Felt Rug Pads and R-Value

Impianto di Riscaldamento a Pavimento radiante
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Felt Rug Pads and R-Value

While our felt rug pads are manufactured to be safe for use on all types of floors, our two felt pads also have the benefit of being used effectively on heated floors. Fortunately, the R-Value, or thermal resistance level, is very favorable among our Ultra Premium and Superior felt rug pads. This allows for heat transfer from the floor to the room.

In the construction industry, R-Value plays an important role within various levels of the building process. Various elements and products are chosen based on R-Values. Insulation, types of flooring and types of siding, as examples, are rated by R-Values and can determine the integrity of the final building project. When it comes to the interior of the home, there are some items that can be used based on R-Values and this can contribute to a more comfortable and efficient home.

We hear a lot of requests for our rug pads from homeowners who have radiant heat flooring. These floors can be wood, tile or stone with heat under them. The most important aspect of this type of floor heat is that it is able to escape into the room and home. Generally, area rugs allow for transfer of heat, yet since every area rug should have a rug pad under it, the rug pad must be suitable for radiant heat floors. The pad should allow for heat transfer and it should not be harmful to the floor. There are many types of rug pads containing adhesives that are known to stick to and damage the floor, so it’s important that our rug pads remain free of these agents that can damage the floor.

When we manufacture our felt rug pads, we maintain their use on heated floors in two ways; They allow for heat transfer with low R-Values and they are safe for heated floors because they do not contain the sticky adhesive or chemicals of others that can actually cause damage to the floor.

Felt Rug Pads and Low R-Value

Ultra Premium is a felt and natural rubber rug pad and Superior is all felt. Since it has rubber in it, Ultra Premium possesses a slightly higher R-Value than Superior, yet both rug pads effectively allow for heat transfer from heated floors. Our felt is porous and the R-Values are s such; Ultra Premium is rated with an R-Value of 2.25 and Superior with an R-Value of 1.09. The lower the R-Value, the less resistant the product is as it allows full transfer of heat. Comparing our felt rug pads, while they both allow for heat transfer, Ultra Premium contains rubber and allows for slower transfer.

Safe for all Heated Floors

So, there’e the fact that felt rug pads for radiant heated floors allow for heat transfer and then there’s the fact of whether or not the rug pads will be safe for the floor. Fortunately, when we manufacture our rug pads, we do not include any additives, chemicals or adhesives. Instead, we use pure recycled felt and 100% natural rubber, materials that are known to be safe for all floors, even heated ones. Many people ask whether or not the rubber in Ultra Premium will actually stick to and stain the floor and our answer is no – We need to remember that we only use a layer of natural rubber that is not treated with any sticky adhesive. It is the adhesive within a rug pad, whether it is a all felt or felt and rubber rug pad, that can cause damage to the heated floor. The interaction of the adhesive with the heat can cause significant sticking and staining of the floor. Our all natural felt rug pads are completely safe for all floors, heated as well.

If you have the luxury of living with heated floors, there’s no need to compromise on your floor coverings. Fortunately, there are area rugs and rug pads that are rated for use on radiant heat floors and allow for efficient heat transfer from the floor to the rest of the home. Take care to steer away from those rug pads that are made of plastic, nylon or PVC and are covered in adhesives – These will easily and quickly have a negative reaction with the heated floor to cause significant damage to the floor. In regards to their effectiveness on heated floors, make sure the rug pads possess a low R-Value to allow for easy heat transfer.

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