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No-Muv Reviews

We know how great No-Muv works and we think our customers say it even better! Here’s what they have to say:

5starssmMarch 1, 2017:

“Love this pad! IT is thick and hold my rugs in place well. I highly recommend it if your area rug moves on carpet!
Jena W.

5starssmFebruary 17, 2017:

“This pad takes away the ripples and waves caused by my coffee table on my rug over carpet! I am pleasantly satisfied with the performance of this product.
Saul J.

5starssmJanuary 20, 2017:

“After having tried so many other pads in the past not to even mention money wasted. I finally found the pad that actually works! It performs just as advertised. It is pretty great!!.
Robert M.

5starssmJanuary 3, 2017:

“I constantly was wrestling with my rugs trying to keep in place. This No Muv  almost instantly solved the movement problem. I am ecstatic with the way it has perform thus far.
Abbey L.

5starssmDecember 8, 2016:

“This is the only rug pad I have found that keeps my oriental rug from creeping all over my carpet and bunching up. I  had been constantly having to re-adjust it but that hassle went bye-bye as soon as I installed it under my rug.. I highly recommend this product!”
Carol H.

5starssmNovember 12, 2016:

“I have berber carpet and my rug did not like staying in place. It constantly moved all over the place, you stepped on it……. the rug moved, the dog sneezed….  the rug moved,you looked at it….. the rug moved! After doing some research online and calling multiple online sellers, I settled on giving this pad a chance based on all the reviews I could find. I am happy to report that the  rug now stays in place and no longer has waves on the edges like it did before. I am astonished! this pad is unbelievable ”
Dolores C.

5starssm October 29, 2016:

“I am so happy with my rug pad, my rug doesn’t move and it feels wonderful underneath.  I will continue to test it for the upcoming weeks and based on the consistency I will order more.”
Jillian M.

5starssmSeptember 16, 2016:

“This rug pad was my rugs salvation, It no longer bunches up and its free of wrinkles! This product was recommended by my niece  and I am so thankful since it seems like I have tried everything  and nothing has worked as well as this no muv pad.”
Jordana F.

5starssmAugust 20, 2016:

“This underlay keeps my 5′x8′ rug in place. before this rug pad this rug used to skate all over. I will buy more for my other rugs on carpet”
Maritza M.

5starssmJune 8, 2016:

“This pad makes a very big difference under my oriental.  It feels so much more stable to stand on and the rug doesn’t slide around. Hopefully will also protect my carpers but time will tell…”
Huma k.

5starssmMay 5, 2016:

“This pad is thick and very well made…. my rug stays put over my carpeting. It is exactly what I was looking for..”
Dolores H.

5starssmApril 21, 2016:

“I got this pad to put under a rug over thick carpeting . I kept having issues with the rug wrinkling. This underlay really fixed my problem. My oriental rug now sits nice and smooth.”
Julia W.

5starssmMarch 22, 2016:

“Great transaction all around. I was very pleased with the service and more so with the quality of the rug pad. It adds so much protection and it keeps it in place”
Mia C.

5starssmFebruary 4, 2016:

“I love this pad, it keeps my oriental rug flat!  It was cut perfectly so that it fits my rug size. Two thumbs up!!!”
Phyllis N.

5starssmJanuary 17, 2016:

“I love how sturdy this pad makes my rug feel. I am very happy with the performance of the pad, my rug no longer bunches on my berber carpet”
Carrie B.

5starssmDecember 19, 2015:

“My living room rug looks perfect now! My coffee table does not cause havoc anymore the rug stays flat over my wall to wall carpet !”
George B..

5starssmNovember 2, 2015:

“This is the only pad that has been able to keep my rug flat, it doesn’t bunch up anymore. This pad is nice and stiff, very well made!”
Jill T.

5starssmOctober 29, 2015:

“Found it on Amazon for less, then I heard that it may not be first quality, so I found it here and bought one – Best decision so far this year! No-Muv is keeping our large rug in place and very flat!”
Herman P.

5starssmOctober 9, 2015:

“Under room size rugs, excellent; Under very small rugs, not good – I was warned before buying it for our 2′x3′ mat by the back door and the warning was right on – No-Muv works wonders with larger rugs and not so good under smaller rugs, that’s my experience. Giving it a 5 star based on how well it does with the larger rug, the rug I’m more concerned about.”
Steven M.

