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Many people have direct questions related to personal experiences with DURA-GRIP. The following questions and answers are related to staff and customer experiences with Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad.

Q. Does DURA-GRIP need any tape or nails?

Answer by Staff Member Debra:
One of the best things about DURA-GRIP is that it is simply loosely placed under your furniture and it starts working! There is no sticky tape and nothing to nail or tack to the furniture.

Answer from Joyce, CA:
It’s amazing that there is nothing to stick at all! Each side of this pad is already with the textured rubber, so just as stated on the site, place under furniture and that’s it!!

Q: Is DURA-GRIP safe for the floor?

Answer by Justin, NY:
I use several of these on teo floors: hardwood and ceramic tile. So far after a few months, the pad has not made any marks at all.

Answer by Staff Member Sam:
Since it is natural rubber against your floor, DURA-GRIP does not transfer or stick to the floor.

Answer by Customer Tamara:
So far, so good! I have had them in use for over a month(I know it’s not that long yet) and for what it’s worth, all is well with the floor.

Q: I have an odd sized furniture leg, can I get some for this?

Answer by Customer Pamela:
I noticed the part on the site about custom pads, so I called and they were very accommodating about taking my order. So, I would say that you can get these in your size and shape.

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
Yes, we are happy to fulfill any special size or shape. Please just keep in mind that there is a slightly longer production time and there may be a custom surcharge, which we will inform you of when you give us the details.

Q: What about for recliners?

Answer by Customer Jerald:
I had them make me DURA-GRIP for 2 identical Lazyboy recliners and they work great!

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
Recliner pads have become a major part of our orders. We will custom cut and ship recliner pads for any size and shape recliner base.

Q: I saw these offered on Amazon. Are they the same.

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
There is only one seller authorized to offer these on Amazon and eBay, so yes, you will find them there as well.

Q: How long is the wait for a custom pad?

Answer by Customer Lewis:
I ordered a very large one and was surprised to receive a shipping notice 3 days later.

Answer by Rug Pad Corner Staff:
We like to try to ship custom orders within 2-3 days and we rarely take longer, unless the order includes a large amount of pieces.