Easy DIY Holiday Throw Pillow

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Easy DIY Holiday Throw Pillow

With the influx of holiday guests this season now is the time for quick spruce-ups that Pillowwill get your home ready for the holiday! What better way to welcome overnight guests than with some lovely holiday throw pillows? These throw pillows are so easy to make and can easily be changed out depending on the season; it’s also a great way to give your old throw pillows a make-over. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to DIY some festive holiday pillows!


  • Throw Pillows
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric


Step One: Choose your Pillows and Prep Your Fabric

The first step is pretty easy. Simply choose the pillows you want to cover and measure out your fabric. I chose a standard throw pillow that was 15”x15” and only needed one square yard of fabric to cover the entire pillow. If you are trying to cover a pillow larger than 15 inches, I suggest increasing your fabric to 1.5- 2 square yards. For my fabric I chose a festive flannel that would fit the holiday theme and make my pillows extra soft and warm! Once you measure your fabric, cut it to the appropriate sizes. I ordered 2 yards of each type of fabric so I could cover four pillows total. I simply cut each fabric in half to get 4, square yard pieces.

Step Two: Cover Your PillowPillow

Take your fabric and lay it on a flat surface with the pattern facing down. I arranged my square fabric in a diamond shape to make it easier to fold. Next, place the pillow on top of the fabric in one of the corners. You want to place your pillow so it is in the corner of your fabric but will still be fully covered when you fold your fabric. Fold the corner of the fabric onto the top of your pillow and roll your pillow over. Make sure when you roll your pillow over, the corner of the fabric is tucked flat underneath the pillow and there are no creases. Next, take the opposite corner of the fabric and fold it over your pillow and fold any excess underneath. You want the fold right in the center of the pillow so when you tie off the fabric there are no visible seams. Next, take the fabric on either side and neatly pull it up to the center. For this step, I folded in the corners on the sides before pulling it up, almost like wrapping a present. PillowOnce both sides were pulled to the top of the pillow, you tie off the center. I used a double knot to make sure the fabric would be secured to the pillow. If you have excess fabric sticking out of your double knot you can leave it as is or tuck the excess fabric underneath the fold so it is no longer visible. Repeat all of step two for all of your throw pillows and you have a new set of holiday pillows!

Step Three: Enjoy!

Now that you have completed your throw pillows it is time to spread them out around the house! Place these festive pillows on couches, chairs, even guest beds. This craft seems complicated with all the folding, but it really takes no more than 30 minutes of your time. It is almost as easy as wrapping a present! These pillows are great for any part of your house and when the season’s over, simply untie and replace with a new fabric!


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