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Noice Reduction Rug Pads

Noise Reduction Rug Pads prevent noise and sound on hardwood and wood floor. Use our dense felt rug pads to absorb sound from noisy floors.

Noise Reduction Rug Pads are available in Ultra Premium and Superior felt rug pads. Both rug pads are made of dense felt fiber to prevent pressure reaching the floor. Use these rug pads in apartments or anywhere that sound and noise is an issue. The felt in our rug pads acts as an absorbing agent to reduce and eliminate noise from wood and hardwood floors.

noise reduction rug pad

noise reduction felt rug pad

Noise Reduction Rug Pad – Ultra Premium
Ultra Premium is made in the USA of a felt surface and rubber lower surface. It is a dense 45 ounces and prevents any penetration to the floor. Its density contributes to it being an excellent noise reduction rug pad and should also be used if rug slipping is an issue. The natural rubber lower surface prevents rug slipping on any floor, while the dense felt prevents noise.

Noise Reduction Rug Pad – Superior
Superior is made in the USA of 100% recycled natural felt. It is made in a dense 40 ounces and does not contain any air like most felt rug pads. The rug pad is a full compressed felt thickness and acts to prevent penetration to the floor. This reduces and eliminates any floor noise and sound. Use Superior under any area rug where slipping is not an issue, because it is not a non-slip rug pad.

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