How Rug Pads Prevent Harm to Children

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How Rug Pads Prevent Harm to Children

Regardless of how careful we are as parents, it seems inevitable that babies and younger children will explore and find things to do that may cause harm to themselves. Based on this fact, there are certain things that can be done in the home to make it as childproof and safe as possible – The addition of the right rug pad under your rugs can prevent harm to children.

One of the most popular reasons a rug pad is used under an area rug is to prevent the rug from slipping on the floor. That said, there are also a variety of other reasons to use a rug pad, such as preventing damage to a rug, adding extra comfort to a hard floor, insulating against noise and cold and preventing harm to children. While not often thought of for this reason, rug pads can actually protect our children against common reasons for harm – They can prevent trips and falls, as well as create a cushion against hard falls.

Prevent Children from Slipping and Fallingdigital tablet

One of the facts we know about children once they know they have graduated from crawling to walking is that they love to run! Whether it be running to us, running away from us or running to something that interests them, children seem to test themselves to see how fast they can get there. When there are area rugs on the floor, running across them most often leads to slipping, which can lead to falling. It is mandatory to use the proper non slip rug pad under the rugs to prevent common slips and falls. Since most non slip pads in most stores are the thinner mesh pads, it is important to choose one that can also cushion any possible falls that occur – We discuss these types of pads later in this article.

Prevent Children from Breathing Chemicals

Unfortunately, many of the rug pads found today contain some sort of chemical based element – This can be in the form of an adhesive, plastic or glue that is contained within a rug pad. When such rug pads are used under area rugs, there can be various levels of odor that come from them – Normally, the warmer the room, the stronger the odor. In a room with direct sunlight, often when the sun hits the floor, a strong chemical-like odor is dominant – This is the off-gassing property of the adhesive within the rug pad.

To assure complete safety for your children against any chemicals, be sure to choose a natural rug pad to use under your rugs. This can be in the form of natural rubber, natural felt, natural wool or natural memory foam – While these are natural materials, we caution against any adhesive coatings on these pads. There are few suppliers who do not add any adhesive or chemicals to their rug pads, hence keeping them as natural as possible.

ultranewsmall2Prevent Harm to Children from Falling

One of the most common reasons of harm to children is a result of falling. Whether a child runs and falls or climbs a chair and falls, the action of falling is quite common and most often is accompanied by a bump to the head or a bruise to another part of the body. In any case, regardless of the reason of the fall or the area of the body that was harmed, it is very desirable and highly recommended to use the right rug pad to cushion the fall – This can most often prevent bumps and pain to the child. It is best to choose a thicker, more dense rug pad for this type of prevention.

There are various rug pads available to cushion the fall of a baby or child and sometimes the obvious is not the best choice – Most people would consider the thickest rug pad to be the best to use in this situation. While thickness is one variable to consider, we must also consider the density of pad – The manner in which the pad resists penetration to the floor. The higher the density, the less likely the child will feel impact against the floor and this can prevent bumping the head or other parts of the body. For example, traditional foam carpet padding is available in a plush 1/2″ thickness, yet poses harm for falls – The foam allows penetration to feel the hard floor underneath the pad and this allows a child’s head to hit the floor.

Since many manufacturers and sellers of rug pads care about making as much money as they can, they often cut corners in regards to production – They often use inferior quality materials within their pads and most often this includes glue or adhesive. Manufacturing on a quality level requires much time, money and determination to offer the finest quality rug pads available. Rug Pad Corner is a family owned company and we run every aspect of our business as if our children were involved. We use the most natural materials, we never include any additives and we make them as dense as possible, not only for the protection of your rugs and floors, but also for the protection of your family, especially the children.

Shop Rug Pad Corner today and learn what it’s like to offer the most natural protection to your family.


Before Rug Pad Corner, Shelley’s rug would always bunch up whenever her kids used the living room. Now she doesn’t have to worry about her rug or her kids slipping on the floor!

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