Rug Pad Corner Trade Program

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Rug Pad Corner Trade Program

Calling all interior designers, the Rug Pad Corner Trade Program is your opportunity to purchase the finest quality rug pads for your clients through our trade-only portal. Our program caters to your interior design needs where you can order all sizes and shapes of our rug pads at trade pricing.

Rug Pad CornerOver the years of your business, we have been fortunate enough to attract the interior design trade. With a customer base of hundreds of designers, Rug Pad Corner is honored to be the chosen source of quality rug pads for clients around the United States. Based on this, we recently created The Rug Pad Corner Trade Program – A very user-friendly environment in which registered designers may place their rug pad orders at trade prices. Obtaining access is as simple as completing a short registration form and upon approval, the sign in credentials are forwarded along to allow access to the trade-only web site.

intblog“Our Rug Pad Corner Trade Program is an excellent way for designers to offer their clients the finest rug pads made today”, states Sam of Rug Pad Corner. “And since we know these same designers can shop elsewhere, we are extremely appreciative to have been chosen as their supplier, so we offer special pricing to the trade only”. Sam goes on to explain that designers can either offer the discounted prices to their clients, or they can resell the rug pads at a nominal profit. “Another advantage of being a Trade Member is that we will fulfill designer orders catered to special requests, if any”, states Sam. This means that trade members can stipulate a variety of criteria to fulfill an order, such as custom sizes and shapes and the ability to show the designer as the shipper on the shipping label. “There are some designers who want us to remain anonymous for their own reasons, so we will do what it takes to fulfill this and other requests”, states Sam.

The Rug Pad Corner Trade Program offers every one of the rug pads normally available by the company to consumers. Trade members can choose from felt and rubber rug pads to all rubber to rug to rug pads – Every type of rug pad is all natural and safe for use on all types of floors. Trade members sign into a special version of the Rug Pad Corner web site where they can make their selections at reduced trade-only pricing. Members can include any special requests assigned to each order and we will follow them all. In regards to processing and shipping times, trade orders always ship within 24 hours and we always accommodate timed shipping requests. Virtually any request trade members have can be fulfilled to make the buying process as simple as possible.

To inquire and possibly register for The Rug Pad Corner Trade Program, please send inquiries to We will gladly reply to inquiries within 24 hours.

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