Making the Best Father’s Day for Dad

Father's Day Ideas
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Making the Best Father’s Day for Dad

It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate dad for all that he does for you and your family. This year, make Father’s Day truly special for your dad by celebrating with him the way he wants to celebrate! If your dad loves spending time with his family, spend the whole day with him! If your dad prefers his peace and quiet, plan some events he can do on his own and then come together for a wonderful meal with the whole family! Most Dad’s do not say what they want for Father’s Day, so think about who your dad is and plan this Father’s Day around him! Here are some tips on how to make this Father’s day the best one yet!

Start the Day Off Right

This year instead of just getting your dad a gift, try spending the day doing what he wants to do! If your Dad usually makes breakfast for the family, start off with making brunch for him. If you are married with young kids, help your kids make breakfast for their Dad. Father’s will appreciate the sentiment, even if you are not a good cook!

Do Something Your Dad Will Love

We all know dad’s are typically the ones to do all the handiwork around the house and yard. This Father’s Day, help your dad out by completing the chores he typically has to do. Get outside and mow the lawn and weed the garden. He will love it! Have him make a list of chores he wants to get done around the house, and you and your family can spend the day trying to complete the list. If yard work really isn’t your thing, hire someone to help complete the list! One year my siblings and I pitched in for someone to come in and do basic clean up of the yard while we spent the day out together. It was the best gift ever! Everyone was happy! To this day my dad still tells us it was one of the best gifts we have gotten him! It frees up time for you to spend with your family. Can’t afford to hire someone? Work with your family to complete the tasks yourself! He will appreciate any help you can give him.


If you and your family don’t want to spend the day doing work, which I don’t blame you, do something fun that your dad will love! If your dad is into sports, get him tickets to a baseball game. If he is an outdoorsy person, go on a hike with him or go to the beach for the afternoon! If your dad is a tech nerd, get him the perfect new gadget and then spend the day helping him set it up! Or you can even take him to a tech store to play and buy his favorite find! Our dad loves going fishing, so one year we woke up early and went out to his boat and cleaned it from top to bottom, and then went out as a family. He loved the surprise and we loved the time on the lake together. My point is, think of what your dad/husband loves to do and then plan something your family can do together to make his favorite activity that much more special!


Finish Off the Day Together

As the day winds down, try out your dad’s favorite hobby and grill up a meal he will truly love! If you don’t know how to grill, ask your dad for help! He will love to show you and it is a great bonding experience! If your dad really isn’t into grilling, go out to dinner as a family to his favorite restaurant and treat him. Don’t forget to make a special card! If you purchased a typical Father’s Day card, make it unique by writing a personal message to your dad about how much you appreciate him and love him. If store-bought cards are not your thing, a handcrafted card is a wonderful gift that your Father will truly appreciate!

Enjoy this special day with your Dad!

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