Facts of Ultra Premium Rug Pad

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Facts of Ultra Premium Rug Pad

We are often asked various questions about our award winning Ultra Premium Rug Pad and we are always happy to answer. Since Ultra Premium is unlike any other felt and rubber rug pad, customers are often quite impressed with the answers to their questions about the product. Here, we would like to offer some of those questions and answers for a better understanding of one of the most effective non slip rug pads available for all area rugs and floors.

Based on the success of our Ultra Premium Rug Pad, we receive so many questions throughout the year. We have assembled the most popular questions here, along with our answers, to give a better understanding of this non slip rug pad.

Ultra Premium rug padWhy does Ultra Premium have a rough surface?
We intentionally manufacture Ultra Premium with a distinct rough texture within the felt surface so that it holds up to its non slip performance. All others contain a smoother surface, yet the texture within Ultra Premium is meant to grab and hold any area rug to the pad. If you sometimes see a rug with the edge of the pad showing underneath it, this is due to the fact that the rug shifts on the pad – The texture within Ultra Premium prevents this shifting and keeps your rug in place where it should be.

How is the felt of Ultra Premium attached to the rubber?
Unlike those pads that glue the rubber to the felt, Ultra Premium passes through a very intense heat pressing process exclusive to Rug Pad Corner, called RPC Heat Pressed. This means that intense heat is used to press the layer of rubber to the felt to make it one solid pad. Unfortunately, most others use a layer of glue or adhesive and this often results in odors and danger to the air. As a result of its heat pressing process, Ultra Premium does not smell, off-gas or stick to the floor.

How long will Ultra Premium last?
Great question – based on its high manufacturing standards and quality of materials, Ultra Premium is meant to be used and to last for around twenty years. It can actually last even longer than this, yet we do give it a realistic lifespan. During the twenty years, Ultra Premium can be normally used under various types of traffic, as that is what it is meant for.

Does Ultra Premium prevent slipping on all floors and is it safe for all floors?
Yes. Like within the felt surface, there is a very distinct texture within the lower rubber surface of the rug pad. This texture is meant to allow Ultra Premium to offer maximum non slip function, almost like that of a suction cup. And, since the rubber is just that and without any added treatments, it is completely safe for all floors; hardwood, laminate, tile, heated, concrete and all others.

What happens if I cut Ultra Premium for some reason?
You may use a carpet knife or box cutter to slice through the rug pad if you need to without any negative affect to the pad itself. The cut edges will remain intact without the fraying or shedding of other rug pads.

Does Ultra Premium crease if it is folded?
Unlike other rug pads, Ultra Premium does not crease when folded. The creases are due to an adhesive applied to rug pads – The adhesive dries and becomes stiff and tends to result in stubborn creases when folded. Since Ultra Premium does not contain adhesive, it does not hold stubborn fold lines.

Is Ultra Premium safe for my floor?
We manufacture Ultra Premium so that it is safe to use on all types of floors. It does not contain the common adhesive or glue that are in other rug pads, so it is completely safe for use on all hardwood and hard surfaces.

Ultra Premium is a very unique rug pad that is made without cutting costs. Most other manufacturers cut production costs by adding inferior quality adhesive and glue to their rug pads. The facts of Ultra Premium show that it is one of the only genuine American-made rug pads that will perform and protect for many years.

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