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We can keep telling you how AMAZING our DURA-GRIP pad is, yet we’ll let our actual customers say it for us!

5starssmMay 6, 2016:

“Saw (and tested) these at my sister’s house, so I bought 3 sets to use under several pieces of furniture. They are everything they say and more!
Kenny J.

5starssmMay 1, 2016:

“FINALLY!!…an effective solution to our sliding sectional! Too much damage to the floor and wall and now DURA-GRIP fixed it all! Sectional does NOT budge at all, no matter how much we use the sofa, so thank you, thank you!
Gina B.

4starssmApril 28, 2016:

“I guess I misunderstood the use of these grippers, as I bought them for under my kitchen chairs to stop them scratching the floor every time we moved he chairs in and out – Since there’s nothing that sticks, these are not practical for our kitchen. Oh well, I gave them to my neighbor who now swears by them.”
Margaret P.

5starssmApril 2, 2016:

“Kids keep jumping on their beds and we refuse to get wall-to-wall carpeting, so we placed a DURA-GRIP under each wheel (bed frame with wheels) and the beds are not budging, regardless of how often and how hard the kids jump! A true lifesaver, for sure.”
Mary-Beth A.

5starssmMarch 22, 2016:

“Called and spoke to Sam who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He suggested I get the 4″ square based on the details of my recliner – Order arrived in 2 days and has been used ever since with 100% performance! The recliner no longer bangs against the wall when I use it!!”
Kenneth I.

5starssmFebruary 4, 2016:

“We saw DURA-GRIP at a friend’s house and we were amazed at what it does for her furniture, so we bought a few sets. It has proven itself 100 times already, with every piece of furniture on it staying in place!”
beth F.

5starssmJanuary 15, 2016:

“Genius creation! This little pad (bought the 2″ square size) has been the only product to prevent our huge sectional from slipping, even when 2 75 pound labs run and jump onto it! 5 stars!!”
Peter H.

5starssmDecember 3, 2015:

“Saw about 400 reviews of this on Amazon with a 5 star rating and #1 best seller in its category, so I bought a set here – Let me say that it’s probably the smartest purchase I have made this year!”
Paulie C.

5starssmDecember 2, 2015:

“So effective of a grip that my cleaning lady has to literally lift the sofa off of the pad in order to clean underneath! – Great for me, not so good for the cleaning lady!”
Georgia O.

5starssmNovember 22, 2015:

“These arrived at the perfect time! Just moved into a house with new hardwood floors and a sectional, recliner and 2 sofas – Placed a gripper under each furniture leg and nothing has moved!”
Karen P.

5starssmNovember 5, 2015:

“Amazing product!
Henry I.

5starssmOctober 30, 2015:

“Thank you for such an effective product! This is working great under our furniture.”
Julie T.

5starssmOctober 7, 2015:

“Sectional used to bump the wall each time we sat on it – Place a DURA-GRIP under each leg and no more slipping! Exceptional!!”
James H.

5starssmSeptember 16, 2015:

“Nothing short of amazing is how I describe these miracle pads! Not sure how they work, yet our sectional has not budges in months thanks to these!”

4starssmJuly 17, 2015:

Oops… I guess I misread the description and just assumed that these would stick to the bottom of my kitchen chairs – not true and not practical for that use. So, I moved them to be under 2 sofas and they serve their purpose now.”
Jeannie P.

5starssmJune 30, 2015:

“Wow! I was skeptical at first, yet all of the reviews are accurate! Nothing but positive on this end!”
Kenneth J.

5starssmJune 8, 2015:

“There is nothing to say but Thank you!! – These are working just as described and have saved lots of headaches!!”
Pamela P.

5starssmMay 17, 2015:

“DURA-GRIP has been a lifesaver! Using them under kid’s beds that used to scoot around and now they stay in place, period!”
Oscar G.

5starssmMay 8, 2015:

“Such strength for a little pad! Remarkable holding power!!”
Lenny T.

5starssmApril 20, 2015:

“Used to have to rearrange our furniture every other day. No more with DURA-GRIP.”
Yvonne R.

5starssmApril 5, 2015:

“Thank you for saving my floor with these pads. Sectional now stays put, finally!”
Josh K.

5starssmMarch 26, 2015:

“Bought a set for two recliners that keep bumping against the wall. DURA-GRIP now prevents any slipping and my walls are safe again!”
Jane K.

5starssmMarch 3, 2015:

“Like magic! No more sliding sofas!!”
Peter R.

5starssmFebruary 3, 2015:

“I would like to advise customers on the fact that these are NOT to be used under kitchen table chairs! I made the mistake of ordering them thinking they fasten to the legs and I can still slide the chairs in and out, I was WRONG! I gave a 5 star review because when I contacted the company and explained my confusion, Sam immediately understood and asked if I had a use for them under other types of furniture at no charge! I have placed them under my bed that did move every now and then and no more moving! Thanks for all of the understanding and for letting me keep the pads after all!”
Monica T.

5starssmFebruary 1, 2015:

“Sick of ruining my walls with couches sliding into them, I found these pads and gave them a try. The couches(2 of them) have not moved an inch since that day! I bought the 3″ square pads to place under the 3″ square furniture legs and that’s all I needed to do! No more banged up walls, thank you!!”
Danielle L.

5starssmJanuary 22, 2015:

“Incredible holding power! These little pads are miracle workers! I placed them under my sectional that would not stop sliding and scratching the floor. They easily prevent any movement now, I honestly expected some movement but not one inch with these! Highly recommend to anyone who has the same issue.”
Pamela H.

5starssmJanuary 20, 2015:

Like most young ones, my two kids like to jump on the bed..any bed! Without a rug to anchor the beds, they slip everywhere and end up hitting the walls. Not anymore! These dura-grip pads are placed under each bed leg and have stopped any more moving, completely. Now they jump and jump and I let them! Never thought I would be fine with it until now. Thank you!”
Janet K.

5starssmJanuary 17, 2015:

“Could not find anything to keep my recliner from sliding every time I opened it to relax. I read about dura-grip recliner pads, ordered one to fit my recliner base and done! I can now easily recline all day and night without worrying about the floor or about having to realign it back to its position. Fantastic!!’
Ken L.

5starssmJanuary 14, 2015:

“Numerous past attempts to keep our sectional in place failed in minutes. I almost gave up until an Internet search led me to these. I followed the instructions to order the right size and 3 days later, my problems were over! I was impressed that all it took was to simply place on under each leg, that’s it! Since that day, I almost forgot what it’s like to have to reposition the sectional every time we used it. 5 stars for this product!”
Fran N.

5starssmJanuary 10, 2015:

“Took a chance after finding an article about these for under washing machines. I read that they keep a dancing machine in place, so I ordered fairly large ones to place under my machine. Not only does the machine not move now, it also does not make the noise it used to against the floor. While a bit pricey at this larger size, Dura-Grip succeeded!”Kathy M.

4starssmJanuary 8, 2014:

“These little pads do truly stop furniture from moving, I will admit this. The problem I have with them is that they are a little too thick for my liking. Maybe using them under a larger piece of furniture, I would not notice them as much. Well, they solved the problem I bought them for, so I will not complain too much.”
Denise T.