Get the Most of Your Porch This Summer

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Get the Most of Your Porch This Summer

Even though the Summer is winding down, you can still make the most of it by updating your porch to embrace Summer living. Small updates to your porch or deck can make your home feel more inviting and relaxed. Try a couple of these simple updates to create an oasis that you and your family can enjoy even into the start of the school year.

Set Up an Outdoor Dining Space

The summertime is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor eating so try to set up an outdoor dining space for you, your family, and any guests you may have. Fit the largest table you possibly can while still leaving room to move around. Consider getting a table with a removable leaf so you can adjust the size based on how many diners you have. Providing ample room at the table creates a leisurely setting that everyone can enjoy. Removable outdoor cushions, lanterns or string lights can create a comfortable setting.

Beat the Heat and the Bugs

The summer is known for heat and bugs. If you live in a particularly warm place consider ways to cool down your porch. Try adding outdoor drapes that can block the mid-afternoon sun. If that is not enough, consider adding an outdoor ceiling or standalone fan. A fan is a great way to beat the heat and discourage mosquitoes. If you live in a particularly buggy area consider adding screens to your porch to keep the bugs away. Birds are also great for catching bugs, so consider adding a bird feeder near your porch to help fight off the bugs. Try out various citronella candles or mosquito traps to naturally repel mosquitoes.

Channel the Beach

Nothing really says summer quite like the beach. If you are like me, the beach is a bit of  drive away but you can try bringing the beach to you. Look for natural wood outdoor furniture. Unfinished teak is a classic outdoor furniture option because of its’ durability and beautiful natural color. Incorporate other beach tones like sandy beige and blue in your accent pieces to really get the complete look.

Repurpose and Refresh

Take advantage of a free weekend by doing some weekend projects. Fashion an old stump into a side table, update your porch floor, or even make some outdoor pillows using vintage fabric or cheap burlap. Have old deck chairs that have seen better days? Simply sand them down and repaint them! A fresh coat of paint can give new life to your old deck chairs. Any one of these projects are easy to do and will not take up your whole weekend so try one out today!

porch-186402_1280Hang a Porch Swing

Porch swings just invite relaxation. If you have an empty corner on your porch that has no use, try adding a relaxing porch swing. It is a beautiful addition to any porch and can be a great spot to just sit and relax. Contact a professional to ensure that you follow proper safety regulations. You don’t want to cause any unnecessary accidents. If your porch cannot support a swing, try creating a cozy reading area to relax in. Find a comfortable rocking chair or two and a side table to fill the space. Just because your porch can’t support a swing doesn’t mean you can’t chill out!

Bring Color To Your Porch

Fresh cut flowers are a great way to bring natural color to your porch. Consider adding a potted hydrangea or two for a fresh pop of summer color. Hydrangeas are beautiful summer flowers that can bloom for multiple months and are even beautiful when they dry. Also pick up fresh seasonal flowers at the local market. Right now sunflowers and gladiolas are quite inexpensive and will brighten your home. Nothing like fresh cut flowers to brighten your day.

These simple updates to your porch can make a world of difference. Try any one of these this week to get the most out of your summer porch while you still can! Also take advantage of all the fabulous sales that are going on right now on seasonal products. You will be glad you did!

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