Free DURA-GRIP® With Rug Pad Order

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Free DURA-GRIP® With Rug Pad Order

As of July 1. 2015, we are including a set of our best selling DURA-GRIP furniture grippers with every rug pad order at no charge – It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for our customers’ patronage. DURA-GRIP® is our exclusive gripper pad that truly stops all furniture from sliding and now every Rug Pad Corner customer can enjoy the benefits of this product as we include a set of 3″ square pads with your rug pad order, no minimum.

durafurn1With years of experience in the area rug, flooring and rug padding industries, we have had thousands of requests for a product that stops furniture from sliding on a hard floor surface. One of the most common pieces of furniture causing issues is a sectional sofa – Due to size and weight, a sectional sofa easily slides across a floor and this can cause damage to the floor and any close walls. After much trial and error and two years of testing, we finally perfected DURA-GRIP® – Our exclusive furniture gripper pad that is placed under any furniture leg to effectively prevent moving and sliding. Since its inception, we have shipped more than 500,000 sets of DURA-GRIP® to customers in The United States, Canada and Australia.

As a “Thank You” to our rug pad customers, we have decided to include a free set of DURA-GRIP® with every order starting July 1. 2015. The set includes four pieces of our 3″ square gripper pads, a very popular size and shape that seems to fit under many types of furniture. “We discovered that many customers place an order without knowledge of the fact that we offer DURA-GRIP®”, states Sam our founder. “So, we decided to include a free set to every customer so that they can realize the benefits of our product”. Sam explains that when some customers realize the affects of DURA-GRIP®, they desire to buy more and offer protection to their floors.

DURA-GRIP® is so effective that it serves a few purposes. It is most known for its ability to stop all furniture from sliding on all floors – This is a big accomplishment, as many homeowners constantly deal with the issue of their furniture sliding and moving on their floor. The other purpose for using DURA-GRIP® is that fact that it serves as an excellent floor protector – As it prevents furniture movement, it is also protecting the floor against possible damage, such as scratches and dents from furniture. Overall, DURA-GRIP® offers excellent protection against a few potential problems and is a pad safe for hardwood and all types of floors.

When a customer places their order on Rug Pad Corner, they will notice a message that states the order comes with a free set of DURA-GRIP® – There is nothing that the customer needs to do, as the DURA-GRIP® pads will be automatically included in the order. Once we cut each rug pad order, we will include a set of 3″ square DURA-GRIP® within the same package. When the order is delivered and the customer unwraps the package, the DURA-GRIP® will be visible and ready to unwrap and use. Customers can simply place one gripper pad under each furniture leg. Since the free set includes four pads, this is popular for chairs or any furniture with four legs. If more is needed, customers can visit the web site or call to place an order. DURA-GRIP® pads range from $8.99 to $49.99, depending on size and number of pieces in package.

Visit for your next rug pad needs and receive a free set of DURA-GRIP® as our way of saying ‘Thank You” for your patronage!

One thought on “Free DURA-GRIP® With Rug Pad Order

  1. I am so happay to have found Rug Pad Corner via the internet. I phoned the store and had the nicest man help me determine the best rug pad for my large Kilim. I then placed my order via your website and I can’t wait to receive my pad. I am excited about the furniture grips! I had looked and looked for quality grips to no avail until I found your store! Thank you so much and I will be a repeat customer! Mitzi

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