5starssmSeptember 28, 2015:

“If you have a rug on top of carpet get No-Muv! It’s literally the only product that keeps our rug flat and in place, period!”
Ben K.

5starssmSeptember 15, 2015:

“Had one of those sticky pads that stopped working after 3 weeks – Placed a No-Muv under our 8′ x 11′ family room rug and now I understand the price of this pad – It actually does what it claims to do!”
Ginger R.

5starssmSeptember 8, 2015:

“After 3 years of a wrinkled living room rug, we finally decided to spend the money on No-Muv and quite a bit of money at that – Ours is a large rug, 14′ x 20′ so requires a large pad. No-Muv arrived perfectly cut and while it took much time placing it, once down, it solved our 3 year old problem!”
Frank D.

5starssmAugust 21, 2015:

No-Muv rocks – the only pad we found that works as well as it does on top of carpeting!!”
Yvonne G.

5starssmAugust 4, 2015:

“This is our 3rd No-Muv padding from you folks and it’s just as good as the other 2!”
Angie T.

5starssmJuly 3, 3014:

Excellent performance, just as described on the site. It’s a rug pad, so that’s all I have to say. Thanks”
Hank T.

5starssmJune 15, 2015:

“Enough is enough with this wrinkled rug on top of my Stainmaster carpeting!m I finally spent more and got he No-Muv rug pad and WOW, what a great decision!! The rug has never been flatter and actually stays that way, regardless of amount of traffic – 5 stars for this one!”
Jerri J.

4starssmMay 27, 2015:

“OK, so this is technically the best pad under rugs on carpet, yet it does not do so well under my 2′x3′ doormat rug. I called and asked the company about this and was told that very small rugs are stubborn and do not work with No-Muv like larger rugs (and it’s actually noted on the web site). I understand this, as it makes sense but I wish it worked! I kept the pad because it’s better than not having something.”
Liz M.

5starssmMay 9, 2015:

“This has really been an incredible asset to our home! The living room rug used to bunch up under all of the furniture, causing tripping and nothing kept it flat except for this No-Muv pad – Now the rug is always flat, safe and looks great!”
Julie K.

5starssmApril 15, 2015:

“No-Muv was expensive, yet it works like nothing else! Thanks for offering this premium and effective product to cure our wrinkles within our rug!”
Mike L.

5starssmMarch 22, 2015:

“Fantastic padding that truly does what it’s advertised to do…5 stars!!”
Keith K.

4starssmFebruary 20, 2015:

Bought 4 of these pads and very happy with 3 of them – Apparently, it is not so swift under hallway runners due to the nature of how narrow the rugs are, so while all of our larger rugs are now perfectly flat, our runner still wrinkles. We can live with 3 out of 4.”
Dean M.

5starssmDecember 4, 2014:

“I tried everything including a piece of plywood under my living room rug on top of carpet and the only thing that kept it flat was the plywood! Of course, not practical, so I found No-Muv – It keeps the rug flat like the plywood, yet feels much better to walk on!! 5 stars for this product and I truly wish I had found it sooner!!”
Jimmy E.

5starssmNovember 26, 2014:

“Thank you, thank you – Your NoMuv rug pad has saved me so much bending down to fix my larger rug that sits on top of carpet!”
Kimberly T.

5starssmNovember 11, 2014:

“This is literally like nailing the rug to the carpet! No more wrinkled rug!!”
Tony P.

5starssmOctober 28, 2014:

“Never thought o spend more money on a pad than I did on the rug, yet this thing actually works!! That said, it’s worth every penny!”
Darren M.

5starssmOctober 10, 2014:

“OK, here’s the deal- Living room rug kept wrinkling up every time we walked on it. We have it over a medium-thick wall-to-wall carpet and nothing kept is flat until this No-Muv pad arrived! This works like magic!! The rug stays flat, no matter how much we walk on it- truly incredible!”
George T.

5starssmSeptember 20, 2014:

“No-muv is the only pad that finally keeps our rug completely flat! No more wrinkles and the rug does not even move at all! Thank you for this specialty pad that actually works!”
Frank J.

