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Rug Pad Installation and Care

Our rug pads are simple to install and require very little care afterwards. Our felt and rubber rug pads are installed a specific way and remain that way for years of use and performance. Please refer to the information below to install and care for your rug pads and we thank you for your patronage.

Installing Your Rug Pad

You have purchased our all felt, felt and rubber, all rubber or No-Muv rug to rug pad. Installation instructions for each rug pad are shown below, so please refer to them.

Superior Rug Pad (All felt)
Superior is for use on any hard floor surface. You will notice a “softer” side and a “stiffer, smoother” side to your Superior Rug Pad. Place the smoother side up against the back of your area rug and the softer side down against the floor.

Ultra Premium Rug Pad (Felt & rubber)
This is a felt and rubber rug pad for all hard floors. Place the rubber side down against the floor and felt side up against your area rug.

Super Hold Rug Pad (All rubber)
This all rubber rug pad is used on all hard floors. You will notice one side has a slightly more rounded set of “bubbles” than the other – Place this rounded side up against your area rug and the flatter side down against the floor.

No-Muv Rug Pad (Felt for rug on carpet)
No-Muv is used under area rugs on carpet. You will notice a finely textured and stiffer side and a softer felt side – Place the stiffer textured surface down against the carpeting and the softer felt side up against the back of your area rug.

Caring For Your Rug Pad

Your rug pad requires very little care. With minor care, it will prove to last for several years. Please follow the instructions below for various care of your rug pad.

Spot Cleaning

If you notice a spill or some dirt, you may use a damp sponge to lightly scrub the affected area. If the area is more stubborn, then you may add mild liquid detergent to the water and scrub the “suds” from this solution into the pad. Once cleaned, let the pad air ry for a few hours before placing the rug on it.

Overall Cleaning

Unlike area rugs and carpets, your rug pads are not in direct contact with foot traffic, so they remain fairly clean. If you desire to give it an overall cleaning, you may lightly brush the pad and let air dry – There is no need to use any harsh cleaner, as water and mild liquid detergent is best.

Sweeping and Vacuuming

Our felt rug pads can be swept and vacuumed. If you reveal the pad and notice fine dust or dirt that went through your area rug, feel free to remove this with a sweeping or vacuuming.

Like with area rugs, rug pads can and will experience wear. This is expected and it’s best to prevent uneven wear. That said, try to rotate your area rug and rug pad together about once-a-year.