Reduce Waste in Your Home

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Reduce Waste in Your Home

People produce large amounts of waste every year. Whether it be from food, cleaning supplies, or beauty products, we cannot avoid producing waste. While eliminating all waste is impossible, even adopting a couple of sustainable ideas can help to reduce waste significantly in your home. We have outlined some of the easiest ways to reduce waste in your home. Help improve your environment and your home by adopting some of these practices!

Buy In BulkWaste

Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce container waste. Most of the waste we produce comes from the non-recyclable plastic containers that food and beauty supplies come in. By buying in bulk you can reduce your the amount of plastic containers that you and your family go through. When buying food in bulk, be sure to invest in airtight containers so your food will not spoil. By combining bulk food items with fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables you can significantly reduce your waste and your exposure to preservatives. Buying food in bulk also incentivises you to cook at home more, reducing carryout container waste. Summertime is the perfect time to start this practice. With the abundance of fresh produce that is available during the season, you can buy what you need fresh, and buy everyday essentials in bulk. Also look into buying your beauty supplies in bulk. Many beauty supplies brands sell their products in bulk. If you have a family, figure out what shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions you can share and buy them in large amounts. This will reduce plastic waste significantly. If you are feeling motivated, try making your own lotions and soaps. Making your own moisturizers can reduce costs and ultimately be healthier for your skin but reducing the need for processed products.


Waste1Simplify Cleaning Supplies

Much like beauty supplies, cleaning supplies can be easily made at home with a small number of ingredients that you can purchase in bulk. By making your own cleaning supplies you can reduce your use of disposable plastic spray bottles and other non-recyclable materials. Most cleaning supplies on the market today are toxic and can be harmful to young children if ingested. By making your own cleaning supplies you can monitor what exactly is going into them and that will ultimately make you more knowledgeable about what is harmful for your family. Most cleaning supplies can be made with Castile soap, vinegar, and baking soda. Vinegar is a great all purpose cleaner that is non-toxic. Castile soap can be used as a laundry detergent, mopping solution, dish soap, and a carpet cleaner. Combining castile soap, water, and baking soda makes a super easy scrub for wash tubs and sinks. Once you buy ingredients in bulk, the options are almost limitless!


Use Less Gas

A majority of our waste also comes from the gas we release into the air everytime we drive. If you live in an area where you have to drive to work everyday this cannot necessarily be avoided. But if you live close enough to your work to bike or walk consider switching. Plan out any car-essential errands and group them on a single day. Try to manage it so you reduce your shopping trips to once a week. If you are able to, try to set up a carpool system with you and your local co-workers so that you can all reduce your fuel consumption. On days off, instead of driving, try doing outdoor activities that are nearby so you can walk or bike to them. By adopting even a couple of these, you can reduce your fuel consumption and reduce the amount you spend on gas from week to week.


greyjuterugInvest in Natural Fibers

Buying natural fibers for your household can ensure that your fabrics are recyclable and can eventually go back to the earth. Look for linens and clothing that are 100% cotton, wool, hemp, or bamboo. When purchasing rugs for your home, look into natural fiber rugs such as; wool, seagrass, jute, and sisal. If you want a colorful rug, make sure the dyes used are all natural and non-toxic. These products are typically biodegradable and will reduce waste. Here at Rug Pad Corner we make sure that every product we sell is 100% natural and healthy for your home. Our Super Hold Rug Pad is made of 100% rubber and the color is derived from completely natural dyes. Our Superior Rug Pad is 100% natural recycled felt. We even use our patented Heat Press technology to avoid any need for harmful adhesives. By staying completely natural with our products, we can ensure that everything we sell is environmentally sustainable and completely safe for your home.


Reduce Surfaces for Junkreduce1

Last but certainly not least, be sure to reduce the amount of surfaces in your house that collect dust and junk. By reducing the amount of surfaces in your home you incentivise yourself and your family to reduce the amount of junk your family collects. Reducing surfaces also reduces the need dusting and upkeep of these surfaces. This does not mean your house needs to feel empty. But rather, fill your home with the necessities and eliminate clutter.

These tips are meant to help you reduce waste in your daily life. Adopt one or go big and try them all out. Either way reducing waste can help you live a healthier life in the long run. Spread these tips to your family and friends to make our community more conscious of the waste we produce!

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