5starssmAugust 19, 2014:

“Rug no longer buckles under our heavy coffee table with this No-Muv rug pad! I am EXTREMELY relieved to see my rug flat, finally!”

5starssmMarch 1, 2014:

“I read about this for a few weeks and thought it was a bit pricey. I decided to buy, so I did. Definitely worth every dollar! This padding was able to solve a year long problem that nothing else could fix! Five stars for this one and if you have any hesitation, just buy it.”
Sal B.

5starssmFebruary 15, 2014:

“Nothing worked to keep my rug flat. The coffee table keeps pushing into the carpet and No-Muv seems to stop this. Excellent performance so far (had it a few weeks) and seems extremely safe for my wool carpet underneath.”
Gerald M.

5starssmFebruary 7, 2014:

“Truly the best solution to rugs on carpet ever to be made! No-Muv solved a year long issue for our family room rug and we are extremely grateful to it and Rug Pad Corner for cutting to exact size so that we don’t have to. Thank you for the fix to our frustrating problem!”
Peter L.

5starssmFebruary 2, 2014:

“I got so tired of bending down to straighten my living room rug, especially the parts under the coffee table. I found No-Muv and decided to try it. The reviews were all positive, so couldn’t hurt. Pad arrived a few days after ordering, ready to unroll and use. I can’t believe that my rug has not wrinkled up since that day! After months of watching and dealing with a wrinkled rug on top of my carpet, it took literally just minutes to place No-Muv. Incredible product for a stubborn problem, thank you so much!!”
Julia G.

5starssmJanuary 14, 2014

“I tried everything I can think of to keep my living room rug flat and nothing worked. Found No-Muv and read the reviews, so figured to give it a try. Great decision!! No-Muv is a miracle worker and my rug has not wrinkled or slipped since I put the pad under it. It seems even the heavy coffee table is not affecting its performance and all I can say is Thank You!!”
Paula K.

5starssmJanuary 10, 2014

“No-Muv arrived 3 days after order and works incredibly well at keeping my rug in place on top of berber carpet. What before seemed like a roller coaster is now a flat as can be rug that not only looks great, but it saves me much frustration!”
Yvonne T.

4starssmJanuary 8, 2014

“I tried everything short of nailing my rug to the floor and all of the rug pads seemed to fail immediately! No-Muv has been the only product that has successfully kept my ru n place on top of this medium thick carpeting. 4 stars for this one, I only wish it was a little thinner.
Tomas H.

5starssmJanuary 3, 2014

“I called to explain my issue and Sam stated that this is a common problem that can only be solved with No-Muv rug pad. After some thought, I took his advice and placed my order on my own. It arrived in 4 days, cut to my custom size at no extra cost(nice service) and has been under my rug for 3 weeks now without any movement! I keep testing it, applying more pressure and it just stays there. No-Muv gets my approval, thank you for offering such a product that actually works!!”
Pamela J.

5starssmJanuary 2, 2014

“The holidays came and went and made me realize its time to fix this problem. My family room rug did not stop moving with all of the visiting family walking all over it! I searched online, found Rug Pad Corner and No-Muv and placed my order based on the reviews. Let me say that everything is is described as is 100% true!! My rug had not wrinkled in the 2 weeks that I have had the pad!! A+++++!”
Janet E.

5starssmDecember 30, 2013

“I have a pretty active household and every time I fix my rug on top of the carpet, it takes a day to wrinkle again. I tried the thinner sticky mats that do NOT work, regardless of what they say. I did not want to spend the extra $$ on No-Muv at first, yet it was time, so I ordered. I should have ordered from the very start!! No-Muv has kept my rug totally flay and it does not slip at all. I highly recommend this to anyone with the same problem!”
Sylvie R.

5starssmDecember 27, 2013

“Do NOT waste time and money on the thin sticky pads like I did! They are worthless and nothing works like this No-Muv pad. I saw it perform in a friend’s house, they told me to go to Rug Pad Corner, so I placed my order and have had it now for about 4 weeks. Needless to say, my rug has not moved since then!”
Jeffrey T.