Rug Pads Shipped Internationally

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Rug Pads Shipped Internationally

Due to increased demand for our products from countries such as England and Australia, we have recently added the feature of International ordering on our web site. Effective March 1, 2015, customers from England and Australia can now purchase rug pads and get them shipped to them, with no customs charges on orders under $1000 to Australia.

Rug pads shipped to CanadaRug Pad Corner ships thousands of packages a month within the contiguous United States and in 2014 we added shipping to Canada. With an increased demand for our products to other countries, the shipping to Canada has proven very successful. During the last few months, we have also seen interest from residents of England and Australia with several email inquiries for our products from those countries. After much review and consideration, as well as negotiations with our shipping carrier, UPS, we are pleased to announce the addition of international shipping.

There are many homes using area rugs on hardwood floors in Canada, England and Australia. This, along with the fact that a supply of quality rug pads is almost non-existent in those countries, created this opportunity for Rug Pad Corner. After receiving and reading multiple email requests from residents in those countries, we decided that there should be no reason why those homeowners and renters cannot enjoy the benefits of our rug pads on their floors. In early 2014, with the North American Free Trade Agreement, we started offering and shipping rug pads to Canada. Since our rug pads are American-Made, our deliveries to Canada are exempt from Customs and Duties, a very nice feature for those residents. Based on the amount of orders shipped to Canada last year, along with the increased demand for rug pads from the other countries, we finally decided to start shipping to England and Australia.

Rug pads shipped to AustraliaOrders and deliveries of rug pads to Australia are exempt from that government’s Customs and Duties if the order is under a $1000 value. So, many Australian residents can now benefit from the protection of our rug pads with a door-to-door delivery as if the order is being shipped domestically. If an order exceeds $1000, then standard Customs and Duties charges apply. For those United Kingdom residents, delivery of our rug pads involves standard Customs and duties. In either case, the fact that residents from these international areas can benefit from the protection and safety of our rug pads is a huge benefit when considering their very limited local shopping options.

Rug Pad Corner continues to offer the finest natural quality rug pads with free shipping to addresses within the contiguous United States. Happily, we now also offer these same rug pads to residents of Canada, Australia and England – Customers pay the same product prices as our domestic customers with the shipping charge added to these prices. We are extremely pleased to know that those customers within Canada and Australia are able to enjoy our deliveries with no extra charge of Customs or Duties, making it more possible than ever to reap the benefits of our rug pads.


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