and add extra comfort to any hard floor. Superior does not smell or off-gas and is 100% safe for kids of all ages! Stay away from chemical and adhesive filled rug pads and keep your most precious ones safe and comfortable.

  • AMERICAN: Made in the USA
  • COMFORTABLE: A FULL 3/8″ thick padding
  • ECO-SAFE: CRI Green Label: Does not off-gas; Does not smell
  • PROTECTION: Absorbs the impact of potential falls

So, let them be themselves and place Superior Natural Rug pad under any rug on any hard floor surface!

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