How to Throw An Easy Summer Party

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How to Throw An Easy Summer Party

Summertime is the perfect time to throw laid-back parties. The weather in the summer provides the perfect outdoor atmosphere to create a low-key, budget-friendly affair. Check out our advice on how to throw an easy-going summer party this season that you and your guests will love!

Dress Up Your CandlesCandle

Candles are a great way to provide soft light for your outdoor table as the sun goes down. Get creative with your candle holders by adding woodsy or beachy details. Curl a wide green leaf (for example, the leaves of a fern) and place it inside a mason jar. Once the leaf has lined the inside of the mason jar, fill the jar with water and float a tealight in it. If you want to go for a more beachy look, fill your mason jars partway with sand and place a decorative shell on top next to your tealight. It is an easy and chic way to light your party.

upcycledoorMake Your Own Table

If you are planning on having a large get together and don’t have enough space to fit everyone at one table, try fashioning one of your own. Purchasing a new outdoor table for one party is a waste of money, instead make one with two sawhorses and a board. If you don’t have a sawhorse, ask around to your neighbors or fellow guests to see if they have any they are not using. You only need two sawhorses, unless you want to create a larger table to fit all the guests together. Find a board that can be used as the table top and simply place it on top of the two sawhorses with a tablecloth. If you have an old piece of plywood or an old door, these should work perfectly as a makeshift table top.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

One of the biggest problems with an outdoor party are the bugs. Try keeping the bugs at bay by purchasing citronella tealights and torches. While these don’t repel all bugs they can help to reduce the amount of bugs that will bother you and your guests. There are now organic sprays you can use in area of party right before it begins! We love those! If you have some kind of water feature at your home, or flower pots or basins not daring, be sure to dump water and skim or treat features throughout the summer to keep mosquitoes from breeding there. If bugs are really bad in your area, look into getting a natural lawn treatment or plan your party in a screened in porch if you can.

Get Creative With Ice Chestsoutdoorparty1

While ice chests are very convenient for keeping drinks cold, they often can look a little tacky. Instead of using a store bought ice chest, set up one of your own using found materials around your house. If you have a wood crate, wheelbarrow, garden cart, even a large unused flower pot, simply line the container with plastic and fill with ice. The ice will not last as long as it would in an ice chest but it should at least last for the whole party. Plus it will add flair to the celebration!

Have your Guests Pitch In

While parties are meant to be a time for everyone to get together and enjoy each other’s company, that does not mean your guests can not help out during the party. Giving your guests one or two tasks is a great way to reduce your stress and prevent any awkward inactive moments. Have one guest prepare the garnishes for the drinks while another guest prepares the drinks themselves. If you have a friend that loves to garden, send them out to collect flowers for a bouquet for the dinner table.

8779633019_013ea274e9_oSet-Up Activity Zones

Another way to prevent any awkward moments during your party is by setting up activity zones. Activity zones are perfect for larger parties so guests are not crowded together in one area. Create the zones with various seating arrangements. Set up a bar area with seating close-by, a general dining area, a lounge area with more comfortable seating, and a seating around a fire pit. To keep your outdoor furniture in place throughout the party, try using our DURA-GRIP furniture grippers. These grippers will keep your furniture in place no matter how rowdy your guests get! To make your lounge area extra cozy, add an indoor/outdoor rug. Indoor/Outdoor rugs are great at making an outdoor space feel like home! An area rug can also help to distinguish between activity zones. Be sure to keep your floor safe by adding a non slip pad under any rugs you use. By setting up distinct areas, larger gatherings can feel more manageable.


Make this Summer one to remember by throwing an easy summer party that you and your friends will love!


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