Free Return Shipping of Rug Pads

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Free Return Shipping of Rug Pads

We have always offered our rug pad orders with free shipping within the contiguous United States and 30 day returns, with return shipping the responsibility of the customer. We are happy to announce today that we have revised our Return Policy to state that returns are accepted within 30 days and return shipping is now free.

free return shipping of rug padsThere is always an incentive to buy your rug pads from Rug Pad Corner and the first one is the fact that our rug pads are like no other – The finest materials and construction safe for all floors and homes. Today, we are happy to offer another incentive and that is the fact that any return is now free shipping – Rug Pad Corner will pay for the return shipping charges. This very welcomed part of our Return Policy comes after much demand from some customers and we listened – Effective April 15, 2015, there are no return charges if you need to return your order to us, for any reason at all.

“I think one of the biggest surprises to our customers when they place their first rug pad order is that fact that shipping is free”, states Sam, managing member of Rug Pad Corner. “I am sure that the same customers will now be equally surprised and pleased to know that returns won’t cost them anything either!” Sam explains that there are customers who ask how much shipping will be if they need to return their item – the answer now with the new Return Policy is that shipping is no charge and the staff at Rug Pad Corner is looking forward to saying this to more and more customers.

Customers normally pay astronomical fees for return shipping and this has always bothered us at Rug Pad Corner – So bothersome, that we often offer customers our return shipping rates that are simply deducted from their final refund. This fact alone makes it that much more satisfying to now offer Free return shipping – Customers will no longer need to struggle with high UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping rates. “It may sound ironic, yet based on the fact that we will be making the ordering process even more comfortable for customers, we’re actually happy to pay for any return shipping that needs to be paid for”, says Sam.

Returns at Rug Pad Corner comprise less than 1 percent of sales, considerably lower than the e-commerce standard of 10%. This means that for every 1000 rug pads shipped and delivered, only about 10 may be returned, whereas the e-commerce norm states more like 100 items can be returned. Considering this fact, Rug Pad Corner is pleased to pay for its customers’ return shipping.

If you have shopped Rug Pad Corner already, then you know how simple and easy ordering your rug pads actually is. In the event you now need to return part or all of your order, as long as you purchased it April 15, 2015 or later, you will also see how easy and simple that is – Just send an email and we will reply with the return instructions and pre-paid return label. Shopping for your rug pads has literally never been easier.

2 thoughts on “Free Return Shipping of Rug Pads

  1. Very pleasant experience. First time ordering a rug pad and I was more than pleased. Top quality and the size was a perfect cut. This will be the only place I will shop for my rug pads.

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