Rug Pad Retailer of the Year

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Rug Pad Retailer of the Year

Rug Pad Retailers of America recently announced that Rug Pad Corner has been voted as Rug Pad Retailer of the Year for 2014. The results are a combination of votes from interior designers, actual customers, rug stores and architects. As if there weren’t enough reasons to trust Rug Pad Corner for your rug pad needs, we give you one more!

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RPPA1The Rug Pad Retailer of the Year award is sponsored by Rug Pad Retailers of America and is based on several criteria – The store’s commitment to customer service, the materials within its rug pads, prompt and reliable shipping, as well as value driven prices on rug pad offerings. Based on this criteria, more than 100 interior designers, customers, rug stores and architects voted and Rug Pad Corner was voted as Retailer of the Year.

The following results were recorded on March 30, 2015, and are related to Rug Pad Corner’s results based on a consistent score of 5/5:

Customer Serviceultranewsmall

• Great knowledge of products and company policies
• Courteous and professional attitude
• Eager to assist
• Prompt, reliable and efficient


• Well constructed rug pads
• No chemicals, adhesives or glues
• No odor/smell
• Maximum performance and function
• Perfectly cut and packaged

Shipping & Returns

• Hassle-Free returns; No questions asked
• Prompt replies to return inquiries
• Fast and free shipping
• Prompt and accurate refunds

Based on all above criteria, Rug Pad Corner scored perfectly on all levels – We are proud of our service, products and performance as we continue to maintain a perfect score. Since our customers include the end user, as well as the trade, we offer a very diverse range of products and services and we cater to each sector as is expected of us and more.


We are proud to accept this honorable award. In an industry where products are commonly misrepresented, it is reassuring to know that our followers appreciate what we actually offer – Genuine natural American-made rug pads without any chemicals, plastics or adhesives. Far too often, inferior rug pads are offered and represented as “natural” and “made in USA” – Unfortunately, most of these representations are not accurate and are based on what customers want to hear. Rug Pad Corner and its family of members stem from all aspects of the flooring industry and we are committed to maintaining our promise of manufacturing natural rug pads made without the common additives that can harm the floor and air we breath.

About Rug Pad Retailers of America

Rug Pad Retailers of America is the industry resource related to rug pads made in the USA – It supports the Rug Pad Industry with services throughout the United States and Canada. The organization is the dependable source for information related to rug pads certified as made in the USA, as it rates every rug pad supplier to maintain a green and American environment within the rug pad industry. Membership means that suppliers are able to prove their commitment to offering only American-Made rug pads with the most natural materials. For this reason, membership is limited and Rug Pad Corner is very proud to be a member in excellent standing. Consumers are urged to refer to the organization for all news and facts related to American-made rug pads, as well as a reference and resource guide – Those members and stores in good standing can be trusted as offering quality American-made rug pads.


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