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Rug Pad for Kids and Children’s Rooms is meant to add comfort and protection. Our felt rug pads are soft, comfortable and naturally safe for all kids and children.

rug pad for kids and children's room

Superior rug pad is rated as the most natural rug pad to use in any kids and child’s room. It is made of natural recycled felt.

Rug Pads for Kids and Children’s Rooms are used under any kid’s room or nursery rug. As the floor is hard, a rug pad will add more softness and comfort. It is also important for the rug pad for kids and children’s rooms to be as natural as possible. Most rug pads today contain chemicals and can off-gas. Our felt rug pads are made of natural fibers that do not contain any chemicals or adhesives and do not off-gas.

Rug Pad Corner offers earth and eco friendly recycled felt rug pads safe for all babies, kids and children. Our rug pads are rated as safest to use under any area rug in your nursery, kid’s or children’s room. Superior is an all natural felt rug pad that adds full comfort under any kid’s room rug. When a child is on the floor, it is important to protect the child with safe cushion under the area rug. Our kid’s room rug pads prevent harm to any child as they prevent penetration to the floor.

Superior rug pad is the choice for any kids and children’s room. We make it in the USA of 100% recycled felt. We do not use any adhesives, chemicals or glues on this rug pad, so it does not off-gas, nor contain any odor. Superior is safe and very comfortable, as it is available in 1/4″ thick and 3/8″ thick.

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