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Earth Friendly, Eco Friendly, Green Rug Pads are available in natural felt and rubber. Our rug pads are rated as natural and safe for the home and environment.

Earth friendly, eco friendly, green rug pads do not contain any chemicals, glues or adhesives. Our rug pads are safe for the environment because we do not use any chemicals or adhesives . We take great pride in manufacturing our rug pads to conform to the most up-to-date standards for a e safer and healthier environment. Choose recycled felt rug pad or felt and natural rubber rug pad to protect rug and floor without chemicals or odor.

earth friendly, eco friendly, green rug pads

Superior rug pad is a dense 40 ounce that protects hardwood floors from all damage.

Superior rug pad is made of 100% recycled felt and is compressed into a dense thickness. Unlike others that use adhesives to keep the felt intact, Superior goes through an intense heat pressing process to prevent the use of adhesives. This contributes to the fact that Superior is an earth friendly, eco safe and green rug pad.

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Ultra Premium contains felt and natural rubber that is not sprayed with adhesives. The rubber is heat pressed, not glued, to attach it to the felt. Most other rug pads use glue to attach the rubber, yet we avoid this at all costs. The result is a felt and rubber rug pad safe for all floors, as well as the environment.

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Super Hold is an all natural rubber rug pad in an open weave construction. The rubber is not treated with additives or adhesives, so is completely safe for the floor and environment. Other mesh looking rug pads are actually plastic coated with sticky adhesives. This causes the rug pad to mark the floor and off-gas.

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Earth Friendly, eco friendly, green rug pads are difficult to find today. Most manufacturers are saving on production costs by using more chemicals and adhesives. The problem is that this can off-gas, stick to and harm floors. Since our rug pads do not contain chemicals or adhesives, they are safe to use on any floor, under any area rug in any home. Choose Superior, Ultra Premium and Super Hold rug pads to protect your home in a natural manner.