Product Update: Heat Pressed vs. Adhesive

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Product Update: Heat Pressed vs. Adhesive

In a previous post, we discussed the fact that we use a Heat Pressing Process to reinforce our felt rug pads, where others use adhesive. Since then, we have discovered that some sellers are advertising their products as being “Heat Pressed”, when unfortunately this is not the case.

The method of Heat Pressing rug pads is a costly and rare process that took years for us to refine – It is so specific and limited that we even registered a mark for RPC Heat Pressed® with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in order to protect the name and process. We felt the need for this protection due to the fact that the Internet makes it quite easy for others to duplicate our content and without the proper protection, we were concerned that we may see our terms on other web sites. Apparently, part of this is true, as we discovered a few sellers using the term “Heat Pressed” in reference to their felt rug pads.

should I use a rug pad on hardwood floor

The rubber in our Ultra Premium® Rug Pad is Heat Pressed to the felt, avoiding the use of any adhesive or chemical found in other pads.

Heat Pressing is a process used to avoid the content of adhesive and chemicals within rug pads. Imagine a felt rug pad that is compressed into a certain thickness. The fibers within the pad can sometimes shed and fall apart, creating the need for reinforcement. All other manufacturers and sellers use an adhesive coating on each surface of their padding – The adhesive acts as a bonding agent that when dry, holds the fibers of the rug pad together to prevent shedding. While this hold is essential in the use of the rug pad, unfortunately adhesives are known to weaken the fibers, as well as cause damage to floors, off-gas and smell. Rug Pad Corner always knew we wanted to avoid any adhesive, so we developed an intense Heat Pressing process exclusive to us, hence the trademark RPC Heat Pressed®.

Our followers, customers and readers have always seen us offer as much knowledge and information about our products and about the area rug and rug pad industries in general. In keeping with this business model of information, we felt the need to make our readers aware of the fact that some (very few) sellers are referring to their products as being “Heat Pressed”, when in actuality they are coated with the same adhesive as all other suppliers offer. “One drawback of the Internet is that it easily allows competitors within an industry to “copy” information from one web site to their own”, states Sam Kaoud, our founder. “This deceitful method of advertising is not only unethical, it also is simply wrongful behavior towards potential customers of your products.” Sam explains that every seller of any product should only describe it to be what it is, nothing less and nothing more. Unfortunately, there are some sellers who offer information based on what they know customers want to see and believe, hence the false product descriptions.

Sam the rug pad man

“Unfortunately, the Internet makes it easy for sellers to say what customers want to hear – It’s important to know that not everything you read online is true.” – Sam The Rug Pad Man

An important thing to know when considering rug pads is that most pads are made with some adhesive within the manufacture of the products and the sellers have no control over this. It is just as important to know that since most online merchants control the information available in their web site, that they easily manipulate product descriptions to their advantage to result in more sales. Lastly, equally as important is the fact that we, Rug Pad Corner, will continue to monitor the industry and to alert our readers of any false representations of products, something the readers have a right to.

Our Ultra Premium and Superior rug pads are the ones we offer that contain felt and the ones that incorporate the RPC Heat Pressing® Process – Once compressed into its pile, the rug pad then undergoes an intense heat pressing to keep the fibers together for many years. Fortunately, due to the genuine nature of our process, we had the right to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a feature of which our customers should be aware and one that should bring peace-of-mind as they use our rug pads on their floors. We know that all of us here at Rug Pad Corner can sleep better knowing our customers’ floors are completely safe using any of our rug pads – We wonder what other sellers can honestly say this!

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