How To Keep Rug From Sliding On Vinyl Floor? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Keep Rug From Sliding On Vinyl Floor Top Full Guide

If you have a vinyl floor, you may be wondering how to keep rug from sliding on vinyl floor. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening. First, you can choose a rug with a non-slip backing. This will help to keep it in place. You can also use rug pads under your rug to help grip the floor and keep it from sliding. Finally, you vacuum or sweep your floor regularly to keep it clean and debris-free.

How To Keep Rug From Sliding On Vinyl Floor

How To Keep Rug From Sliding

Fortunately, several things are available to prevent your floor mats from sliding on a vinyl surface. These are my top seven solutions.

Rug Grippers

Rug grippers, which connect to the corners of your floor mat and offer traction to hold your rug in place, come in various styles. Grippers come in various sizes and positions (on the corners of the rug or in strips) and are often composed of a silicone substance that readily grabs the floor.

Most grippers work by simply removing the adhesive backing and sticking the gripper to the bottom of the rug to be secured. After that, you remove the layer covering the silicone surface and push the rug firmly into the floor.

Rug grippers, such as these from Amazon, are an extremely simple solution to keep your floor mat in place. These adhesive squares adhere to the mat’s corners. When you walk on the rug with suction, air escapes from the microscopic pores of the gripper material, causing an adhesive action that maintains your rug precisely where you want it.

They are also very thin, so your mat will lay flat with a very low profile, further reducing tripping hazards.

Non-Slip Rug Pads

This non-slip rug pad fits simply beneath your floor mat to prevent it from sliding around. If the precise size is not available, you may trim it to match the size of your mat. Rug pads benefit from being quickly and conveniently picked up combined with the rug pad if you wish to relocate or clean beneath them.

However, be cautious when selecting a rug pad since the material it is composed of is a significant aspect. Using the incorrect sort of rug pad on vinyl flooring might cause harm.

You’ve probably seen those poorly produced waffle-patterned pads. These mats are typically made of rubber and include a chemical that prevents the backing from becoming brittle and breaking over time. Unfortunately, the same chemical has the potential to discolor vinyl flooring permanently. Some pads are also treated with an adhesive that may transfer to and harm a vinyl floor.

A recycled felt rug pad or a natural rubber rug pad are excellent choices for a rug pad for use on a vinyl floor. Natural rubber should not be confused with fake rubber, which might cause damage to your floor. Natural rubber is fully safe for all vinyl floors and will not transfer to the floor due to the lack of glue.

TIP: When purchasing synthetic rug pads, keep in mind: Look for non-adhesive types. Many now clearly say (and should) if they are suitable for use on vinyl flooring. Rug pads made without chemicals or adhesives are ideal and will not harm your vinyl floor.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape

What could be simpler than sticking some double-sided tape to the bottom of your floor mat to hold it in place? Double-sided carpet tape is a quick and simple way to keep carpets in place, particularly in high-traffic areas. These tapes have a strong adhesive property, so seek one that is residue-free and vinyl-safe.

To guarantee that the rug remains as flat as possible, wrap it in double-sided tape around the border and then through the middle, either in strips or as an “x.”

TIP: Before applying the double-sided tape, mark the location of your floor mat using masking tape. You don’t want to pull up your mat after applying the double-sided tape since it has strong adhesion.

Hook and Loop Rug Gripper or Tape

Hook and Loop Rug

Velcro is another name for “hook and loop”! To attach, you may use hook and loop grippers or velcro tape. It’s a simple and effective approach to keeping the floor mat from slipping.

As with the rug grippers, you glue the gripper (the “loop”) to the bottom of the mat. The distinction here is that a second component (the “hook”) adheres to the floor. The two halves are then pressed together for a secure grip. You can do the same thing; just trim the tape to suit your carpet.

The hook and loop grippers benefit from lasting longer than grippers that do not have the anchor fastened to the floor. Another advantage is that you can quickly take the rug up to vacuum or clean beneath the carpet and then reattach it.

REMEMBER: The most significant disadvantage is shifting your mat. Because there are components fastened directly to the floor, you will have to remove them gently and deal with residue left on your floor. If you want to maintain your floor mat in the same place for an extended period, velcro is the finest option.

Non-slip mat

If you haven’t previously purchased a floor mat, the simplest answer is to get a non-slip mat! There are floor mats available with their unique non-slip technology on the bottom. There’s no need to buy a non-slip rug pad or grippers if you opt for a rug with non-slip backing.

This non-slip floor mat is available in various colors and sizes to suit your requirements. It is absorbent (ideal if you have dogs with damp paws!). It may be washed in the washing machine for convenience.

NOTE: Always use your non-slip mat on a clean, dry floor. Even with the non-slip backing, water underneath the mat may cause slipping.

If you want to make sure your floor mat remains in place, combine one of the fixings mentioned above with the non-slip floor mats to protect against sliding.

Anti-Slip Spray

Spray the back of your rug with the anti-slip spray to get started! Because the spray might be absorbed into the rug, it may need numerous treatments. Allow the spray to dry fully before applying it to the floor to avoid leaving residue.

KEEP IN MIND: If you have a rug with a non-slip backing that is losing its traction, this is an excellent alternative. For smaller, lightweight carpets, an anti-slip spray is ideal. However, you may need to reapply after washing your mat, resulting in you spending more money if you need to purchase extra spray.

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How do you keep a rug in place on vinyl?

While a rubber backing improves grip, genuine rubber may discolor the vinyl. Use a rug pad with a felt backing instead. Installing Velcro, using double-sided tape on slick mats, and anchoring the rug with furniture are some methods to keep your rug in place on a vinyl floor.

What to put under an area rug to keep it from sliding?

To keep rugs from slipping, use silicone caulk.

Because of the stretchy silicone strips that hold the rug in place, it will instantly cease sliding over the floor. Due to its adhesiveness, the silicone gives a superior grip to any other non-slip product.

Will carpet tape ruin laminate floors?

Some floors may be harmed. Harsh adhesives in double-sided carpet tape may leave a sticky residue on laminate and vinyl flooring. The residue is difficult to remove, and scraping it off risks damaging the floor surface.

Can I use a shelf liner as a rug pad?

Some are composed of nonskid rubber, while others are constructed of attractive shelf liner paper. Nonskid rubber shelf liners, on the other hand, are advised to keep the rug in place. In terms of quality, they are an excellent option for rug pads, although they may not be as efficient.


If you have a vinyl floor, you may be wondering how to keep your rug from sliding. You can do a few things to keep your rug in place and prevent it from sliding around on your vinyl floor. Thanks for reading!

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